Influencer marketing in Ukraine in 2020. Part 1 – overview

Influencer marketing in Ukraine in 2020. Part 1 – overview

At trendHERO we collect and analyze a lot of data on Instagram accounts every day.

As of July 2020, data has been collected and updated daily for more than 40 million accounts from 1,000 subscribers. Based on these data, we decided to make a study by country.

This is the first published part, but in the article you can download the full version of the study.

This difference can be easily explained by two factors – some part of the population continues to speak Russian + you can promote content throughout the CIS. If a blogger posts recipes, for example, then it is potentially beneficial for him to post recipes in Russian so that he can be read in Kharkov, Minsk, and St. Petersburg.

In this study, we study those bloggers who are in Ukraine (more than 800 thousand).

But for understanding, let’s also see where are the bloggers who write in Ukrainian:

In total, 79% of such bloggers are located in Ukraine. And then no surprises 🙂

Total, we study:

  1. Instagram
  2. Accounts over 1 thousand subscribers.
  3. Located in Ukraine.


In this section, we examine how bloggers are distributed by gender, location and language.

If we were to compose portraits of bloggers in Ukraine, then the most frequent version we would have would be “A woman from Kiev who writes in Russian.”

But there is one but …

We need to add the concept of size to these graphs as it affects any perception of bloggers.


Bloggers are conventionally of this size:

  • Nanoinfluencers – 1-10 thousand subscribers
  • Microinfluencers – 10-100 thousand subscribers
  • Macro influencers – 100 thousand – 1 million subscribers
  • Millionaires – 1 million subscribers and more

Bloggers by size in Ukraine:

We understand that there are less than a hundred millionaires, and even there are not so many bloggers with 100 thousand subscribers. The main working segment is micro-influencers (10,000-100,000). Remember this information until we count engagement.

Structure by size of bloggers in different countries

For our purposes, let’s compare the size structure of bloggers in Ukraine and other countries

If we compare, we see that there are relatively fewer large bloggers in Ukraine. But only Ukraine and Poland can be compared in this way – they have approximately the same population. Therefore, we decided to count macro-bloggers and millionaires in terms of per million people who live in the country:

That is, we see that in Ukraine there are 2 times less macrobloggers than in Russia, and 3 times less than in the States. There is room to grow.

And now let’s run our demographics through size.




It’s no surprise that most of the millionaire bloggers are located in the capital. But not all 🙂 At least a quarter of large bloggers do not live in the top4 by size of cities



Language + city

We naturally became interested in how the situation with cities is. And so we made a breakdown – by language and city:


It’s funny that Lviv turned out to be not only the most Ukrainian-speaking, but also the English-speaking city – where there are tourists, there is English 🙂

But what if the language also depends on the size of the blogger? We excluded everyone with less than 10,000 followers and rebuilt this graph:


In general, the situation is the same (only Kiev is more English-speaking).

In any case, we have confirmed the first thesis of our research – three quarters of bloggers on Instagram in Ukraine write in Russian.

Continuing research

The full study provides detailed analysis by size, gender, blogger growth, and more. Already available for download on Telegram, Viber and Facebook Messenger

Download in Telegram

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