Instagram 2019: changes and trends of a social year

Instagram 2019: changes and trends of a social year

Instagram’s 2019 was intense. There have been many news and just as many photos and viral trends that have traveled the world in a few seconds. With a record egg , the boom of AR filters and the goodbye to likes , this year Instagram has caused a lot of discussion.
It was the year of the football player Cristiano Ronaldo which ranked first as the most followed personal account , and National Geographic, the most followed brand on Instagram (after Instagram itself) with 128 million followers ! While Ariana Grande surpassed Selena Gomez in the ranking of the most followed women on Instagram.
A photo of a simple egg in a few minutes has been incredibly successful, becoming a viral and discussed image, becoming the most popular post ever.
Without forgetting the viral trends , the most popular hashtags and the filters that filled our feeds.

This is the beginning of …

a shift in popular culture. These news and trends show that Instagram, and what people want from the platform, is changing.
2019 saw a shift towards authentic and mindful content, with a whole host of new features to make Instagram Stories more instant and engaging.

The 2019 of Instagram

1: The egg wins first place

The World Record Egg took us by surprise in early January 2019.
Instagram 2019
This simple photo of a chicken egg has earned a whopping 28.3 million “ likes” in only 10 days , overshadowing the announcement of the birth of Kylie Jenner’s son.
Perhaps most interesting is that the account remained anonymous for nearly a month, with the countdown to a big reveal announced when the egg started cracking in Instagram posts.
So who is it? was behind the mystery egg?
On February 4, during the Superbowl commercial break, it was revealed that the egg was a promotion for, a website that highlighted a list of support organizations for the mental health from Mental Health America.
And as 2019 draws to a close, the World Record Egg still holds the title of the most popular post on Instagram.

2: # 10YearChallenge goes viral

Instagram challenges are popping up all the time, but very few reach the same level as # 10YearChallenge.
Il 2019 di Instagram: cambiamenti e trends di un anno social
In early 2019 Influencers and celebrities participated in this trend, sharing their their photo from 10 years ago alongside a more recent one.
The challenge generated over 4 million posts .

3: Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper inspire a meme trend

When Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper took the stage at the 91st Academy Awards to perform on “Shallow,” they probably didn’t know they were going to spark a viral trend with memes.
Within hours of the ceremony, hundreds of meme posts appeared on the Internet.
Il 2019 di Instagram: cambiamenti e trends di un anno social
Gaga and Cooper’s intimate performance was one of the best moments of 2019!

4: Instagram launches the shopping section

In 2019, Instagram has become a full-fledged e-commerce platform, rolling out a new “checkout” feature to allow people to buy products directly on Instagram!
Il 2019 di Instagram: cambiamenti e trends di un anno social
With over a billion of monthly active users and 2 million advertisers, it was only a matter of time before Instagram bridged the gap and introduced shopping to the platform.
But these are the basis for a refinement of the shopping section. which will happen in 2020!

5: Instagram unveils “Creator” account

In April of this year, Instagram caught everyone off guard when, at the annual conference, they unveiled a completely new profile, complete with new features!
2019 di Instagram
According to Instagram, the new account creator was created specifically to help content creators take greater control of their accounts through custom features .

6: Instagram publishes new stickers for stories

2019 was a great year for new engagement features on Instagram, including Quiz, Chat and Questions stickers.
These new interactive stickers are super effective tools to get more audience interactions on stories .
Il 2019 di Instagram: cambiamenti e trends di un anno social
Quiz sticker first launched in April, providing a new way to share fun multiple choice quizzes .
In July, Instagram released the Chat sticker, which is a great tool for starting real chats.
With the Chat sticker, you can choose who can join your chat (up to 32 people) and lead a conversation.
While the question sticker is a brilliant way to find out exactly what your audience wants to know, it can really help build a stronger connection between you and your online audience.
All of these stickers have a unique value for building communities and encouraging public participation. We can’t wait to see what new stickers are in store for 2020!

7: Goodbye to likes

In addition to making strides in ecommerce and audience engagement, Instagram has also taken some huge steps to safeguard the well-being of its users.
The most revolutionary of these steps was the decision to hide Likes on the platform in an effort to make Instagram a space more focused on connections, conversations and communities, especially for young people.
2019 Instagram: addio like
This is easily Instagram’s biggest news of 2019 and is met with mostly positive reactions, especially by celebrities.

8: Instagram AR filters go mainstream

In August of this year, Instagram allowed anyone to create and upload augmented reality (AR) filters that can be used with the Instagram Stories camera!
This was a bold move by Instagram, as it essentially opened the doors for designers, creatives and brands to share their AR filters.
In fact, Instagram had to create a new “Effects Gallery” just to handle the huge stream of filters available on the app.
Filtri AR: instagram 2019
And for good reason. Having a successful filter can be a super accelerator for growth on the platform, with creators like Holy Mariia gaining over a million followers in a matter of months thanks to their viral AR effects.
To share a filter, users they have to create it in Spark AR Studio (a Facebook-owned AR tool) and get final approval from Instagram.
But just because a filter is initially approved doesn’t mean it can’t be removed. Instagram recently banned a series of AR filters from the app that mimics cosmetic surgery, in light of concerns that could affect users.

9: Instagram reveals the “Create” mode in the stories

With over 500 million people using Instagram Stories every day, it’s no surprise that Instagram continues to unveil new and exciting features.
In October, Instagram launched an updated Instagram Stories camera, which included a brand new mode. “Create” that users could explore.
Instagram 2019
Packed with tools to increase engagement and a cool new GIF layout, Instagram’s authoring mode was a game changer for creating quick, interactive content , without having to procure new content.

10: Threads

To easily connect with close friends, Instagram decided to launch Threads.
Threads: Instagram 2019
A messaging application for close friends, practical to create a communication immediate, bypassing Direct.

11: IGTV series

This new feature allows you to place IGTVs in a separate category, with its own title and description. A kind of video podcast , in short.
Il 2019 di Instagram: cambiamenti e trends di un anno social0
With this new feature, Instagram wants to make the experience on the platform a little ‘like traditional TV.

12: Instagram challenges TikTok with Reels

To compete with TikTok, Instagram has introduced Reels, a new tool dedicated to editing short-length videos.
The function, currently being tested in Brazil, allows you to create 15-second videos using as background of famous songs.
For the social it is not an absolute novelty, since last year it had already launched in various markets of the musical stickers.
Il 2019 di Instagram: cambiamenti e trends di un anno social1
And that’s all! From viral trends to groundbreaking new features, 2019 was a big year for Instagram.

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