Instagram advertising exchange – how it works, features, popular services

Instagram advertising exchange – how it works, features, popular services

Instagram has a huge marketing potential, but it should be borne in mind that it is primarily a social network. This means that it uses alternative advertising channels to promote commercial brands. These include opinion leaders and thematic communities. The Instagram exchange is designed to help connect advertisers and advertising channel owners and make their work easier.

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What is an instagram exchange?

It is quite difficult to find pages for advertising on Instagram on your own. For a long time, in the absence of alternative options, advertisers had to look for suitable bloggers for a long time, communicate with them directly and negotiate cooperation, discussing every detail. And the opinion leaders were not sweet. The owners of popular pages could only hope for rare offers of cooperation.

Instagram exchanges have become the answer to market requests – Internet resources that facilitate the search for advertising channels or customers. This is a kind of a deal broker who has collected an extensive base of bloggers and developed the most comfortable and safe conditions for cooperation.

Advantages and disadvantages of the exchange

Exchanges have become real assistants for marketers and SMM managers, and also made it easier for bloggers to monetize their account. The main advantages of cooperation through the exchange are a significant simplification of the search for channels to promote goods and services.

Working with the exchange gives the advertiser the following advantages:

  • Easy search and time saving. There are already people ready for cooperation on the exchange and detailed information about the conditions. You don’t need to look for anyone, write off, negotiate terms and wait a long time for an answer.
  • Target audience. By ordering ads through the exchange, an advertiser can easily select an account with his target audience.
  • Suitable value. It is much easier to find an advertisement offer through the exchange, which is completely suitable in terms of value in relation to the number of subscribers.
  • Testimonials. Most exchanges have a hierarchy of user statuses and ratings, and also allow you to add feedback about your collaboration experience. With this data, it is much easier to find a good blogger, whose audience really trusts his opinion, and, accordingly, advertising will be effective.

There are also disadvantages:

  • almost none of the exchanges provide guarantees of compliance with the terms of the agreement and do not control the statistics of performers.
    You will have to independently check bloggers for cheating in order to ensure the most effective cooperation. For example, you can do this in trendHERO, an opinion leader checking service.
  • far not all bloggers have chosen the path of cooperation through exchanges.
    Many people still work directly, so there is a possibility that the advertiser may miss out on more beneficial cooperation.

How the Instagram blogger exchange works

Instagram exchanges solve the problem of finding bloggers, facilitate the process of discussing the terms of cooperation and justifying the price. Exchanges work very simply:

  • Bloggers who are willing to cooperate and meet the minimum platform requirements post their accounts and terms of cooperation in the directory.
  • Advertisers track offers and choose the best for themselves.

Some exchanges allow users to take additional initiative. For example, an advertiser can place an order for advertising, specifying the terms of cooperation and wait for a response from bloggers, and then select suitable conditions, or bloggers can write to advertisers or in other ways offer cooperation.

In many cases, an ad exchange takes responsibility for verifying advertisers’ accounts and adhering to the terms of the deal. For example, on some sites, the exchange blocks funds on the internal account and only after the advertisement is placed, transfers the money to the performer.

Naturally, exchanges charge certain fees for their services. The cost of exchange services varies within 10-30% of the transaction value. The principle of their earnings is based on this.

Popular Instagram ad exchanges

Today, there are already about a hundred advertising exchanges that specialize exclusively in organizing collaboration on Instagram. All of them have their own advantages and disadvantages, differ in conditions, safety and convenience. Let’s consider the best offers on the market.


Epic Stars главная страница

Epicstars is perhaps the most popular exchange in Runet, with which more than 1000 advertisers already cooperate, and the blogger directory contains more than 40 thousand accounts. Such well-known brands as Asos, World of Tanks, Ozon, Alfa-Bank, CarPrice and others order advertising through this exchange.

The platform has a convenient mobile application for Android and iOS, which can simplify the work for those who are constantly on the move. There is a convenient system for sorting users by rating, number of positive reviews, subscribers, etc. The customer can directly contact the blogger and discuss the details of cooperation.

The exchange charges a 10% commission for its services. Payment is withheld from the blogger’s reward for a successfully completed transaction. There are no commissions for advertisers.

  • Pros: Extensive blogger directory and no commissions for advertisers.
  • Cons: The exchange does not regulate the time at which ads are placed, so most bloggers delete the post after 24-48 hours.


