How to use telegram for business in 2021. Telegram promotion

Can telegrams be used for business? How to run a telegram channel for business? What does a business and a marketer need to know to promote in telegrams? How will telegram bots help in promotion?

Today, social networks and instant messengers have taken root in the life of the average person who has constant access to the Internet. Telegram is the most popular platform with over 500 million users. Telegram promotion is a profitable and fast-paying process. The fact is that this messenger has an average level of competition and, when compared with social networks such as Facebook and Instagram, advertising posts have much more targeted views. By 2021, the messenger has acquired a considerable number of useful functions and tools that allow you to effectively promote your business online. In this article, we will tell you in detail how to work with Telegram.

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Как использовать телеграм для бизнеса в 2021 году. Продвижение в Telegram

Telegram for business. Who needs it and why

The Telegram channel is a kind of platform where the target audience is concentrated, which is united by a certain topic. The better the content you publish, the more effective the promotion of the telegram channel will be. A small conclusion can be drawn: TG has combined the advantages of a messenger and social networks, becoming a universal tool for creating a business platform.

Telegram is suitable not only for online entrepreneurs. Using this site, you can automate a number of actions. For example, to facilitate the process of receiving and processing incoming messages, which reduces the time and budget of the store. Various telegram bots can help with this.

But if you want to create a platform (channel) for making money online, then create a telegram for business. Promote your channel and profit from advertising materials. Advanced platforms in the TG act as assistants to affiliates who need to regularly attract traffic for certain services and companies. But investing money and time in promoting the channel is necessary if you are able to provide it with content. Many online entrepreneurs make the mistake of cluttering up their feed with promotional material. Yes, at first you will earn, but if you do not plan to work for the future, then after a while you will simply lose your audience. Do everything in moderation.

Do entrepreneurs need to run Telegram?

Based on the introductory sections, you might get the impression that every business needs to run its own channel in the TG. In fact, this is not so and you need to understand that the age categories of people are far from registered in the messenger.

Telegram promotion is rational if you have something to tell the audience. For example, you can share facts, materials. As an example, you can put the channel “History”, which publishes photos with a brief description. The site contains more than 410 thousand subscribers and this number is only growing every day.

Как использовать телеграм для бизнеса в 2021 году. Продвижение в Telegram

Как использовать телеграм для бизнеса в 2021 году. Продвижение в Telegram

It all depends on the scale of your business, as well as on the target audience. If every user can be interested in the story, then the topic of sales of rapeseed meal for farmers is unlikely to arouse interest. If you are distributing agricultural products for farmers, then TG is unlikely to help increase trade.

Only if you are in love with your business and the target audience will be in the ranks of the users registered in the telegram, you will be able to achieve success. The channel will quickly become a way to attract customers. But how to carry out the promotion in the telegram and what needs to be done so that the site starts working for its owner as soon as possible? We’ll talk about this in the next section.

Telegram promotion: 10 first steps

In order to create and effectively promote a telegram business account, it is important to understand how the messenger works. Below is a look at the steps that we strongly recommend for channel owners in TG.

Idea that is in demand

You can create a resource on any topic not prohibited by law. But not all of them can quickly “shoot”, being in great demand. Back in January 2018, AboutSMM published a rating of popular topics.

Как использовать телеграм для бизнеса в 2021 году. Продвижение в Telegram

Judging by the presented schedule, telegram marketing can be beneficial if the promoted channel is filled with humorous and educational content. Again, we advise you not to chase money, but to find your place in the niche in which you would be comfortable doing business. The main thing is to ensure an uninterrupted flow of publications. With proper management, a technology resource can easily outperform a personal blog. Consider the competition – try to find a new, not yet worn-out topic with your chips. Innovative solutions can play a big role in promotion.

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Exact understanding of target audience

Without understanding who the product or service is being sold to, you will not promote your business. Become a potential client – analyze what problems they are facing and what you can offer to solve them.

Having decided on the target audience, you can easily interact with your subscribers and which tone of voice to use.

Relevant Content

The materials you publish should be relevant to the given topic. If you run a channel on automotive topics, then it is unlikely that the target audience will read about how to knit with a cross correctly. Content quality is determined by several parameters:

  • Text. When creating channels or chats in a telegram, be ready to express your thoughts, and not copy-paste other people’s posts. Even if you want to publish a news that is already in the competitors’ feed, add your own thoughts to it. It might be worth giving your opinion. When creating content, answer two questions: what do you want to share? How is it useful for target audience?
  • Remember to check if the channel is on the right track. For example, telegram marketer Igor Golovko conducted a survey on the channel, which helped to determine the needs of the target audience.
  • Как использовать телеграм для бизнеса в 2021 году. Продвижение в Telegram

  • Visualization. The text is in 90% of cases an irreplaceable component of the publication. But don’t underestimate the content visualization that makes your content compelling. For example, the Pravda vs Myth channel decided to take a place in the educational sphere. This is quite difficult, since there are many channels with similar materials. Content makers decided to visualize posts in their own way, making them unique. Thus, a few months after its creation, the channel was able to reach the mark of 16 thousand live subscribers. This number is growing, which means that the site owners have chosen the right development strategy.

