How to use Linkedin Stories for your profile or company page?

How to use Linkedin Stories for your profile or company page?

Inspired by a feature invented by Snapchat and then widely adopted by Instagram, Facebook, Messenger and Whatsapp, Linkedin had to offer Stories to its members as well.

Users and company pages , before having access to Stories, could express themselves by distributing publications of texts, images, videos or even articles.

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So, in concrete terms, what is this changing and what are the opportunities for this feature?

Throughout this article, I’ll explain how you could use Linkedin Stories for your personal profile as well as for a business page.

What is a Linkedin Story?

This is video content up to 20 seconds long online for 24 hours.

You can view the Stories of your Linkedin contacts and the pages you follow directly from the top of your smartphone application home page as below:

To create a Linkedin Story, you need to go to your smartphone and launch your Linkedin application.

A “+” button will be displayed on your personal profile picture or that of your company page, as we see below:

After clicking on the “+” button, you will be redirected to a production screen of your Linkedin Story.

You will have the choice between:

  • use the camera to capture your photo / video
  • access your smartphone’s camera roll and load your photo / video content

Once your photo / video content is loaded, you will be able to apply some changes or additions such as:

Whenever you like the content, you can click on “Share a Story” to distribute it to your contacts.

You will be informed in real time of the number of people viewing your Linkedin Story, provided that they have authorized this mention in their privacy settings.

What to post in Story Linkedin on his personal profile?

There are several reasons why it might be interesting to post a Linkedin Story on your personal profile.

Showcase your personal accomplishments

Have you just landed a new job, successfully completed vocational training or obtained a certification?

Beyond completing your personal profile, it may make sense to let your network know with a Linkedin Story.

You could take a photo of proof of this new accomplishment like your new office, certification or whatever.

Inspire your contacts

Are you in an ambitious mood and want to have an impact on your Linkedin address book?

You could share a video where you explain why there are reasons to surpass yourself, evolve or more broadly to keep a positive spirit, especially in difficult times.

Share useful tips to educate your network

In the context of developing your professional brand image, it is often important to be seen by your network as someone with a perfect understanding of “your subject”.

This is especially true for all entrepreneurs, especially service providers, who seek to assert their authority and reassure their contacts about their level of expertise.

So, this could result in the sharing of explanatory images or videos where we see the professional being educational on a professional issue.

Share moments of your daily professional life

These can be photos / videos of your business trips, a meeting with a prestigious client or the announcement of the organization of a webinar (online seminar).

What to post in Story Linkedin on a company page?

If you want to post a Linkedin Story on your business page, it will be necessary to create professional quality visual content.

For example, you can go through the use of a free tool such as Canva and thus benefit from templates ready to be personalized according to your needs.

Announce the launch of new products & services

Have you just released a new product or service?

It seems obvious to share this through a publication on the company page, but also in Story Linkedin.

This could be the opportunity, then, if it is a product to show it in all its glory, or to explain the functioning and level of quality of a service.

Share the press review

Do newspapers or television channels regularly or occasionally talk about your business?

Share it in your Linkedin Stories!

This is a perfect space to focus on news directly related to current affairs, as recently published by the newspaper or broadcast by the TV channel.

However, it seems incongruous to share a mention in the press dating from several weeks / months ago, but this would also be the case in the case of a classic publication.

Share customer stories

Have you just performed a successful service for one of your clients and have the opportunity to hear his testimony?

The dissemination of this type of content in Linkedin Story is an excellent idea, which will enhance your brand image.

Share the events organized by the company

Outside of periods of health crisis, your company may organize various events, in person or online.

It may be worth highlighting them through a Linkedin Story: welcoming new employees, brainstorming sessions, attending trade shows, etc.

This type of content can show how dynamic your business is, which is reassuring and positive.

For example, it is particularly interesting to use Linkedin Stories to regularly remind you of an upcoming webinar, and thus increase the number of registrations.

Share expert content

In the same way as on a personal Linkedin profile where the salesperson, consultant or entrepreneur must reassure on his expertise, your company can also support its page subscribers with useful content: tutorials, infographics, expert interviews…

For example, if you have a blog where informational content articles are present, you could very well convert them into synthetic explanatory visuals, no matter what time of year.

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