Influencers on Instagram: the most complete guide

Influencers on Instagram: the most complete guide

Influencers, or trendsetters, are people whose recommendations carry a lot of weight for most Instagram users. If in the past such people were only famous people who became famous in the world of sports, politics, show business, now the trendsetters are, for the most part, bloggers.

What is an opinion leader


Interesting photos, useful data, active communication with users make bloggers insta-celebrities, who are watched by subscribers and whose recommendations they listen to. Active discussions unfold under the posts of influencers, and certain trendsetters become known even outside of Instagram.

Influencers have changed the marketing landscape and the way products / services are advertised. Until 15 years ago, manufacturers spent millions to advertise their products to famous people. Companies can now save money by promoting products through well-known blog owners.
An influencer can be summed up in the following words:

  1. Active. Trendsetters are involved in various activities, often are members of social movements, forums.
  2. Contact. Popular bloggers have an extensive social network.
  3. Interested. Bloggers love to tell others useful information, share experiences and provide recommendations.
  4. Confident. This personality trait allows bloggers to shape trends. Since trendsetters are not afraid of new things, they are the first to study recently released products and talk about them.
  5. Involved. Opinion leaders are not indifferent to the problems of other people, they are ready to help solve them.

In the minds of ordinary Instagram users, opinion leaders are characterized by:

  • use of modern technologies;
  • effective money management;
  • time management;
  • striving for new knowledge;
  • health care.

History of the term

The phrase “opinion leader” was first mentioned in the work “Personal Influence” by Lazarsfeld and Katz from 1955. It provides the rationale for the theory of a two-stage communication flow. The researchers proceeded from the fact that the perception of information by people is not made directly, but through certain filters. The authors of the work considered opinion leaders who collected and interpreted data and then broadcast it to other people as one of the filters.

What kind of opinion leaders are there?

Инстаграм блогер
Popular bloggers on Instagram can be divided into the following categories:

  1. Beauty – women and sometimes guys who review cosmetics and tell you how to use them correctly.
  2. Lifestyle – bloggers who talk about their own life, interesting events, express their opinion.
  3. Fashion – make content related to the design, modeling spheres.
  4. Food – bloggers who either prepare food themselves, or publish reviews of catering establishments, unusual dishes.
  5. Sports – amateur athletes who promote sports activities, healthy eating. A separate category includes fitness babies, beautiful girls who are fond of fitness.
  6. Tourism – bloggers who travel regularly, tell about their own experiences, post reviews of interesting places.
  7. Vine – these blogs publish short humorous videos.
  8. Young mothers – make content related to motherhood, childcare, parenting.
  9. Freaks are weird bloggers who attract the attention of subscribers with eccentric videos, photos, phrases.

Why are they in demand?

The demand for opinion leaders is explained by the popularization of social networks, in particular, Instagram. Previously, people received information from televisions and radio. Today, most people prefer to use the Internet, social networks, in which influencers and blog posts.

Who should work with them

Advertisers promoting products / services related to popular blog topics can collaborate with trendsetters. For example, pipes made of polypropylene, polycarbonate materials cannot be advertised on Instagram. It will look strange if a blogger recommends his own subscribers to purchase tubular goods.

It is not necessary to have a large budget to cooperate with trendsetters, but you still have to invest money. It is a mistake to believe that advertising with a single influencer can generate a significant increase in sales. Instagram marketing should be systematic, not one-off.

How to work with them

An advertiser who decides to partner with influencers will need to devote time:

  • finding a suitable blogger;
  • discussing the terms of cooperation with him;
  • work organization.

How to find an opinion leader

поиск лидера мнений
Use trendHERO to find the right blogger. It has the following functionality:

  1. Analysis of subscribers. You can determine the gender of the users subscribed to the blogger, their place of residence; find out how and due to what the number of subscribers increases; compare the interests of your target audience and trendsetter subscribers; check accounts for cheating.
  2. Checking comments. Using trendHERO, you can determine how an influencer reacts to comments, how well he communicates with the audience. You can also calculate the level of engagement of people in the content posted by the blogger.
  3. Post analysis. trendHERO determines whether the blogger has fooled himself with likes and comments. You can also see how much reach a blog owner gets from their own followers.
  4. Checking mentions. Determine what products and how often the opinion leader promoted. Also, using trendHERO, you can find blogs similar to the one being analyzed.

trendHERO главная

You can also contact the marketing influencer agency to find an opinion leader. The employees of this organization will themselves find a trendsetter for you that meets your requirements.

You can also use the exchange. It acts as an intermediary in cooperation between an advertiser and a trendsetter. You place an order indicating the requirements for a blogger. After that, you choose which trendsetter you will cooperate with from those that have responded. All payment transactions are protected by the exchange. When using the exchange, you need to be especially careful when selecting an opinion leader, as there are many “fake” bloggers with fake subscribers registered on such sites.

Communication format

Opinion leaders are peculiar people. These are not professional marketers, in cooperation with them there can be no exact terms of reference. There is only a stage of approval, at which it is necessary to stipulate the main nuances of the work:

  • post type – text content, videos, photos;
  • content – direct or native advertising;
  • frequency of publications;
  • the person who has to write the script or copy for the publications (do not limit the trendsetter, because it can provide an organic presentation of marketing materials);
  • payment for the blogger’s work – the amount of the award, the timing of its provision (you can pay both with the products of your company and in money).

