Instagram 2020: what content will be relevant?

Instagram 2020: what content will be relevant?

We decided to play fortune-tellers with the entire editorial staff. Any tools could be used: coffee grounds, tarot cards and fortune telling by the page number in the book. The main thing to achieve a result is to most accurately predict the current Instagram content in 2020. The options were very different, but in order to spare the psyche of our readers, we decided to leave only the most adequate and probable layouts. What happened?

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Focus on values ​​and lifestyle

Traditional sales in 2020 will lose even more positions. People no longer want to buy a product simply because it is beautiful, convenient, or delicious. There are a lot of such offers on the market and they have ceased to amaze.

More and more often it is not functionality that comes to the fore, but the idea.

Instagram’s young audience is interested in products and services that reflect their values ​​and attitudes towards life. Even the sales of practical Chinese cars are falling against the backdrop of this trend. Why are they, if there is car sharing? Less harm to the environment, no worries with insurance, no need to waste your time on repairs and dive into a topic that you are not interested in. Moreover, such services are implemented via smartphones – technologically and conveniently.

How to sell an idea, not a feature?

Think about what problem your product solves in a global sense. A compact powerbank is not needed to charge a smartphone, but to always stay in touch with loved ones and have access to information.

If your product is related to the environment – even better. It can be saving natural resources or green production. The eco-trend continues to gain momentum.

Share your values ​​ . Tell us about your attitude to the product: what do you think is important and useful. How you and your team see a product or service. It will be much more effective and interesting than the annoying “best price, fast delivery”


We will not get tired of talking about the effectiveness of videos. Video content continues to grow and already in 2019 took the first positions in all engagement indicators. This trend is not going anywhere in 2020 and will continue to gain momentum.

So what to shoot?

There are practically no frames. The main thing here is to show real life and tell a story in video format. You don’t need professional photography – a smartphone camera is enough. For example, you can remove:

  • Internal kitchen . Show your employees, say a few words about the workflow. Share your plans for the near future, make an interesting announcement
  • Behind the scenes . Show live how a new product is being created or planned. If you are in retail – show the order packing process
  • Simple video in stories . Instead of posting to the feed, record a short video – show the product, answer popular questions about it. Show the collection of the available patterns and colors.

If you want to make relevant content – make a video already .

Leave the traditional boring posts for the history museum.


Modern Instagram users have become less likely to post to their feed and more and more often to Stories. The feed has turned into a kind of “photo archive”, into which only the brightest and most significant moments are loaded. Real life is shown in stories.

The transience of Stories gives this format a unique value.

There you can show unsuccessful duplicates of your video messages, where you get lost in the text and confuse words, because imperfection only emphasizes your humanity. And this brings you closer to ordinary users.

Naturalness and sincerity are the most promising trends in social networks today and in the near future.

Stories are great for showing naturalness.

What to post to Stories? Any moments from your work and life:

  • Funny missteps . Share your own mistakes.
  • Interesting thoughts . You probably notice something from time to time and tell your friends about it? Do the same, just tell your followers in Stories. It doesn’t have to be directly related to your work activity.
  • Workflows . Packages, assemblies, dialogues with colleagues.
  • … and whatever your heart desires . Experiment, keep your camera close at hand more often. Stop being shy.

User generated content

The Internet is not what it was 15 years ago. Today, all the main advertising mechanisms have already been formed, so advertising surrounds users everywhere. And it is quite difficult to stand out among thousands of ads – similar ads in the “Best Price! Hurry up to buy! ” are already subconsciously ignored by users.

One way to avoid getting your ad being ignored is to use custom content.

User Content is perceived by people as more honest advertising. If your friend tells about a product or service, you will probably consider such a review more sincere information than ordinary ads from the feed.

How to create custom content?

Of course, ask the audience. The main thing is to plan motivation. It could be:

  • Regular Discount . 10% for a review on your profile is the easiest option.
  • Contests . A more interesting method due to the interactive. Submit a contest to create the most popular meme based on a photo. As you know, memes are great for engagement and there is always a chance the content will go viral 🙂 Use that.
  • Referral system . Offer bonuses for attracted customers using a unique link or promo code.
  • Brand hashtags . Be sure to create and regularly use your branded hashtag. Users can write reviews themselves on their own initiative.

Optional: comment, tag, and post user photos with your product. This will increase their motivation to tag you and write reviews.

Following these trends will help you grow your Instagram business in 2020. Remember that those who are not ready to change and develop will be eaten by competitors. Experiment, make content with pleasure and the result will not be long in coming. Successful promotion!

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