How to work with Instagram bloggers effectively

How to work with Instagram bloggers effectively

Now not only global brands, but also small companies that want to increase audience loyalty and stir up interest in their product are actively cooperating with bloggers. This is called influence marketing. Haven’t tested this ad format yet? Then in today’s article we will tell you how to work with bloggers on Instagram correctly, and in which opinion leaders it is better to invest your precious budget.

Features of blogger advertising

Main features of collaboration with influencers:

  • Loyal audience . Advertising from a favorite blogger is perceived by followers not as an obsessive urge to buy something, but as a friendly recommendation. It is for this reason that users are more willing to make contact.
  • Low Subscriber Price . Some products are more effective to promote to the masses through bloggers. Unlike targeted advertising, which most users simply scroll through, an influencer can influence users and nudge them to take the desired action. Indeed, in this case, we are advised not by an algorithm, but by a living person.
  • Recognition and image . Influencers form certain images in the minds of the audience that are directly related to the brand and its concept.
  • Unusual filing format . Influencers almost always approach advertising creatively, creating interesting sketches, vines, videos and challenges. Such mechanics are actively spreading to the masses and the company has a chance to get viral coverage.

Особенности рекламы у блогеров

Who will use this format

Advertising from influencers will suit the following segments:

  • projects with a wide geography (mobile applications, food delivery, cashback, etc.);
  • companies with a narrow audience (car services, beauty salons, baby products);
  • large and federal brands (FMCG, fast food chains, financial structures);
  • areas of business where the user chooses with his eyes;
  • for those who want to promote a personal blog (for example, if you position yourself as an ardent champion of proper nutrition, you can buy an advertisement from a fitness trainer or insta nutritionist).

Кому подойдет этот формат

Where to start

Here are some important points to watch out for:

  • Decide on a goal . What results do you want to get? Gain subscribers, increase reach, or maybe form a loyal community around the brand.
  • Make a portrait of the target audience . Determine: who your customers are, what they are passionate about, what problems, joys and reasons they have for making purchases. In order to find out as much useful information as possible about your target audience, conduct a series of surveys on the page that will not only entertain followers, but also allow you to develop a further action plan.
  • Analyze the market and competitors . If you know what competitors are cooperating with, you can: cut off bloggers who advertise related products on an ongoing basis, learn from other people’s mistakes without spending your own budget, adopt creative approaches in submitting material.

How to work with Instagram bloggers

The main stages of working with influencers:

  • Strategy Development . You need to clearly understand why you are organizing this advertising campaign, so decide on the type of blogger (profile topic, tone of communication, values ​​that he promotes, and so on), the goal of integration (increasing reach, increasing sales, increasing subscribers) and terms of cooperation.
  • Draw up a competent technical assignment. In the terms of reference, indicate the basic requirements for the text and photos, links, marks that must be present in the post, deadlines, and so on. Here are some more recommendations: if you collaborate with a large number of influencers, do not give them the same TOR, do not set too strict limits on the text, and always check the materials before publishing.
  • Find bloggers . There are several ways here: manually (by tags and keywords) and through exchanges (for example, the trendHERO service, which has over 60 million accounts in its arsenal, is perfect for such purposes).
  • Analyze their profiles . Look at the content, check how often the blogger publishes advertising posts, calculate the engagement rate (% of followers who interact with the opinion leader’s posts), monitor the statistics, make an approximate portrait of the target audience. For a quick and high-quality check of influencers, you can use the trendHERO exchange. Also remember an important rule: your advertising message should not run counter to the life position of the Instagram celebrity.
  • Send your quotation . Introduce yourself, tell us briefly about the brand and the product being promoted, describe how you see your cooperation (on what conditions, how it will take place, what you expect), leave additional contact information. Get ready for 7 out of 10 influencers to ignore your message altogether.
  • Sign a contract . If you invest a lot of money in advertising, you better take care of concluding a contract. It should include the following points: advertising format, details for visuals and text, timing, expected performance, rights and obligations of the parties, possible legal liability.
  • Track performance. How you can track the effectiveness of the campaign: ask the blogger for statistics (reach, impressions, clicks, likes, etc.), pay attention to the number of subscribers who came after the launch of the advertisement, track the reach (compare with other advertising publications and draw a parallel), use UTM tags to track where traffic is coming from.

