Instagram 2020 action limits: everything you need to know

Instagram 2020 action limits: everything you need to know

To protect the community , Instagram has established some rules relating to the various activities on the platform. Some of these can be found in the “Terms of use”. But there are some unwritten rules that many people don’t know about, related to Instagram action limits in 2020 .
Do you know that you can only follow a certain number of accounts per day? Or put a certain number of likes per day?
Surely you are wondering why these rules are made, but Instagram has its “good” reasons. And in this article we will explain them to you, so as to avoid the “ Action Block ” from Instagram.

Why does Instagram limit actions?

Think about it, there are over a billion monthly active users on Instagram. These users upload more than 500 million stories in a single day. That already seems like enough for a crowded community. Now imagine that everyone can do anything: unlimited likes, comments, follow / unfollows. It would turn the platform into chaos.
On the other hand, if every action was unlimited on Instagram, many businesses and individual users would have the opportunity to over-promote their account.
That’s why Instagram has set some rules on these actions without announcing them.

Unfortunately, there are no official statements on these limits. Instagram will not share this information with users. This does not mean that we are unable to estimate these figures.
By manually testing all the features of Instagram, you can make rough estimates of Instagram limits in 2020.
But these numbers are not standard, ie valid for everyone. Limits vary based on certain parameters.

When it comes to Likes and Follow / Unfollow activities, each user has their own limits. This number depends on some factors; here are some of the most important:

Activities of your account

The more active you are on Instagram, the more Instagram allows you to perform actions on the platform. So if you want to use more features you need to be more active on Instagram.

Age of Instagram account

If your account is more than three months old, it is considered an old account. The more “old” the account, the more actions you can take.

Number of followers

Those who have a higher number of followers are allowed to do more activities on Instagram.

Involvement of your account: engagement

Instagram engagement is a vital metric for estimating the number of actions you take on Instagram.
Engagement, the so-called engagement rate, depends on many things, but it can be summarized as these factors: likes, comments, shares and saves.
If you want to get a clearer picture of your engagement on Instagram, it’s a good idea to calculate this rate. You can simply calculate it using this formula:

Limiti azioni Instagram 2020


In 2020, the highest number of likes is 1000 per day. But as mentioned above it is not a standard number, valid for everyone. If you want to prevent Instagram from blocking your account, don’t put more than 700 likes per day .

Follow / Unfollow

You can follow or unfollow up to 200 accounts per day . For new Instagram users, this figure could be around 150 .
Also, remember to take actions that are as natural as possible. Don’t force your profile, so it’s best to follow or unfollow ten accounts per hour . The good news is that there is no limit to the number of followers
To avoid spam on Instagram, you should take gradual actions. Try to increase the numbers week by week. For example:

  • 50 follow / unfollow per day in week 1
  • 100 follow / unfollow per day on week 2
  • 150 follow / unfollow per day in week 3


As for the stories there seems to be no restrictions on the number of content to be posted.
To keep your account safe and avoid the Action Block , you must first know the 2020 Instagram action limits. This may apparently slow down your activities, but it will be a point in your favor to avoid the Action Block. Furthermore, you can always rely on professionals who can best help you in managing your actions on Instagram.

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