How to view statistics on Instagram (+ decryption and life hacks)

How to view statistics on Instagram (+ decryption and life hacks)

If an Instagram profile was created for the purpose of making a profit and promoting your brand or services, then it will be simply impossible to do without statistics. For successful activity, you need to constantly monitor how effective the work was. The results of actions are easily assessed thanks to the statistics of visits. To find out how to view statistics on Instagram, you do not need to have professional knowledge of marketing, you just need to follow a simple instruction and deal with the data obtained.

Who needs Instagram statistics

The function of studying the statistics of your profile on Instagram allows you to get to know your audience closely and understand what people want to see in your account. This function is especially relevant for those who are trying to make money by blogging or promoting their services and products using social networks. Instagram statistics are developed not only for acquaintance with page audit. In many ways, it is necessary for advertisers who ask for profile reach and engagement data before buying ads. Careful work with statistics helps to increase sales and increase interest in your page.

How to enable Instagram stats

Each Instagram account contains a large amount of useful information. The obtained statistics will help to determine what the preferences of your subscribers are, how interested they are in the information you submit, and what, in the end, is better to broadcast to the audience. A content strategy based on collecting statistics is the most effective.

Analytics will help you get to know your subscribers better. It is now easy to determine how old people are visiting your page, what gender they are, where they live, and at what hours they are most actively interested in your content. Such data will help to increase the level of interaction of the account representative with their readers, thereby, the effectiveness of the submitted advertising will increase significantly.

Account statistics can be displayed in two ways – through built-in Instagram functions and through additional services designed for auditing. Until recently, the coverage could be seen only thanks to third-party services, because there were no tools for statistics on Instagram at all. Today, the built-in functionality is not available to all users.

Network statistics are developed mainly for business accounts. Not everyone knows how to view photo statistics. You can activate the function when the profile is switched to “business” mode. You can connect statistics yourself by following the easy steps of the algorithm:

  • log into your own account;
  • open the advanced settings menu;
  • click on the “settings” field;
  • go to the “account” section;
  • change account to business account mode;
  • add company contacts and activity category;
  • save changes by clicking on “done”.

Перейти на бизнес-аккаунт

For any applications, despite the operating system of the smartphone, for desktop versions, the instructions will be identical. After saving the changes, all views and visits to the profile will be gradually recorded, collected and displayed in the account statistics. As an additional recommendation, when switching an account to a business profile, immediately link the page to Facebook, where the account activity will be displayed. After such changes, there will be much more tools for doing business. It is necessary to watch the statistics on an ongoing basis.

How to view statistics

When the account changes its activity to “business”, a new line will appear in the menu called “statistics”. Viewing these indicators is available only to the owner of the profile at any convenient time. What do I need to do:

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Go to the main user menu.
  3. Click on the “statistics” item.
  4. It is possible to view data for any of the individual publications.

Посмотреть статистику в Инстаграм

The official website starts keeping statistics only from the day when the business account is connected. All data on publications previously posted will be unavailable for viewing.

How to work with statistics

Immediately after connecting the function of displaying statistics on Instagram, you should not draw any conclusions. Data is collected for at least a month, only then can you get reliable information and build a plan for further account management. The most significant effect of statistics can be seen after a year of maintaining the profile.

It is imperative to compare the activity of visitors on weekdays and weekends. Much to our surprise, even the weather, precipitation, etc., affects user activity. For most modern people, gadgets and smartphones have become an integral part of life, and we usually scroll through the Instagram news feed, wherever it may be. However, in summer and spring, there is a clear decline in user activity, while in winter and autumn it increases significantly. This is explained quite simply, in sunny weather, people walk on the street, go to nature, and so on. Do not get upset and quit your business, noticing that there was a decline in activity in the summer.

Experts recommend memorizing the methods that are used to promote the profile, and later simply compare them with the statistics obtained for the same period of time. Thus, mass following is organized, advertising, promotion and other modern tools for promoting your profile on Instagram are used.

Any changes in network policy plan that have an impact on statistics should be continually compared. Let’s say the account is aimed at selling clothes and earlier all the photos of the goods were laid out just on a certain background. After a while, they began to take off their clothes on models. You should review how the cost of running the models affected the reach and views of the account.

Knowing the time at which users are most online, you can easily upload posts at the best time and get large views. Usually, the peak of activity occurs in the evening, taking time from 18 to 20 hours. During this period of time, it is worth uploading the most important publications. These statistics are related to the audience viewed by the account. For example, a children’s store has good views even in the morning.

Meaning and interpretation of indicators

Instagram has a built-in Instagram Insights service, which keeps statistics of likes, as well as other metrics that help track how well the work on promoting the sale of profile goods and services is being carried out effectively. Based on the information received, you can customize the presentation of information in your account according to the preferences of the viewing audience. Thus, it will become much easier to understand what content subscribers prefer to see, and at what time more free visitors are viewing the account.

It is quite simple to use statistics to your advantage, but this happens only if the user understands what information the displayed numbers carry. Familiarity with the standard metrics will help you successfully analyze your profile statistics.

Instagram account statistics

  • number of subscribers – the number of subscribers who want to follow the news in the account;
  • impressions – the total number of views of all posts in the profile;
  • reach – the number of people who are interested in your posts;
  • account views – the number of clicks to the main page of the account;
  • link clicks – the number of clicks on third-party links that can be published in posts or in the profile header;
  • transition to the e-mail or calls tab – the number of clicks on the specified items for communication;
  • posts – the number of posted posts;
  • Mentions – quantitative placement of profile mentions in other accounts;
  • branded hashtags – the total number of any posts on Instagram where a branded hashtag was specified.

