Instagram analytics: 12 metrics and 6 special services

Instagram analytics: 12 metrics and 6 special services
аналитика инстаграм

To know what will resonate with your audience and what ads are delivering real results, you need to track indicators and metrics. This is why Instagram analytics is so important to your business.

Instagram analytics: what needs to be analyzed

Let’s figure out what exactly needs to be monitored in the profile.


Reach tells how many people have seen your post. 100 people saw the publication – coverage is 100. Has the indicator dropped? Then things are going badly. If it grows, everything is fine, you are moving in the right direction.

You can analyze the reach of not only a single post, but also the reach of the profile as a whole. The dynamics are tracked in the business profile statistics.

аналитика Инстаграм

Reach is organic, i.e. free as well as adware. The latter is easy to keep an eye on in your Facebook ad account.

First of all, you can increase your reach:

  • an effective content strategy;
  • regular posting to the feed and stories;
  • hashtags and geotags;
  • video.

An article with helpful tips for increasing reach can be read here.


Unfollowing is the number of people who have unsubscribed about you. Instagram analytics requires you to monitor this metric carefully. Otherwise, firstly, you can miss the critical moment when the reputation has failed. And secondly, without analyzing unsubscriptions, you may not understand what caused the reputation losses.

An increase in the number of unsubscribed from your profile can be affected not only by a general deterioration in the quality of the content, but also by one specific post. For example, a controversial topic that has caused a lot of hate.

аналитика Инстаграм

Audience growth rate

This metric helps you understand how quickly your account is developing. The growth rate of the audience can depend, for example, on the quality of the content, and on how regularly you post publications and stories.

To prevent Instagram analytics from slipping in this direction, we recommend measuring the indicator regularly. You can use a simple formula for this:

аналитика Инстаграм


This is a kind of activity audience, which first of all shows how useful your posts are to users. Keeping to themselves “for convenience” can be relevant and suitable posts that fit the needs of the target audience. For example, it can be checklists, instructions, collections, tops – in short, useful content.

аналитика Инстаграм

Negative reactions

If Instagram analytics shows that you have a sharp increase in the number of negative reactions – cover-ups and complaints, this suggests that it is time to change the content strategy.

This indicator can also grow if you are targeting the wrong audience. For example, a meat store should not be showing its ad to vegans.

Check how the tone of communication with the audience suits your target audience. Learn more about how to communicate with subscribers correctly in our article.


For brands that value consumer content, such as beauty or style and fashion, you need to track the number of mentions. If there are fewer of them, then you should more motivate customers to give feedback on your product or think about the time to launch contests and other activations.

Interacting with Instagram Stories

Instagram analytics would be incomplete without exploring interaction with stories. According to, 70% of Insta users view stories every day. Therefore, it is important to track the effectiveness of disappearing content.

Conversion rate

An extremely important metric for any business is the conversion rate, in other words, the ratio of targeted actions to actions that preceded them.

For example, this month you got 300 subscribers to your account. 10 of them made a purchase in their profile. This means that the conversion rate from subscription to sale is 3.3%. It is not difficult to calculate: 10/300 * 100% = 3.3%.

Ratio can depend on various factors, including niche, ad quality, or profile packaging quality.

Read more about conversion on our website here.


Engagement rate or ER – engagement index. In Instagram analytics, this indicator is needed in order to track audience activity. The more ER, the better. Likes, comments, saves, reposts – in the end, all this is used to analyze how your progress is progressing. Calculation formula:

аналитика Инстаграм


CTR (click-through rate) , or more simply, click-through rate is important primarily for advertising on Instagram. Metric refers to the ratio of clicks to ad impressions. That is, if your ad has 500 impressions and people clicked on it 100 times, then the click-through rate will be 20%.

аналитика Инстаграм

CTR can be influenced by various factors, including:

  • offer (uninteresting to the target audience offers do not increase clicks);
  • text;
  • visual.


CPC, or cost per click on a link, is also an important metric for an Instagram target. It is necessary to analyze the CPC to understand the effectiveness of advertising. Calculated by the formula:

аналитика Инстаграм

But even if you don’t set up targeted ads on Instagram, you still need to calculate CPC. Pay for profile management, packaging, pictures? Great, then divide the money spent on salaries for specialists by the number of clicks. This will give you data on this indicator.


Cost per Lead or CPL is the cost per lead. Analytics on Instagram are needed to assess the effectiveness of promotion. Lead generation is an important part of a marketing strategy. Therefore, this indicator must be monitored regularly.

аналитика Инстаграм

Leads are getting more expensive? The reasons for this may be different, for example:

  • bad offer;
  • poor ad design;
  • call to action inappropriate for your goals;
  • Slow response of the sales department.

So analyze, understand the reasons for the drop in indicators and correct the situation for the better.

Top 6 Facebook and Instagram lead generation tips you can read on our website here.

Instagram analytics: useful services

If you are promoting, then Instagram analytics will take less time when you use one of the useful services to study indicators.


This service allows you to analyze several social networks at once, view the top publications, and evaluate the effectiveness of hashtags. Charts are available for download in several formats. You can also view competitor statistics. There is a trial period that allows you to see the data of 1 user of 1 social network for 7 days. There are 10 trial downloads and uploads of reports to XLSX.

Issue price: 399 rubles per month, quarter – 999 rubles.

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A convenient service that allows you to analyze both your own content and and competitors’ content. With its help, you can download different tables to study the indicators of your profile. Top posts, ER, audience and other metrics can be downloaded and viewed in PDF. On one dashboard, you can explore several social networks, so if you use different channels, this service will be useful.

Price of the issue: bloggers and freelancers can be paid 400 rubles. per month. Small teams pay more – 1,600 rubles per month. Big SMM agencies and big brands will have to fork out 7,920 rubles a month.

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Feedspy is a simple and straightforward service that allows you to study Instagram analytics. It does a good job of analyzing the activity of both your profile and competitors’ accounts.

Issue price: free – 5 downloads and 1 social network. For 299 rubles per month, you can analyze an unlimited number of downloads in one social network.

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With Picalytics you can view over 30 indicators and metrics in profile. There are desktop and mobile versions. This service is convenient for researching the profile audience – gender, age, geography, number of bots. You can also find out about new subscribers and those who left you.

Issue price: up to 5000 subscribers – $ 8 per month. If your profile has up to 5,000,000 followers, then you will need to pay $ 59 monthly.

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The service allows you to understand your audience in detail and find out the statistics of competitors … Also, it can be used to block bots that are not needed by the profile, since they cannot be an active part of the target audience.

With this service you can view statistics on subscribers, find out the number of posts and the most successful publications.

Price of the question: the analysis will cost you 199 rubles per check.

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The service allows you to study Instagram statistics on your profile and analyze the effectiveness account maintenance. In addition, this tool provides the ability to plan and publish content on Insta, choosing the best time to post.

Price issue: for small businesses and professional marketers $ 49 per month. For marketing campaigns – $ 79. For large teams – $ 139

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That’s it. Instagram analytics requires close attention and regular analysis. If you want us to start promoting your brand on social networks, then contact us. Managers will answer your questions.

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