Instagram: Account and Profile Management Strategy

Instagram: Account and Profile Management Strategy

How to increase Instagram followers? What should be done in order for the account and posts to reach large organic ranges? In the following post I will try to give you some advice. Regardless of whether you run a brand account, yours or your blog, you should find something for yourself. You will learn, among other things, how to use hashtags, how often to post content and what your photos should look like. Also, remember that Instagram is the main medium for influencers and celebrities.

An introduction. Instagram is currently one of the fastest growing social media, next to TikTok. Its visual form of communication is very attractive not only to young users. Below are some statistics to confirm the above sentence:

  • Number of Instagram users : 1 billion
  • Number of daily Instagram users : over 500 million
  • Every third Instagram user is millenials
  • Number of Instagram Stories users : 500 million
  • Time spent on Instagram: for people under 25, it is an average of 32 minutes a day
  • Over 25 million companies have Instagram accounts, of which over 2 million buy ads
  • Number of Instagram users in Poland : 7 million (2019-10, NapoleonCat)


What is the foundation of a good Instagram strategy (if you are not a famous person)

Famous people don’t need Instagram strategy. If you are a TV star or a well-known YouTuber, all you need to do is find yourself and encourage you to follow your profile whenever possible. Your fans will love you for the fact that you cover your private and professional life, give them something extra than yourself. If you belong to this group, don’t skip this paragraph anyway. Take a moment to spend with it and you will probably find something to help you engage your community better. This, in turn, will translate into more attractive business offers 😉

Consistency should be the foundation of your strategy. It manifests itself in two aspects: theme and style.

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Instagram and post topic

Marketing enters the “era of niche”. This means that promotional or advertising messages are created for very specific groups of consumers, chosen not because of demographic characteristics (age, sex, place of residence), but because of their interests (fitness, automotive, music, etc.). What’s more, in the automotive industry itself, for example, groups of fans of specific car brands are separated, people who race, drift or modify their vehicles themselves.

Your first and perhaps the most important decision is to choose a niche where you feel good and know that you can offer interesting content. Give up your dreams of becoming an Instagrammer with a million followers right away. Ba! Do not even think about exceeding 100,000 people, or you will hurt yourself a lot (I will explain it in the next paragraphs). However small the niche you are in, you shouldn’t choose a topic just because “something is more popular”. Over time, you will discover that there are surprisingly many people similar to you in terms of interests. You will make interesting acquaintances and build a turbo engaged group around your person and profile. In the “era of niche” this will translate into commercial cooperation.

Are you interested in healthy eating and cars and want to keep an account about these two? Error! Remember that people who come to your profile because they are fans of healthy eating may not be interested in motoring (and vice versa). They get annoyed very quickly with content that doesn’t get them engaged. This will lead to two negative things that you don’t want: a decline in your organic post’s reach and a loss of followers. Therefore, you have to decide either on one thematic category or maintain two accounts.

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Instagram post style

One of the most common mistakes is to post photos of very different styles. Why? Suppose someone came to your profile and is viewing all your photos. Based on what impression they make on him, he will make a decision whether to follow the account. We currently choose the accounts we follow very carefully. We want to know what content we can expect in the future. So if you post items related to different topics (see point above) or in different styles, your followers base will not grow very dynamically.

What does it mean to post photos in “the same style”? First of all, you need to control what your profile looks like. It must be clear that you have an idea for it and that you are scrupulously implementing it. There are several aspects to this:

  • using only selected filters: preferably one or two. Don’t mix high color photos with black and white photos
  • find your lead colors. Your profile shouldn’t be a cacophony of colors. Instead, think about one that will be in every photo of yours
  • include photo series. If you are a landscape photographer and you were in the mountains and at the seaside during your summer vacation, do not take turns posting your photos – from the mountains to the sea. Such a cycle is best composed of 6, 9 or 12 photos

Very interesting (and good!) Dominika runs her profile , who deals with tattoos on a daily basis . He skillfully arranges the photos, keeps them in one style.
I encourage you to watch!

Instagram ułożony feed

When it comes to Polish celebrities, it does a pretty good job of consistency Ania Wendzikowska’s profile . You can see with the naked eye that she chose the dominant tone / filter in most of the photos.

Since the foundations are ready, it’s time to build a great and engaging account on them. Accounts that will not only bring you joy, satisfaction or new acquaintances, but also income resulting from cooperation with brands. For this to happen, you need to know what content to publish, when, how to label it and how to increase their organic reach.

