Instagram Abusers – an unbridled market

Instagram Abusers – an unbridled market

Here I am. It has been a while since I stopped writing about what is happening in the professional world of Instagram. But today I want to talk to you about a topic that is unknown to everyone, the market for Instagram abusers.

Italian situation

The tax evaders who work illegally in Italy are almost 1 million and the tax authorities lose about 12 billion euros a year to the detriment of the many companies who declare and work honestly.
Il Illegal work is concentrated in those who work at home or from home and among them are hairdressers, beauticians, former fired professionals who continue to work from their home or the home of their customers, illegal taxi drivers, but also electricians, plumbers, transporters , bricklayers and painters….
… ..and today we also add Pseudo Social Media Managers and Digital Agencies .
If for the world of jobs considered “classic”, it is partly simpler briefly estimate how many illegal immigrants are in Italy, in the modern market, that of industry 4.0, where everything is focused on digital projects, a whole series of professionals who pretend to be Pseudo digital professionals seem to escape the tax authorities and requesting payments with PayPal and BitCoin donations.

Collateral damage

In fact, one sector in which there is a growth in irregular sales of products / services is that of online. Among irregular, fraudulent or completely submerged activities, the black of online is in fact now a phenomenon beyond the alert levels, according to our estimates it generates a turnover of about 700 million euros per year .
These data not only harm honest businesses, but also often hide dangers for consumers strolling around the net .
Now it has become more dangerous than the road: in 2016 over 151 thousand frauds or computer scams were reported. Even on my personal Instagram profile I continually receive direct in which SMM services and digital strategies are offered to me by those I have defined as Instagram abusers.
gli abusivi di instagram

“Illegalism knows no crisis on the contrary, it continues to expand for every commercial channel, as shown by the fact that it is spreading its tentacles more and more also on the web, which has become the new frontier of the phenomenon ”, Analyzes Confesercenti. “A problem for companies, which find themselves forced to fight against the unfair competition of an increasingly fierce illegal, now able to move on a global scale thanks to new technologies, and also for consumers.

How to avoid facilitating “Instagram abusers”

Some time ago, I wrote you an article in which I explained how to understand which Instagram, SMM or Digital agency to choose in order to avoid unpleasant situations. Well, that article is still very valid so I advise you to take it into consideration.
Ok Pellegrino, but if they write to me and I’m about to buy how do I realize that I am not paying to an abusive? Simple, just ask the questions that are the basis of online sales, strictly indicated by our national law.

  1. Ask if they have a VAT number or make a receipt with withholding tax,
  2. Ask what payment methods they accept (PayPal, Stripe, wire transfer, Apple Pay or Google Pay)
  3. Avoid paying with PostePay top-ups or PayPal and bitcoin donations
  4. Check their website for compliance and do some Google searches .. He always has all the answers. (99% of those who work online have a website)
  5. Check their Instagram profile, see how long their first publication dates back to, understand if it is a ghost profile created ad hoc to sell a service / product

Mandatory rules for a showcase and e-commerce website

In analyzing who is or who are potential sellers of services or products, I strongly recommend that you check who their website is in accordance with the law. Just take a simple look and see if For example, the publication of mandatory data , i.e. all the data of the company (or sole proprietorship) that must be clearly visible and can be found by users, are present on the website. Usually you will find them at the end of the site (footer).
Moreover, if like me you are a healthy carrier of VAT, know that you must clearly indicate it already on the first page of the website (home). Finally, check if there are:

  1. Terms and Conditions
  2. Privacy Policy
  3. Cookie Policy

General conclusions

In short, as you understand, in this article I wanted to underline and protect all those who work honestly every day and declare their turnover .. Certainly this article will not change the stale air in our country. , but the intent is to give voice to a topic that is too often underestimated.
The fact remains that you will always be free to choose whether to pay your “abusive” social media manager , however know that if you have VAT, at first you will think about saving but over time you will understand that perhaps that invoice accompanying the payment would have been really useful.
If you also receive direct requests like mine, let me know in the comments 😉
Until next time?
Peace & Love
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