Как использовать телеграм для бизнеса в 2021 году. Продвижение в Telegram

Systematic posting

In terms of publishing posts, be guided not by yourself, but by the audience. That is, create content not when you want, but for the subscriber. The optimal number of publications per day is one to three. Of course, these figures directly depend on the topic and specifics of the channel.

Consistency is a significant factor, because if you post once a week, then the site will simply be forgotten. Do not wait for the weather from the sky and publish the latest news at the time of their release in order to provide subscribers with operational information that is nowhere to be found.


Messenger provides tools for manually creating a channel promotion foothold. But consider inviting as the main method of promotion, since only the first 200 participants can be added to the channel.

Как использовать телеграм для бизнеса в 2021 году. Продвижение в Telegram

Do not send invitations to unknown people who are unlikely to be interested in the subject matter of the resource. Choose those people who are interested in the topic of the channel (communicate in chats, keep correspondence with other users) and you will be able to get the first 200 subscribers without any problems.

By the way, it is worth touching on the topic of spamblocking. The fact is that in the future you will be able to invite users to your site using a special link. Many people start sending it to everyone in a row, but if enough people complain about you and the system takes your messages as spam, then you will get a temporary block. To find out the reason for the restriction, go to the chat with the official @spamBot and send him / start to get information about the ban.

Mutual PR

This method is common not only among users of instant messengers, but also among social networks. Select a channel that works in a related topic and invite the administrator to exchange audience – place advertising posts. You can find sites for mutual PR in special TG chats, in channel selections, among competitors you already know about. Try to choose the site that is not too active – the leaders of the promoted communities are unlikely to agree to promote a little advanced resource for free.

Collections and Catalogs

If you want to promote telegrams for business for free, then use the selections and catalogs. Accommodation is free of charge, but you must meet the placement criteria. Let’s highlight a number of popular directories:

Most often, if a user needs to find a channel with certain content, he finds it using collections. There are many authors who can post a selection on their sites with the participation of your channel. Of course, not for free – you will have to pay either with a PR, or with money, or with a service in the future. In this regard, the user’s ability to conduct dialogues decides. The selection looks like this:

Как использовать телеграм для бизнеса в 2021 году. Продвижение в Telegram

Advertising in other channels

Using telegram for business is not as easy as it might seem. In any case, it will not be possible to achieve success without investment. Even if you publish quality content, how will they know about it if the channel is “dead”? But even without materials, investments will be wasted. If everything is OK with the content, then the time has come to recruit an active audience.

Do not immediately chase expensive and high traffic. The little-known channel is unlikely to interest the audience of the site, which has long since begun to exist. Invested funds can be wasted. Create a $ 50 budget and order your first ad in small channels. You can use the TgStat service to contact channel owners.

Social media advertising

In this section of the article, we will focus on targeted advertising offered by social networks, such as: VKontakte, Facebook, Instagram, etc., as well as advertising on the pages of popular bloggers. It is worth noting that the price per subscriber will cost more than telegram marketing.

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The search for advertising spaces in social networks is the same as in the TG – either with the help of appropriate services, or through direct communication with the head of the public. If you have not worked with targeting and do not understand what it is, then we advise you to use the services of professional targeting experts. Yes, part of the advertising budget will have to be given to a specialist, but this is better than wasting all the money.

Blogs and forums activity

This method, although it implies a free way to promote a profile, but it takes a lot of time. Its essence lies in the fact that the channel owner needs to lead an active social life, visit thematic chats in a telegram, periodically unobtrusively recommending his channel.

The main thing is not to cross the line. Establish yourself as a helpful expert, not a spammer.

Как использовать телеграм для бизнеса в 2021 году. Продвижение в Telegram

Cheat using bots and paid subscribers

Some users use paid and free promotion of subscribers to the channel, but this method is not approved by both other users and the administration of the messenger. You can purchase at least a thousand “bots”, but the asset on your site will remain the same. If the published content will be of interest to the audience, then you don’t need cheating.

Useful telegram bots and services for channel owners

In order to automate a number of processes, many channel owners use telegram bots for business, as well as third-party auxiliary software. In this section, we will tell you about services that can facilitate your business:

  • Controller Bot. This bot should be in service with every channel owner in the TG. It allows you to shorten links, add pictures to long texts, make postponed posts.
  • VoteBote or QuanBot. Both bots are designed to create polls. The first is for polls with two choices, and the second robot allows you to create colorful polls with a lot of answers.
  • Telegraph. Built-in TG service, which is designed to create individual articles, longreads.
  • TgStat. A free service with which you can track the statistics of the channel and individual posts.
  • Telemetr. Paid analytics service with deep data analysis. There is even a Telegraph analyst. Able to track the number of subscribed users by hour, the intersection of the audience with other channels.

It is impossible to make money in a telegram without investments. Many online entrepreneurs operate on Telegram and manage to make a profit. The more time and money you invest, the faster you will be able to promote your channel.

And if you have questions about the article, write in the comments. You will be answered directly by the author or a specialist from our state.

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