How to write in support of Instagram so that you will be answered

How to write in support of Instagram so that you will be answered

Every active user at least once asked the question: how to write in support of Instagram? In today’s article, we will tell you about the most popular methods, as well as figure out how long you need to wait for an answer and which questions are in the competence of the support staff.

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What question can I write in support of Instagram?

Let’s dwell on the main problems that the support staff will surely help you solve.

Account blocked

One day you go to your profile and find that it is blocked. Naturally, a million thoughts immediately arise in the head. If you do not know the reasons and terms of the ban (the freeze can last from 7 days to infinity), then we recommend contacting technical support.

Ask managers to explain the reason for such a sudden decision. If it is insignificant (for example, exceeding social network limits), then the account will most likely be unblocked immediately.

Most likely, support managers will ask you to send a scan of your passport. This is necessary in order for the administration of the social network to be able to verify that you really are the owner of the account.

Account recovery after hacking

Has your account been hacked by cybercriminals? Urgently write to technical support and get ready for leading questions from the category: how often do you visit the page from other devices, did you tell someone your username (password), and so on.

At the final stage, you will be asked to provide your passport data for personal identification.

Forgot username or password

Also a very common problem. If you cannot log into your account because you forgot your username, password, e-mail and lost the number to which the profile is registered, there is only one solution – contact technical support.

Support managers will ask you to provide a scan of your passport or a personal photo.
If there are pictures on the page that clearly show the face, the likelihood of recovering your account is significantly increased.

How to write an appeal correctly

In your message, describe the problem in detail (preferably in stages). Do not use profanity, swear, or express emotions in an overly expressive manner. We also do not recommend getting personal and insulting specialists.

If the support staff do not respond to your request, this may only indicate the absence of the essence of the issue. In order for the administration to give an accurate answer, you can choose not the “Report a problem” tab, but “Report an abuse”.

How to write to the Instagram support service

The only way that allows you to contact the Instagram support is by sending an email with a detailed description of the problem.

From phone

To contact technical support, follow the algorithm :

  • open your profile and go to the “Settings” section located at the bottom of the interface;
  • find the “Help” item and click on it;
  • select the “Report a problem” function;
  • справка

  • a small window will automatically open with a list of problems ( spam or abuse, something not working, general feedback, image or video quality problem );
  • сообщите о проблеме

  • click on one of them and briefly describe what happened in a special form (try to limit yourself to 3-4 succinct sentences);
  • отзыв

  • click the “Submit” button.

From computer

You can send an appeal without logging into the main account:

  • first enter the page through the web version;
  • go to the help section of the social network;
  • a page with a special form will open, in which you need to briefly outline the essence of the problem and provide an email address (just in case, leave a link to your main profile);
  • click submit.

специальная форма

Before sending a letter, do not be lazy to study the information in the Help Center. Here you will find answers to the most common questions related to social networks: how to restore access to your account, what to do when your account is banned, how to fix standard technical problems yourself, and so on.

Via Facebook

  • open Facebook and go to Messenger;
  • enter “Facebookadsupport” in the search bar;
  • мессенджер

  • write any question and follow the link that will come in the reply message;
  • вопрос

  • scroll down to this point and click “Get Started”;
  • начало работы

  • return to the same chat to start a conversation with the active manager.
  • менеджер

Use this method only as a last resort. Despite the fact that Facebook is the owner of Instagram, the FB support is not responsible for problems that have arisen within the framework of another project.

How long does the Instagram support service respond?

You don’t need to send a million of the same type of messages if support managers have not answered you within an hour. It is enough to contact the administration just once.

On average, feedback from the support of the social network comes within 72 hours . The processing time of a message directly depends on the workload of employees and the number of requests. Remember, you are not the only person in trouble. Sometimes Instagram employees have to view over a thousand applications per day. Be prepared for the answer to come only after 2 days.

Where does the answer come

The answer will be sent to the e-mail specified in Instagram . If you contacted support through the help center, then the message will be sent to the email address specified when sending the request.

What to do if no response came

Situations when a response does not come for some time are associated with the workload of the support operators and are quite normal, since the flow of calls daily exceeds 10 million.

The support team carefully processes all requests, so a response may take only 2 business days. If the support administration does not respond to your request more than the established time limit, write the letter again or use another method.

Tips and tricks

We have already found out what problems users most often contact technical support with. To avoid unpleasant situations and not rely on a quick response from support managers, adhere to the following recommendations :

  • Set a strong password using numbers, icons, symbols, underscores, and so on. The more confusing, the more difficult it will be for attackers.
  • Do not share your personal information with anyone and try to log into your account from only one device.
  • Keep your username and password away from prying eyes.
  • Turn on two-factor authentication on your profile so that you cannot access it from another device without a special verification code.
  • If you suddenly decide to change your email or phone number, do not forget to reflect this in your account settings.

These simple steps will help you save not only the page, but also the nerves.



Do not rush to send a request to Instagram technical support. To get started, check out the guidelines located in the Help Center. In case you did not find the answer to your question, write a competent appeal and use the feedback form in the mobile application – this is the most convenient option for getting a quick answer and solving your problem.

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