Collaboration formats

Marketing professionals identify the following formats of collaboration with opinion leaders on Instagram:

  1. The Ambassador is a blogger who constantly represents the interests of the firm on the social network.
  2. Detailed product reviews.
  3. Unobtrusive mentions of promoted products in publications.
  4. Lighting for various events.
  5. Direct ad insertions.

The best option is long-term cooperation. It’s one thing when an advertisement for a bag not used by the blogger herself is published on a beauty blog, and quite another if this accessory sometimes appears in photos and in videos.

Organization of work

It is worth discussing in advance the format of the content that the influencer will have to publish, as well as the payment that he will receive for the work done. For the exact day of publication or urgent advertising, some bloggers ask for additional money.

Be sure to give the Influencer in general terms what he needs to share. For example, he can talk about a sale, a new product; focus the attention of subscribers on certain types of products / services.


The main advantage of bloggers advertising is user confidence. Blogs subscribers are constantly monitoring updates, listening to the blogger’s advice. Accordingly, advertising of a particular product does not look like an imposition. The blog owner shares his own experience, conveys information about the main advantages of the product to subscribers.
Lena Temnikova
Another advantage of the influencer marketing is direct clicks on the links. The link placed in the blog will provide its subscribers with access to your online store, landing page. Thanks to this, you will be able to track the effectiveness of the promotion. An additional plus is an increase in the ranking of your sites. The more often your resources are mentioned on Instagram, the higher their authority in the eyes of search engines becomes.

Bloggers sometimes do not notice themselves how they turn into brand ambassadors. By ordering advertising from a trendsetter, you will form a snowball that will involve more and more new audiences. Users who buy the advertised product will start telling other people about it, which will further increase the number of sales.

Thanks to bloggers, you can quickly reach the desired audience coverage. With the correct positioning of products / services, it will take no more than a week from the start of the marketing campaign to the final result.


Disadvantages worth noting:

  1. Human factor. The more influencers you engage with, the higher the risk that one of them will make a mistake. Opinion leaders are people too, they can get sick, lazy, suffer from depression. This will affect the quality of the ad inserts and therefore worsen the results of your marketing campaign.
  2. Cheating. There are bloggers who get likes, views, comments, and subscriptions. You can neutralize this drawback by using the trendHERO service for analyzing Instagram accounts.
  3. Labor intensity. This kind of marketing looks easy only in theory. Select opinion leaders according to the target audience; determine if a blogger has worked with products in your industry in the past; agree with him, discuss important nuances; to control the work – all this takes a lot of time and effort.

Tips & Tricks

Девушка за столом с планшетом
An advertiser needs to be able to determine how effectively an opion leader advertises products. The check can be performed using Instagram tools. Compare the number of followers before the advertisement was published and 24 hours after it. Also go to the section with statistics and find out the coverage, the number of actions performed in the account. Don’t forget to look in Direct. You may have received many correspondence requests.


Other tools can be used to test the effectiveness of a marketing campaign:

  1. Third Party Analytics Services. They work similarly to Instagram tools, but you do not need to independently calculate the value by which the number of followers has increased.
  2. Google Analytics. The indicators of this service are of great importance if the goal of a marketing campaign on a social network is not direct sales through the social network, but an increase in the number of website visitors. By correctly setting up analytics, you can determine how many people went to the site on a particular day using the blogger’s link and bought a product.
  3. Promo code. Create a unique bonus code by entering which the customer will be able to purchase the product at a discounted price. Tell the trendsetter to mention it in their post. This will determine which of the customers came to your site from the influencer’s blog.
  4. Post statistics. Tell the influencer to send you screenshots of the ad post stats. Using screenshots, you can determine the reach of a post, the number of clicks to your site (in the case of stories), the number of saves (if the opinion leader published an advertisement in the feed), and other important parameters.

Choosing an Influencer

When choosing an influencer, you should carefully study his account. The best option is to observe the blogger’s activity for a couple of weeks. During this period, you need to determine the quality of the content published by the trendsetter. Determine what the blog owner posts, how he responds to followers, whether it matches the idea of ​​your product.

Also pay attention to how actively the number of followers is growing. If it grows too quickly, it is likely that the blog owner is using cheat. It is required to take into account how popular the blogger is. If a million people are subscribed to it, then an increase in the number of followers by 1000 per day is a normal indicator. But for a profile with a couple of thousand subscribers, an increase of 1000 per day is a sign of cheating. If the number of subscriptions is more than the number of followers, it means that the blogger participated in mass-following, mass-following.

The number of likes must be at least 2 percent of the number of subscribers. If there are fewer likes, this indicates that most of the followers are fueled.

Pay attention to the number and quality of comments. Answer 3 questions for yourself:

  • how and what they write under posts;
  • is there spam from other bloggers;
  • what is the tone of the comments.

Video views are the most honest parameter. You can use it to determine how many followers actually interact with your account.

You also need to consider what is the ratio of marketing publications to standard ones. Some trendsetters try to fit ad posts organically into their own feed, while others simply post them en masse. Avoid accounts packed with advertising posts.


Promotion of products and services through collaboration with influencers will allow you to increase your sales. For a guaranteed high-quality result, you need to take time to select the right influencers, as well as establish long-term cooperation with them.

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