How to watch Instagram stories anonymously

How to watch Instagram stories anonymously
Как смотреть истории в Инстаграм анонимно

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We really love Instagram stories, because we know exactly who views them. It’s curious to find out who is watching our profiles with you, and ordinary publications do not give us such information. And to know which of the subscribers is most active in your profile, and who is just a number in the “subscribers” section, use the InstaHero service. In this service, by the way, you can also remove unwanted audience from subscribers.

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At the same time, sometimes it is not so pleasant that you and I appear in the lists of those who have viewed other people’s stories. By the way, if you are wondering how Instagram compiles a list of views of stories, this is the place for you. It’s one thing to watch the stories of popular Insta bloggers and simply interesting accounts. It is not so important for us that these profiles know that we are viewing them. But what if you want to watch someone’s stories and remain, so to speak, unnoticed? Well, for example, the accounts of competitors, enemies or ex-friends / girlfriends?

It turns out that secretly viewing other people’s stories is as easy as shelling pears! What is there not on the Internet! There is almost always opposition to each function 😁 And, personally, I sometimes also use this opportunity if I want to maintain my anonymity.

If earlier for anonymous viewing of stories you had to “sweat” by registering a dummy account, now there are a lot of applications and sites that will allow you to do this without unnecessary “gestures”. Personally, I prefer to watch stories anonymously through the special section of the Igrab Online service, since I usually use this service for other tasks, such as the ability to download photos / videos. But there are many ways and analogues on the market. Among them, I decided to figure it out.

In this article, I’m going to tell you about four ways to anonymously view Inst Stories . I think you will find the method that works best for you here.

  1. anonymous viewing of stories online without registering and downloading (computer or phone)
  2. anonymous viewing of stories via mobile apps
  3. browsing stories anonymously using a browser extension (computer only)
  4. Telegram bots for anonymous viewing of stories

How to view your Instagram story anonymously online

There are many sites that allow you to anonymously view Instagram stories online and without registration . This, in my opinion, is the easiest and most convenient way to view secret stories on a computer or through a browser on a phone . The apps are still less user-friendly than the sites I’ll discuss below.

You can, for example, try the following sites:

  • (stories, videos, photos, IGTV, pinned stories): It’s very simple. Enter the link to the user profile or nickname and click “Download”. A list of stories available for download appears. We press the button “Download”. The site also has detailed instructions, although everything is extremely simple.
  • (stories only): Enter your account name (without the @) in the search field and press Enter. You will see all the account stories published in the last day. Click on the cover story to download it. In the upper right corner, opposite the profile name, you will have a Download button.
  • (stories + highlighted stories): Enter your account name (without @) in the search field and press Enter. At the very beginning, you will have a list of current stories, and then the stories that have been published in the last 24 hours. When you hover over the cover story, you will be able to see the exact publication date, as well as, if set, hashtags, geolocation and text. In order to save the history, click on the “Download” button.
  • (stories + highlighted stories): Enter your account name (without @) in the search box and press Enter. Under the search column, you will see an account avatar with a description and information about the number of published stories, and below you will see all the highlighted stories of this profile. To open stories, click on your account information.

I give several similar sites at once, since periodically such services stop working. So, at least some link should work. Быть популярным в Инстаграм - легко

How to view Instagram story anonymously through iOS and Android apps

As I said above, mobile apps for secret viewing of stories are slightly less convenient than the sites from the section above. In view of the fact that anonymous viewing of stories is contrary to the rules and desires of Instagram, there are no mobile applications that would specialize in this particular function. Usually applications for downloading content from Instagram offer this option.

iOS Application

I want to note that Instagram is working more closely with Appstor to remove unwanted applications for them, so at the moment you will not find a single working application, although there are a lot of them in the AppStore search and, attention, very many aim only at for you to subscribe. Sometimes they are even lured by a conditionally free subscription for 1 ruble, and in fact they write off 4000r . Be careful and read app reviews before installing.

I previously recommended Story Reposter for Instagram, but now it doesn’t work either.

Historically, it was like this: Story Reposter for Instagram is a free application with a simple interface. With it, you can view, download and repost other people’s stories on Instagram or other social networks. The application does not require registration and authorization on Instagram, which is very convenient.

In order to view the history, enter the name of the required account in the search field and press Enter. You will see a list of all the stories published by this profile. Using the share option, ie “Share”, you can save the story to your iPhone or iPad.

Как посмотреть историю в Инстаграм анонимно через приложения для iOS

Android Apps

Compared to iOS apps where there is only one app, you will find many more programs for viewing stories anonymously on Google Play. These are usually free apps. I think StorySaver + is the most popular app in the category we need.

StorySaver + allows you to view the stories of other accounts and save them to your mobile device. Moreover, using this application, you can anonymously watch and save live streams from Instagram, as well as download posts, avatars and even videos from IGTV for yourself.

How to Anonymously Watch Instagram Stories via Google Chrome Extension

If the first method does not suit you and you prefer to use browser extensions, then the Stories for Instagram extension for Google Chrome will help you. It’s completely free. The only disadvantage of this method is that it only works on a computer; of course, this extension will not work on smartphones.

With Stories for Instagram, you can not only anonymously view stories in a browser on your computer, but also search for stories, download them, watch Instagram Live.

To prevent the author of the story from knowing that you are secretly watching his content, click on the eye icon next to the list of stories. When pressed, the message “Anonymous Viewing Enabled” will appear. Story views through this extension are not counted on Instagram, so the author will not know that anyone is trying to do this at all. Как анонимно смотреть истории в Инстаграм через расширение для Google Chrome

How to anonymously watch Instagram stories via Telegram bots

Personally, it seems to me that the easiest way is to use special sites (point # 1 of this article) to view and download stories, but some prefer to do this through bots in Telegram.

This method will allow you to go unnoticed and see the stories of any Instagram account. Unlike all previous methods, the author of the story will receive +1 view of the story from some unknown account, but at least he will not know that it was you.

You can try, for example, the bot @IGSpyBot .

How does it work?

  1. In the Telegram search, enter the bot name @IGSpyBot .
  2. Write a message to the bot with the name of the account whose history you want to secretly view.
  3. Just one instant and the bot will send you the stories published by the profile you requested in the video file format.
  4. Download the file to your phone.

There is another good bot called @Instasave_bot . The principle of working with it is almost identical. The only difference is that @Instasave_bot lets you first select the stories you intend to view / download to your phone.

Well, that’s it for today! Hope this article was helpful to you. Personally, I concluded that it is difficult to reinvent the wheel in this niche and the familiar reliable tool is the best choice, so I will continue to use Aygrab for my tasks, but I will be grateful if you share your personal experience of using different services in the comments with a comment on why they are the ones you like.

I will also be very grateful if you share this post with your friends, acquaintances and colleagues in social media. networks.

Good mood, spies! 😉 What other life hacks do you know?

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