Plibber биржа главная страница

Plibber is another top Instagram blogger exchange from CIS countries, which has been successfully operating since 2012. One of the main advantages of this platform is strict moderation. All advertising sites presented in the catalog have passed a strict selection, so advertisers can be sure that they are ordering really high-quality advertising.

Perhaps for this reason, the directory of bloggers and communities is slightly smaller than that of the previous exchange. It contains about 35,000 pages.

  • Pros: modern nice interface and responsive technical support.
  • Cons: no filtering by geo data, but unfortunately this is a problem for most exchanges.


Биржа Label UP главная страница

LabelUP is a relatively young exchange launched in 2016. The exchange operates on a tariff system and is mainly suitable for advertisers with a large budget. The thing is that the minimum cost of a post on the site is 740 rubles, so if your advertising budget is small or microinfluencers with lower tariffs are suitable for you, then it will be more profitable to look at other platforms.

At the same time, the exchange fully meets the expectations of customers and, together with bloggers, creates truly high-quality and unique content that can not only promote your product, but also make the public fall in love with it.

  • Pros: The exchange helps create quality ads.
  • Cons: the cost of services is not suitable for advertising campaigns with a small budget.


1.10.100 главная страница

Exchange 1.10.100 was launched in 2014. The mechanism of its operation is very unusual, because the exchange itself calculates how much you need to pay for showing ads, based on the statistics of the profile where you plan to “rent air”. This is quite convenient, but at the same time, sometimes bloggers themselves can offer a price significantly lower than the system sets.

According to official statistics, the stock exchange catalog contains over 10,000 users, whose total audience reach exceeds 100 million users. Good enough metrics to build a good advertising campaign.

  • Pros: it is possible to select bloggers by parameters up to interests and cities.
  • Cons: the minimum top-up amount is 10,000 rubles.


Биржа Deal Way главная страница

DealWay exchange started working in 2015. The resource is popular, also due to the fact that it was bought by the top exchange EpicStars. Cooperating with the exchange, advertisers can count on a guarantee of fulfillment of obligations and detailed statistics of impressions, and for a fee, service specialists will also help to develop an effective advertising project.

  • Pros: the exchange blocks funds until the parties to the transaction fulfill their obligations.
  • Cons: weak search filter and not enough bloggers.


Sociate биржа главная

Sociate Exchange has been operating since 2012 and provides easy ad ordering with a guarantee of placement without direct contact with bloggers and community owners. It is impossible not to emphasize the huge selection of advertising platforms – there are more than 85 thousand of them on the service.

  • Pros: Convenient targeting tools.
  • Cons: there is a minimum entry threshold for bloggers.


Storiesgain главная

Storiesgain – this platform is designed specifically for ordering ads in Instagram Stories. To date, about 39 thousand active bloggers are registered on the platform. The system provides a convenient system of filters for searching and for each blogger you can see detailed statistics.

  • Pros: extensive blogger base and user-friendly interface.
  • Cons: specializes only in advertising in Stories.


Instach главная страница

Recently, the Instach exchange has begun to lose momentum due to high competition, but bloggers with a total audience reach of more than 150 million people still offer ads on it. This platform can provide advertisers with an accurate target for the geography and interests of the future audience, as well as detailed statistics of coverage and engagement, which is the key to effective advertising.

  • Pros: the service focuses exclusively on advertising on Instagram.
  • Cons: it is not known what will happen to the platform next, because it is currently up for sale.


Socialjet главная страница

Socialjet is an old-timer of the market, which has been operating since 2012. Previously, this platform was the most popular, but today it is clearly in the shadow of its competitors. For its services, the service takes as much as 20% commission, but this is a little more than just an exchange, because in addition to ordering advertising, it also provides automation of advertising campaigns.

  • Pros: the service offers ad automation services.
  • Cons: obvious problems with the site interface.

Tips and tricks

As you can see, there are many different exchanges that can make it easier to order ads on Instagram. Some of them are better suited for emerging brands, while others are focused mainly on large advertising companies and cooperation with famous bloggers.

One way or another, you should definitely remember that the Instagram exchange is only a platform for conveniently searching for advertising channels. The effectiveness of advertising depends not only on the parameters of the advertising exchange, but also on how correctly you selected a blogger in the directory and how his followers correspond to your target audience.

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