Instagram ads: 7 scary targeting myths

Instagram ads: 7 scary targeting myths
реклама в Instagram

According to Backlinko, about 500 million daily active users access Instagram around the world. Advertisers all over the planet are trying to grab their audience slice from this huge marketing pie. But the Facebook ad cabinet seems to many to be something complicated and incomprehensible. Let’s walk through the scariest Instagram advertising myths.

Myth 1: Targeted Instagram ads are only suitable for big budgets

Instagram depends on various factors – the audience, niche, page quality, etc.

It would be a mistake to think that the results from advertising on Instagram will depend solely on the amount you invest in promotion. First of all, the results depend on how well you prepared for the launch of the advertising campaign.

Let’s say you want to get orders and sales from Insta. In this case, you need to choose the correct promotion goal. And in your case, it would be a mistake to expect customers or buyers by choosing the goal of “recognition”. It would be wiser to focus your attention on “leads” or “conversions”.

реклама в instagram

Or imagine that you direct your limited budget to an audience that you haven’t segmented. In this case, you run the risk of showing your paid ad to someone who will not be interested in it.

In addition, the cost of the targeted action increases if the page is of poor quality and the content is not posted regularly.

Take a look at our cases and you will see that sometimes you don’t need large budgets in order for Instagram advertising to yield results. For example, this is the promotion of an interior design studio. The client spent the budget – 28,031 rubles. and received its first sale for 162,000 rubles.

Myth 2: it is not easy to contact Facebook technical support and it is impossible to unblock an advertising account

In our practice, there have been cases when advertising accounts were blocked. And the technical support of Facebook always answered our requests. In some cases, of course, it was necessary to wait more than a week, but this happened rarely. We received explanations from the social network staff about the reason for the ban without any problems.

Of course, it is not always possible to unblock the ad account. There have been situations in our practice when the social network did not meet us halfway. However, in most cases, misunderstandings were resolved quickly and without problems.

We have a detailed article on what to do in case of blocking. You can read it here. There is information on how to contact the support of the social network, and tips on how to avoid trouble with Fb.

Myth 3: You need to make new creatives often

You need to change creatives. In the event that they do not work.

For example, an advertising campaign gives consistently good results. Why then change your ad? Waste of resources.

Of course, if the cost of a targeted action suddenly rises, the number of clicks becomes less, then you need to try testing a new creative. Therefore, it is worth analyzing the statistics and adjusting something based on the indicators.

Myth 4. It is very difficult to find a target audience on Instagram

Advertising on Instagram is so good that you can search for users who can become potential buyers or clients. But in order to find, you need to have a clear idea of ​​who you are looking for. You need to formulate theories about what kind of things your target audience likes and what they need.

By the way, we recommend that you create a mind map to study your target audience. Read how to do this in our article – here.

Having defined the interests of your audience, with its pains and needs, you can make hypotheses and thus search for users who will become your consumers.

реклама в instagram

Myth 5: No sales – bad targeting is to blame

It happens like this that sales either do not grow at all, or suddenly begin to plummet. If this happens, don’t rush to blame the target right away.

Targeted ads on Instagram can be fine-tuned, but sales can stall. For example, you have a website. Social networks give good conversions to it. But what happens to a user who lands on your landing page is no longer in the jurisdiction of the targeting analyst. Slow site speed, inconvenient navigation, slowing down the form for collecting applications – all can affect the user’s decision not to contact your company.

There are sections in the sales funnel that the targeting analyst cannot influence. And it’s not his fault. A clumsy site or a sluggish sales department, for example, have nothing to do with social networks.

реклама в instagram

Myth 6 : Click-through rate is the most important metric for Instagram ad performance

A good click-through rate, or CTR, of an ad is an indicator that an ad is reaching its target audience. Both the creativity is good and the offer is interesting. But, nevertheless, the main thing in targeted advertising is to get targeted action from users at the lowest possible price. Of course, keeping track of CTR is important, and if it falls, then this is a wake-up call. He says that things are going badly and the announcement does not catch the target audience. But still, first of all, you need to look at the conversion to a subscription, application, sale.

Myth 7: Targeted advertising on Instagram is hard to set up

Targeted advertising on Instagram is an accessible and understandable tool for many. It’s not too difficult to customize. But analyzing indicators, testing new offers, creatives and audiences is a rather laborious process. Therefore, there are targeting specialists who do this professionally and make real results for the business. Do not believe me – look at our cases. It explains in detail, step by step, how we set up targeted advertising on Instagram for our clients.

If you want us to start promoting your business – contact us. Our managers will answer all your questions.

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