How to work on Instagram from a computer

How to work on Instagram from a computer

Instagram was originally created for mobile devices. Yes, you can like other people’s posts, leave comments and view the feed from your computer, but you cannot upload your own pictures. Still, limited functionality makes itself felt.

But in the summer of 2019, a real revolution took place. Facebook introduced new tools that made it possible to work on Instagram from a computer. What is needed for this? We’ll figure out!

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Can I work on Instagram from my computer?

If setting up targeting via a computer (using Facebook Ads Manager) is a common thing, then users constantly had problems with the rest of the manipulations. To post a photo or schedule a post, users had to use third-party tools.

Now everything has changed. Through the platform that owns Instagram, you can schedule posts in different formats, respond in Direct, track statistics, and even manage multiple profiles at once. All these features are implemented in the updated Creator Studio .

For Facebook, this has become another opportunity to emphasize their rights to Instagram, and for marketers and SMM specialists, it has become a chance to get rid of a headache. We’ll tell you more about the new insta features in the following sections.

Ways to work on Instagram from a computer

What is Creator Studio?

Find the Facebook section “Publishing Tools”. On the left, in the “Tools” tab, you will find the cherished Creator Studio .

The control panel looks like this:

  • Content Library . All publications and standard statistics (the number of likes, comments, marks, etc.) are located here.
  • Statistics . In this section, you will find information by actions (number of interactions with content over a certain period of time) and by audience (demographics, gender and age distribution, activity).
  • Instagram Accounts . In Creator Studio, you can add multiple profiles at once and switch between accounts without any problems.

Creator Studio

Add post via computer

Yes, now you can upload content not only using the mobile application. True, neither stories nor live broadcasts can be published through Creator Studio yet, but the developers are actively solving this problem.

Key features of the tool:

  • create signatures up to 2200 characters long (30 tags and 30 mentions are also available);
  • geotags;
  • uploading photos and videos (via computer or Facebook);
  • setting up automatic duplicate content on Facebook;
  • the ability to schedule publications.

Добавить пост через компьютер

Algorithm for publishing videos to IGTV using a computer:

  • upload a video from your computer or from a page on Facebook;
  • add title and short description;
  • if necessary, upload a cover;
  • indicate if you want to duplicate the video on Facebook;
  • publish right away or schedule for a specific date.

видео в IGTV


If the Creator Studio add-on is still alien to you, download the extension for Chrome and go to Instagram through it. A mobile version of the site with a photo upload button will open.

But do not rejoice ahead of time. With the extension, you will not be able to crop a photo, apply filters, or publish a carousel or video.



InstaPlus is a real lifesaver for SMM professionals. Using the service, you can massively view user stories to increase reach, send unique comments, automatically unsubscribe from non-reciprocal users, and, of course, post content from your PC.

You can promote five accounts at once using Instaplus.

To post something to the tape from a computer, use the following algorithm:

  • sign up for InstaPlus;
  • add your profile;
  • in the main menu, select the “Autoposting” item;
  • click the Add Photo button and select a file;
  • edit the snapshot (the “Photo Editor” button is located below the image);
  • add description and geotag;
  • publish now or schedule (click Queue on the calendar and set the date and time).


Upload story from computer


To add a story to Instagram, download the BlueStacks emulator:

  • go to;
  • click “Download” and after complete download run the file;
  • click Install Now;
  • wait until the files are unzipped and add Google mail;
  • click “Use”;
  • run the utility and open the Play Market in it;
  • search for Instagram and install the app;
  • start the social network and log in using your account.

The process of adding stories is the same as on the phone.



With this service you can:

  • upload content to all social networks at the same time;
  • schedule posts;
  • design posts.

To upload videos or photos to Stories from your PC, you need to do the following:

  • install the “Parasite” program on the computer;
  • run the application and enter your data (login and password from the page on Instagram);
  • find the point to add history;
  • select the desired file from the internal memory of the PC;
  • edit the entry (if necessary);
  • publish the story now or schedule it for a specific date and time.



To upload a story from your computer:

  • visit the SMMPlanner website;
  • register on the site using a profile from any social network;
  • on the main page, find the “Instagram” section;
  • enter your username and password from your profile;
  • once in the main menu, select the post post function, and then – “Schedule post”;
  • upload a photo or video;
  • add a signature, stickers, geolocation if necessary;
  • check the box that the content will be posted in stories.


Communicate in Direct

via Facebook

Another cool innovation from Facebook is the ability to reply to comments and correspond in Direct from a PC.

Previously, business account owners could only receive notifications that a new message arrived on Instagram. It was more annoying than helpful. Now everything has changed

In the sidebar on the left, you will find two familiar icons: a paper airplane for Direct and an application icon for comments. The first allows you to conduct a full correspondence, and the second – to create comments, reply to them and even delete.

через Facebook

Which way to choose

It all depends on your needs. In order to scroll through the feed, reply to comments and correspond in Direct, the web version will suffice. You can post a photo and schedule a publication through the InstaPlus service (by the way, they were the first to introduce the ability to add several photos at once to one post).

More advanced functionality is available through emulators (in today’s article we reviewed the most popular one – BlueStacks). Their advantages :

  • ability to publish stories and posts;
  • repost posts;
  • fully respond in Direct;
  • intuitive interface.

But there are also significant disadvantages :

  • works correctly only on powerful PCs;
  • bugs occur periodically;
  • you cannot download photos and copy text;
  • all functionality is missing.

Another best option is to use the capabilities of Facebook. Here you can find statistics, Direct, and even the ability to download publications directly from your computer.

Tips and tricks

Several nuances of working on Instagram through a computer:

  • if you run several profiles or projects on Instagram at once, then working from a computer will make your life much easier;
  • it is much easier to download large files from a PC (e.g. video for IGTV);
  • it is more convenient to correspond from a computer than from a smartphone;
  • live streams cannot be viewed on the web, but extensions or emulators are great for this mission.


Browser extensions, Android emulators and additional services are just workarounds, since the Instagram developers have not yet come up with a full version for PC. Therefore, the more features you want to get, the more inconvenience and bugs you will have to endure. Be that as it may, they will not give you the full functionality of the mobile application, but they can become an excellent auxiliary tool.

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