A good photo on Instagram, that is…

There is no clear answer. Everyone has to find their own way and style. I’m just going to give you some tips that can help.
The basics of photography are what you should consider at the very beginning. It’s not about being a professional photographer. However, framing and setting the light are skills that are essential. Think about a photography course, or at least watch a few hours of tutorials and tutorials about YouTube photography. First, check what the rule of thirds composition is 😉

What should be in the photo? It turns out the face! According to a study conducted on a million Instagram photos, face photos generate 38 percent. more likes and 32 percent more comments than pictures without a face. Interestingly, the age and gender of the people in the photo or their number does not matter.

What other elements of the photo or composition trigger greater involvement in the form of likes?

  • bright photos receive 24 percent. more likes than dark photos
  • photos with one dominant color generate 17 percent. more likes
  • the dominant blue color in the photo on Instagram generates 24 percent. more likes than photos with dominant red
  • photos with low color saturation receive 18% more likes

What hashtags should I use?

According to the latest data that I have managed to reach, over 150 million Instagram users actively use the “explore” tab, i.e. actively searches for content on Instagram. In addition to accounts, we can also observe hashtags that interest us. Therefore, their skilful use allows you to reach new audiences and build your followers group.

Below I have posted a link where I have written out various tactics of using hashtags on Instagram. The most important points are:

  • according to research, the optimal number of hashtags per post is between 9 and 11
  • do not use the same set of hashtags over and over again
  • watch what hashtags your competition uses
  • before you use a hashtag, check what’s under it

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How do I increase my organic reach on Instagram posts?

The first minutes after publishing your post are most important. The more interactions that appear under the post during this time, the greater the organic reach. We will achieve this effect with interesting and nice content (as always) and appropriately selected hashtags. I have covered both above. What else can we do?

One of the more interesting tactics is adding a gallery with two or more photos. If the first photo does not trigger an interaction, Instagram displays another photo from the same gallery to the same user. Thus, there is a new opportunity to engage recipients. It is important what photos will be in the gallery. In my opinion, they should not be completely different (then you can make two separate posts), but they should not be confusingly similar. Some girls from the fashion and fashion categories post a few photos in the gallery (you can also add a video!) From the same photo sessions. What should be in such photos in the gallery?

  • photo of the whole stylization
  • photo of the same styling in a different pose and different framing (e.g. American frame)
  • close-ups for accessories or accessories such as jewelry, a hat or a handbag

Very it is important to add a location. Thanks to this, the Instagram algorithm will start showing our post to people who are physically closest to the marked place at the moment. Of course, many celebrities avoid it for obvious reasons or post a photo with the location once they are away to a safe distance.

Even though Instagram is a medium that is watched and not read, it is worth asking followers questions. It’s best to start your post description from there. In my experience, asking even the simplest question that triggers a discussion can make your post viral and increase reach.

Track current, trending and recurring hashtags like #fridayfollow or #thursdaythrowback. Join the action when you have something interesting to share or show. Thanks to this, you have a chance to reach a new group of website users.

The time of publication is also important. There is a lot of research on when it is best to post on Instagram (you can find it in the link below). I encourage you to experiment. Especially when your account becomes more international and your content starts to attract people from different time zones.

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Don’t forget Instagram Stories

This is a very important part of Instagram activities. Thanks to it, users have the impression of a more intimate contact with the brand or celebrity. You can send stories to all your followers, as well as to selected ones (by default, you have a group of “close friends” created on your account). You can also create audiences. Use it to create unique content for the most active, loyal fans who will become your ambassadors.

What ranges do Instagram Stories have? From my observations of different accounts, it can be up to 20-50 percent of the number of followers. Of course, assuming that your followers are not bought or come from “follow for follow” actions.

In Stories, show places and events that are not available to consumers. It could be your restaurant’s kitchen, a fashion show backstage, or a design office.

Here are some quick Instagram Stories tips:

  • Also, try not to spam stories. Remember that quality is more important than quantity
  • Don’t post 5 stories in 2 minutes – try to spread them out over a longer period of time throughout the day
  • add hashtags and locations
  • track statistics and draw conclusions. Find out which stories had the most exits and transitions.

  • Also check the list of people who are watching you and spot the people who do it the most. Build relationships with them!

More on this topic at the following link:

How to make interesting InstaStories?


A popular proverb says that “a shoemaker walks without shoes.” My own profile is definitely not a model example of well-kept Instagram accounts. The reason for this is quite simple – lack of time. It may seem different, but actions on Instagram are very time-consuming. Keeping an account is not only going to a cafe and taking a photo of the cheesecake or a selfie against the background of the Palace of Culture. It’s a part-time job that requires a lot of research, inspiration and self-criticism. You have to be strict with yourself, you have to be systematic and consistent. Only then will you be successful.

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