How to write an offer to a blogger about advertising placement

How to write an offer to a blogger about advertising placement

Advertising among popular bloggers is a marketing trend in recent years. Native advertising from influencers is much more effective than traditional advertising channels. But not everyone has appreciated the benefits of cooperation with bloggers. Many people think that popular influencers are out of reach, or they simply don’t know how to write a proposal to a blogger. Let’s take a step-by-step look at how to offer collaboration and build an effective communication strategy with a blogger.

How to choose a blogger for collaboration

The key to collaborating with influencers is to choose exactly the blogger that’s perfect for you. The blog topic should be relevant to the USP of the brand, and its audience should correspond to the portrait of the potential client. Here are a few more basic criteria by which you should evaluate your favorite influencer:

  • Geolocation – make sure the geolocation of your blog subscribers is right for you. Owners of local businesses or national companies should be especially attentive to this parameter.
  • Number of subscribers – distinguish between macro, micro, and nano influencers. The former can boast of higher reach, but ads from bloggers with a small audience look more natural.
  • Engagement – there is no point in ordering ads from bloggers with a “dead” audience that does not show interest in posts or even does not see them.
  • Presence of sponsored posts – the blog should have an optimal ratio of advertising posts to personal content, and there should be no advertisements for similar brands. Otherwise, subscribers will perceive the next ad as SPAM and will not trust the blogger.
  • Sincerity – it is desirable that the blogger himself use the products of the advertised brand and share its values. Pretense and pretense “for the money” is always felt.

How to offer cooperation to a blogger

выбор блогера для сотрудничества

Cooperation with opinion leaders allows you to get a ready-made audience, the loyalty of which the blogger may have earned for more than one year. Influencers have a certain amount of trust with their subscribers, and when they promote a service or product, the ad is perceived more as a friend’s advice. Naturally, under such circumstances, no good blogger would collaborate with dubious brands and advertise a product that he is not sure about.

Therefore, when working with a blogger, it is important to correctly formulate a proposal and show the benefits of cooperation. By clearly defining the terms initially, you can avoid uncertainties and disagreements in the future.

Step 1: Prepare your account

An influencer who respects himself and his audience will never risk their reputation and advertise low-quality accounts. Therefore, if you want as many good bloggers as possible to agree to recommend your account, and advertising gives the maximum return, you should carefully prepare your page before cooperation.

Your account must meet the following criteria:

  • The account is filled with quality content.
  • The field of activity is clearly defined in the BIO.
  • There are at least 30-40 quality posts.
  • 1-2 thousand users are subscribed to the account.
  • Posts have likes and comments.
  • You communicate with subscribers, answer their questions and comments.
  • There are reviews about the activities of your company.

продажи в Инстаграм

In recent posts, it is recommended to present your product so that the influencer can immediately assess whether he will be able to advertise your product or service.

Step 2: Determine the type of collaboration

There are several options for how a blogger can advertise you:

  • publication of an advertising post in your account with a photo or video of your product;
  • holding a joint competition;
  • posting a guest post in your account;
  • joint live broadcasts and events;
  • ambassador.

Blogger reward options are also different. Most prefer to cooperate on a commercial basis, but there is an opportunity to cooperate also on barter, renting goods or providing unique promotional codes for a discount or an affiliate program.

We have already written in more detail about the types of cooperation. Be sure to determine what scheme you plan to cooperate with in order to draw up the most clear proposal.

Step 3: List Bloggers

Next, select the bloggers you plan to collaborate with. You can find suitable bloggers by hashtags, geolocation, description in the profile, through blogger databases.

It is recommended that you compile a list of several bloggers suitable for collaboration. First, you need to be prepared for the fact that some bloggers may refuse to cooperate without explaining the reasons. Secondly, an account that is attractive at first glance for advertising, with a detailed analysis of statistics, may end up with fake or inactive subscribers.

Take a close look at a blogger’s content before proposing a partnership. If the blogger has never shown interest in your company’s products or the blog topic is too different, then the chances of success are low.

You should not offer cooperation to those who have a negative attitude towards products. For example, if a blogger is an active environmentalist, he will not advertise natural fur coats, even if they are of the best quality.

Step 4: Check the quality and engagement of the blogger’s audience

Before offering cooperation to a blogger, be sure to check the quality and engagement of his audience. The trendHERO service will help you with this. With it, you can check a blogger’s account by more than 90 metrics.

It is recommended to pay close attention to the following key indicators:

  • ER account engagement rate;
  • number of subscribers;
  • spread of likes and comments;
  • the ratio of active and suspicious subscribers;
  • subscriber demographics.