Как работать с блогерами Инстаграм

Types of cooperation

The most common options for collaborating with influencers:

  • Product Review is a post or story in which a blogger talks about his impressions of using a product, demonstrating it in all its glory. It’s simple and relatively inexpensive.
  • Mutual PR – “friendship” between accounts, which means stamps in stories, reposts of publications with useful content, or any other mutual action aimed at increasing awareness.
  • Collaboration – collaboration of a brand with a blogger to create something in common. Most often, this is a limited line of products, on the design of which an influencer has worked, or a special project.
  • Ambassador – an opinion leader becomes an official of the company and promotes its values ​​to the masses in all possible ways (both online and offline). In this case, the blogger must temporarily refuse other advertising offers.
  • Joint activities – the scheme is extremely transparent: the brand sponsors the competition, and the blogger attracts the audience. The main thing is to clearly state the conditions of the competition: duration, restrictions, what the winner will receive, etc.
  • Events is an opportunity for a blogger to get interesting content, and for a company it is a chance to create a certain image around the brand. For example, it could be a live stream where the influencer has to test the product and highlight its benefits.

Виды сотрудничества

Payment options

Business gets customers, attention, reach, loyal community. What, in this case, should an opinion leader count on?

  • Commercial cooperation – advertising for money. Fixed cost, clear terms of cooperation, a minimum of surprises.
  • Percentage of sales – you give the blogger a personal promotional code (or link), he places it on his page and receives dividends for every purchase made.
  • Charity – An influencer promotes your brand for the love of art. This became the main trend of 2020, when the whole world was swept by a pandemic and most of the companies were on the verge of bankruptcy. Then bloggers began to advertise their favorite brands absolutely free, just to support them. This forms the image and “humanizes” the influencer in the eyes of the audience.
  • Barter – the blogger publishes an advertising post and receives your brand products as a gift.
  • Partial barter – provide the goods and pay part of the cost of the post.

Варианты оплаты

Advantages and disadvantages of working with bloggers

Cooperation with a blogger will give you a lot of pluses :

  • high engagement rates;
  • the ability to cover any audience segments;
  • quick effect;
  • various formats of information presentation;
  • increasing brand confidence.

But there are also downsides :

  • a lot of work (recruiting bloggers, analyzing accounts, drafting technical specifications, and so on);
  • Difficulty defining KPIs;
  • high cost;
  • hard to predict results.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Часто задаваемые вопросы

How much does blogger advertising cost?

The cost of integration depends on the appetite of the influencer and the quality of the audience, but in 2020 the prices of Russian-speaking bloggers fluctuated approximately in the following range:

  • more than a million followers – from $ 2,000;
  • up to a million – from 600 USD;
  • 100-150 thousand subscribers – from 200 USD;
  • 50 thousand-100 thousand subscribers – from 70 USD;
  • up to 15 thousand followers – $ 35.

Which is better: posts or stories?

If you want to achieve a quick effect, then it is better to opt for stories. They are engaging and viewed more often than publications. Of the minuses, stories disappear in a day. Posts in the feed allow you to tell more about the product in more detail. But you should be prepared for the fact that people rarely delve into the content of the publication, paying attention only to the visual. Because of this, it is much more difficult to assess the effectiveness of an advertising campaign.

Who should write texts for posts?

There are several options:

  • you send the TK to the blogger for the post and he writes the text himself;
  • you write the text yourself, send it to the blogger, and he adapts the content to his audience;
  • the influencer takes over the writing of the text;
  • you write the text yourself and the influencer lays it out as it is.

Whichever option you choose, the publication will still have to be approved. Some brands work on the principle: “if a post was published without approval, it is not paid.

Do you need a contract?

If you plan to cooperate with a blogger on a long-term basis, then it is better to conclude an agreement in order to avoid scandals and other force majeure. It is worth prescribing in the contract: the cost of placement, the terms of integration, the obligations of the parties and the basic rules.

What to do if a blogger is missing?

To avoid such situations, we recommend working on a prepaid basis and taking a personal phone number from the blogger. If an influencer suddenly disappeared from the radar, take a break and do not rush to blame the person for all mortal sins. Perhaps he was experiencing force majeure circumstances.


A blogger is a full-fledged contractor with whom you need to work out cooperation on transparent and understandable terms for both parties.

To do this, you must adhere to the following rules:

  • clearly understand the goals and objectives of the advertising campaign;
  • check the blogger for markups and analyze the main metrics;
  • send all the necessary product introductions without restricting the blogger to strict technical specifications.

And the main advice: experiment, but do not forget to periodically monitor the results!

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