How to use Instagram to promote your business

How to use Instagram to promote your business
Как использовать Instagram для продвижения бизнеса Business has come to social networks for a long time and Instagram is no exception. The growing popularity of the service, the attractive age of the main audience and the wide range of opportunities for product demonstration have made it a serious weapon. In this article, we’ll walk you through what you need to do to attract buyers and how to use Instagram for your business.

Today Instagram is one of the most popular and promising social networks on the Internet, the number of users visiting it every month already exceeds 100 million and continues to grow. Instagram is convenient for providing visual information and communication, it has a huge number of people blogging, and as a result, this has made Instagram attractive for business.

An important factor why Instagram has gained popularity among businessmen is also the fact that the maximum percentage of active users in it are people from 18 to 30 years old. So how do you promote your products and services in it? There are several ways, it can be both SMM website promotion, which we already wrote about earlier, or a banal sale of copyright works or services. But whatever your choice, there are a number of tips to help you.

Optimize your company profile

Looking at your profile, people should understand what you do and what you have to offer. At the very least, your task is to turn from an ordinary user into a company representative, as much as possible to create a full-fledged page of your company on a social network. To create a first impression will help you:

  • Setting a company logo instead of an avatar;
  • Use your company name instead of name;
  • Place your website address or contact information on the page.

Publish product photos

Instagram is ideal for providing visual information, turn it into a showcase for your products or services, and get users interested in them. In the case of a business, you cannot save on the quality of the photo, pay for the services of a professional, make the product being sold desirable, and its images are of high quality and processed.

Публикуйте фотографии товаров

If you sell creative services, then a step-by-step report on the creation of the work is an interesting move. For example, you are creating a website design, you can share a finished project on Instagram, or you can post a report on how it was drawn, what ideas you rejected and how you came to your unique solution. Arouse the user’s interest and they stay with you.

Be sure to use hashtags

Hashtags under your photos are the easiest way to increase the number of subscribers based on the target audience. You’ve probably seen a photo under which there were both 2 and several dozen hashtags. Determining the optimal number of them is not easy, a large number is always the most traffic, but for many, overspam can be annoying.

Используйте хэштеги обязательно

Try to select hashtags that will attract exactly the target audience interested in your products and services. Don’t use big phrases in hashtags. For example, you are engaged in SEO promotion and you need to attract people to an article called the semantic core and the distribution of keywords on the site, trying to duplicate this into a hashtag is a bad thing. In this case, you can add a few simple hashtags such as: SEO, semantics, semantic core, website promotion, website optimization.

Run contests

One of the most popular ways to attract subscribers and, as a result, potential customers is to conduct contests. The thirst for freebies is in each of us, the crush on sales and giveaways of free, even unnecessary things, gathers crowds of people. Social networks are no exception, the opportunity to win even a cheap and unhelpful prize can bring a lot of subscribers. And then you can interest them with your proposals.

Проводите конкурсы

Subscriber Promotions

A way to attract traffic, following from the previous point and capable of working on its own. Research data from the University of Massachusetts confirms that more than 60% of users subscribe to branded store pages for a discount. An interesting solution would be to hold a promotion after the end of the competition, losers, but people interested in the product are more likely to make a purchase.


Now is the perfect time to use Instagram for your business, it requires a minimum investment, can bring a lot of income and even replace an online store to some extent. Before starting to create your page, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with our article SMM promotion – the first steps, which, in an accessible form, will tell you about what you need to foresee before starting a business on social networks. Run contests, give discounts to subscribers, share product photos with them, use hashtags and the effect will not be long in coming.

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