Visitor statistics

  • gender – the percentage of men and women visiting the profile;
  • age – display the age groups of subscribers;
  • geography – displays 5 countries and major cities in which there are more subscribers and page visitors, this is the so-called subscriber statistics;
  • activity is the time period with the highest profile traffic by subscribers.

Posts statistics:

  • Likes – a quantitative display of your liked publications, statistics of likes are an extremely important indicator;
  • Saving – an overview of the number of your saved photos saved, indicating who did it and how many times;
  • reach – the number of users who saw the post;
  • impressions – the number of views of any of the publications (this indicator is usually higher than the reach, since one user can view the post several times);
  • from main – post views in the feed;
  • from profile – view your account when you go to its home page;
  • from hashtags – the number of clicks to a publication via a hashtag;
  • from another – other sources of transition to a post (many do not know what it means from another in Instagram statistics).

Story analysis:

  • impressions – the number of impressions to subscribers;
  • reach – the number of non-subscribers who viewed the story;
  • exits – the number of users who closed the history without viewing it;
  • responses – the number of responses received from users for the story.

Live broadcasts:

  • current viewers – the number of viewers watching the live stream;
  • viewers – a quantitative display of subscribers who went live, at least for a second.

The statistics listed above must be properly studied before making any decisions on the marketing of the page. Among the data mentioned, absolutely everything is important, only a comprehensive study will help to draw up the right strategy. Do not forget that subscribers are ordinary people with constantly changing taste, and not a set of automatic statistics data.

How to view statistics on Insta via trendHERO

TrendHERO is a new and quite interesting service for checking other people’s profiles, and most often bloggers for cheating. At first glance, it may seem that such a test is not entirely correct in moral and ethical terms, but the point here is not at all about morality, but rather about material values. It is often quite useful to look at the statistics of the Instagram account of someone else’s account. For example, there are 2 of the most popular bloggers on the Instagram network. Advertising for the first costs $ 250, and for the second $ 100. But at the same time, the first has only 20,000 people with a real audience against 60,000 people for the second. So who is it preferable to buy ads from?

When we order any services, including advertising, I want to understand that it will be seen by the very audience that will benefit from it. To do this, it is enough just to understand what the audience and reach of the user to whom we want to apply for services is. In this case, trendHERO service helps in the best possible way.

TrendHERO Metrics

Through the service, you can view both your own and someone else’s statistics. To do this, you need to enter a nickname in the search bar. After that, the following information will become available:

Useful functions

The given graphs and diagrams will easily allow you to understand user statistics, for example:

  1. Growth of subscribers. Displayed in the form of a graph, which clearly shows when and for what period the growth of new subscribers occurs in the account. A sharp jump without a sharp drop will most likely indicate a cheat or the use of mass following.
  2. The type of audience is a very convenient indicator. Here you can clearly see what percentage of subscribers are real, how many of them are commercial accounts, suspicious, or who came through mass following.

If you do not want to understand the charts, there is a summary of the general indicators. They talk about the number of subscribers, the number of likes received, the number of video views, etc.

Профиль Леры Бородиной

The newest version of the service has more than 20 indicators and charts, by which you can easily determine how honestly a blogger is maintaining his account and keeping in touch with the audience. The absolute feature of trendHERO is deep analytics and maximum collection of information about the page and its user.

Statistics on Instagram bloggers have been carried out more and more recently, and this is explained by the desire of the majority, more or less popular people, to make money out of thin air. Every second becomes deceived, because instead of a live audience and an increase in sales, the buyer receives only temporary subscriptions. In order not to spend extra money ordering advertising from a seemingly popular blogger, it is better to use the services of the service and check everything that trendHERO offers to get acquainted.

What affects Instagram statistics

The same statistics helps to get acquainted with the demand for a profile among network users. Any change in subscriber behavior over time will be reflected. For some, such knowledge is harmful, while others are very much even helped to earn good money. Instagram statistics are influenced by how much the user understands its meaning, and how competently he interacts with the service.

To improve your account performance, you can do the following:

  1. Determine the best time to post. The time at which posts are posted plays a huge role. Even though the feed is displayed algometrically, the correct timing can greatly increase the reach of the page view.
  2. Experiment with video recording. At first glance, it is photos that gain a large number of likes and develop content. However, some studies have shown that videos are more interesting, and they are often commented on by users. The created network algorithms keep track of likes and comments. Plus, videos increase your page rankings as they take longer to view.
  3. Communicate with page visitors. A call to action for your subscribers is the key to success. You can conduct all kinds of polls, arrange contests and just communicate with readers. Likes and comments increase significantly thanks to such simple actions.
  4. Capture stories. Instagram stories have about the same reach as publications, but they are in a better place, at the very top of the feed.
  5. Post publications measuredly. The main rule of good content is 1 interesting post, rather than 20 on an unnecessary topic. It is worth working on quality, but not on quantity.
  6. Post user content. You can increase the reach of your page by publishing interesting facts or opportunities of your own readers.

The most reliable statistics for photos on Instagram can be called the one that was conducted for at least a year. But at the same time, after a month, you can draw certain conclusions about how well the user maintains his blog or offers services. After you manage to figure out the information that statistics offers, the marketing work of maintaining a page on Instagram will become much easier. Thanks to the audit of your profile, publications will become interesting not only for you and your close circle of friends, but also for a wide audience of people, like-minded people and those who are interested in watching the account that has appeared.

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