How to use Instagram Insights

How to use Instagram Insights

Have you heard about Insight Instagram several times but don’t know what it is? Want to know how to use Instagram Insights for your profile? Then you are reading the right article, we will explain in a simple and clear way what this function consists of and how to use it correctly.

Instagram Insights allow you to view the statistical data of your account, a very useful tool for those who want to implement a winning social marketing strategy on Instagram.

There are some steps to take to see activate the Insight function on Instagram and view all the statistical data of your account, before you can use this tool, there are some preliminary steps that you need do.

Let’s assume that to take advantage of Instagram Insights and view statistical data, you must have a company profile, as the feature is active only for these types of accounts.

So the first thing to do is convert your personal profile into a company profile , this is a very simple operation that we explain below.

1) Convert personal account to corporate account

You need to create a Facebook page, if you don’t already have one, then connect it to your Instagram account, this procedure is reversible at any time, so you can go back to your personal profile.

To create a Facebook page, log into the social network and click on the ( ▾) symbol at the top right, then choose the item Create a page.

Select the macro-category to which the page belongs and click on Start located in the Company or Brand box, if you want the Page to represent a company, a company or a brand; or Community or public figure, if you want me to represent a community or public figure.

At this point you need to choose the name to give to the page, add a category that describes the main topic covered and then click Continue; to finish the initial configuration, add a profile picture and a cover image.

At this point the Facebook page will be created and you can move on to the next step: connect the Facebook page to the Instagram profile.

2) Connect the Facebook page to the Instagram account

After creating the Facebook page, you need to connect to your Instagram account, the first thing to do is download and install on your smartphone the official Instagram application for Android, iOS or Windows 10 Mobile and call up the function relating to the transition from personal to corporate account that appears following a wizard on the screen.

Start the official Instagram app from a mobile device, log into your account and tap on the little man symbol at the bottom right, then on the next screen press the ( symbol ⋮) for Android or on (…) on iOS.

Tap on the Go to a Company Profile item located in the Account section and follow the wizard that leads to the transformation from personal to corporate account.

Press the Continue key four consecutive times, tap on Choose Page and select your Facebook page to connect to the Instagram account , click on Next located at the top right, edit and remove the information you do not want to show on Instagram, then tap on Fine and the procedure will be finished .

If the procedure has been performed correctly, a welcome screen will be displayed in which the transition from the company profile to the personal one will be confirmed, furthermore, it will be possible to use promotions and view statistical data.

3) View Instagram stats

After converting the personal Instagram account into the company one, it will finally be possible to view the statistical data of the account through the Insight function.

To access the function, click on the little man symbol at the bottom right, in order to enter the main profile screen and then tap on the histogram symbol located at the top right.

At this point the statistical data will be shown through the Insight Instagram tool and you can view:

  • The number of likes received on each post
  • Impressions, the total number of times posts have been viewed
  • The coverage, the number of unique accounts that have seen the post
  • The number of visits to the profile

These are the main statistical data but there are many others that allow you to have a precise picture of the situation and study a good social media marketing strategy.

Through the analysis of this data it is possible to know which are the most popular posts and which are least, understand how many followers are added every day and how many decide not to follow the profile anymore and many other small ones details that can be useful to improve the general performance of posts and the profile itself.

Instagram Insight data must be read in the right perspective, you must use it intelligently to decide what type of content to post and how often to do it to retain your followers and gain new ones.

This is an operation that must be done carefully and with an in-depth study to reap the benefits that can be useful for a good and effective marketing campaign.

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