аудит лайков

Тип аудитории

Only after a detailed analysis of the blogger’s account will you be able to choose a promising blog with the most suitable audience, and not pay for air by placing ads on a “dead” audience.

Step 5: Compose Your Welcome Email

When the bloggers with whom you would like to cooperate have already been selected, you can proceed to the key stage – writing a letter.

Regardless of the topic of the blog, the sentence should be written in a polite tone, with an appeal to “you”, but the style may be slightly different. If you are writing to a teen blogger, you can write in simple language without overloading the text with unnecessary formalities. Choose a low-key, formal tone when dealing with other influencers.

Sample structure of a proposal for a blogger:

  1. A polite greeting. Greet the recipient and introduce yourself by name.
  2. Anchor. Try to make the introduction of your letter stand out from the dozen others. Compliment, briefly describe why you admire the blog and would like to collaborate with its author.
  3. Brief description of the brand and product. Without wasting too much time, briefly outline what brand you represent, what products you release, what value it can bring to the blogger and his audience.
  4. The essence of the proposal. Now tell us how you see cooperation, what you want from a blogger and what you are ready to offer on loan. Make sure that you are ready to take into account the wishes of the blogger and make adjustments.
  5. CTA (Call To Action). At the end of your email, ask a question or post a call to action. You can clarify that it is important for you to receive an answer, whatever it may be.

Be sure to check the message for errors. It always evokes negativity and creates a sense of unprofessionalism.

Step 6: Send your message

You can write to private messages, instant messengers or e-mail if your account contains contacts for cooperation.

If possible, arrange for the newsletter on behalf of a senior person in the company. Letters from a PR manager can be ignored by a blogger, while messages from an ART director or manager look more weighty.

Step 7: Negotiate

сотрудничество с блогером

If the blogger answered the first letter and became interested in cooperation, now you need to negotiate, discuss in more detail the remuneration, the format of cooperation. Try to discuss all the nuances in as much detail as possible, clearly describe which post and when you want to see what goals you set for the advertising campaign. Discuss the procedure for approving the publication.

The clearer the statement of work is, the less likely you will be disappointed with the advertising campaign.

What’s next?

If the blogger is satisfied with the proposed format of cooperation, the matter remains only for implementation. The first thing it is recommended to do is to conclude a cooperation agreement. Of course, you can do without this, but when working with influencers, you need to understand that you will be working with different people, and overlaps do happen. Therefore, it is better to secure yourself in advance and draw up an agreement that would provide certain guarantees for both the brand and the blogger, and would clearly define the rights and obligations of the parties.

The contract must contain:

  • the date the ad was posted;
  • publication format;
  • approval procedure and deadline;
  • the purpose of the advertising campaign;
  • blogger reward.

To conclude a contract, you don’t even need to personally meet with an opinion leader. You just need to sign it electronically.

After conducting an advertising campaign, be sure to evaluate its effectiveness. If the partnership has yielded positive results, thank the blogger for their collaboration. You can also save his contacts for re-appeal, because as practice shows, influencer marketing works best with constant cooperation.

Tips and tricks

Many people write to bloggers and make a number of the same, repetitive mistakes. Below we offer some recommendations on how to make your offer to a blogger as correct as possible:

  • Don’t just write a greeting. Tell us about your offer right away.
  • Suggest options to the blogger. If you have a wide range of products, ask the blogger to choose what they would like to advertise or what products they can barter.
  • If your budget is limited, but you want to cooperate with a major blogger, then it would be best to present the product to him as a gift that does not oblige you to anything, but warn you that you would be grateful for posting a review and a photo with the product.
  • Do not add the blogger as a friend from a commercial account. Many who track engagement rates on an account ban commercial accounts and mass followers.
  • Don’t be too strict about your content. A blogger knows better than others what publications his subscribers like and what formats they will appreciate. There is no need to try to impose an open advertising format with direct links to the product. Influencer marketing is valuable precisely because of his naivety.
  • Try to get the blogger interested first, and only then tell what you want in return. Cooperation offers, where you describe for a long time what the blogger should do, and only then accidentally indicate what you are ready to offer in return, look at least incorrect.
  • Be prepared for the fact that you may not be answered. This does not mean that you urgently need to write again, or to other contacts. Perhaps your proposal is simply not interested, or due to certain circumstances, the blogger is now unable to take up your project. Don’t waste your time and just find a replacement.

If you take into account a number of obvious points, you can easily create an attractive blogger offer and conduct a successful advertising campaign. And over time, you will be able to recruit your base of opinion leaders, cooperation with whom brings the greatest profit. The main thing to remember is that bloggers are just like ordinary people and do not forget about the rules of good manners.

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