Instagram audience: how to analyze and find the right people

Instagram audience: how to analyze and find the right people

Audience analysis on Instagram is necessary for those who plan to monetize their profile. Subscribers’ interests, age, gender and behavioral patterns – the unique service trendHERO will help you figure it out.

A preliminary analysis of the target audience will allow you to minimize costs and use only effective promotion methods, without splitting yourself on dummy bloggers. Today we will figure out how to properly interact with the platform, as well as demonstrate some illustrative examples.

Instagram audience and its features

Instagram is one of the most famous social networks, which is used by approximately 1 billion people every month. The app is ranked # 2 among the most downloaded freeware in the AppStore, and on Google, “instagram” is ranked tenth in popularity.


The numbers are really impressive, so we suggest moving on to more detailed statistics:

  • In May 2020, the monthly reach of users from Russia exceeded 59.4 million.
  • On average, followers hang out on Instagram 26 minutes a day.


    • Social networks are mostly women (59% of the total).
    • Users with an average (39.3%) and above average (32%) income level prevail.
    • Age range is 25-34 years old.


  • 84% of users use mobile devices.
  • According to statistics, about 63% of users visit Instagram at least once a day, and more than 40% can access the application several times a day.
  • 500 million Instagram users watch Stories every day.
  • About 14% of surveyed adult users visit Instagram not only for entertainment content, but also in order to find out useful news.
  • Approximately 200 million followers visit at least one business profile daily.

Why study the audience

Target audience (TA) is a group of people targeted by advertising messages. They are interested in receiving specific services (goods or information), which means they have value for the advertiser.

Simply put, target audiences are all those whose needs are met by your product.

Today there are such types of target audience :

  • Main and indirect. The main audience initiates the purchase, taking responsibility for making the decision. It is for this reason that it is a priority. For example, the main audience for soft toys is children, and an indirect audience is their mothers, who pay for the purchase.
  • Wide and narrow. Everything is clear here: coffee lovers – a wide audience, pumpkin latte lovers – narrow.
  • Audience by type of target group . Target audience in the field of business (B2B) and in the field of individual consumption (B2C).
  • Audience by purpose of visiting the site . There are two main purposes – buying and getting information. The first group visits the site for the subsequent purchase of goods, the second – in order to get acquainted with the content.


Based on the client’s portrait, you can:

    • compose the most customer-focused marketing campaigns (advertising, page content, commercial offers). Often, the same product needs to be positioned differently for several categories of consumers;
    • formulate an effective offer (find out the client’s problem and offer a competent solution);
    • think about exactly what benefits the client can get from the purchase of your product or service (USP);

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  • identify triggers that can influence customer choice;
  • cut out inappropriate promotion channels and focus on the most effective ones.

Where to find the target audience for your brand or product

So, where – after analyzing competitors, market, niche and drawing up a portrait of the target audience – to look for clients on Instagram:

  • Competitors. Direct competitors have a hot target audience. You just need to think about a unique selling proposition and create a competitive advantage. The rest is a matter of skill. You can do mass following, or you can set up a target.
  • Advertising among media personalities. Well-promoted brands (for long-term collaborations) will come in handy. For example, Vasily from Samara, who sells tires, of course, can buy advertising from a celebrity, throwing away the last money, but it is unlikely to expect decent results.
  • Bloggers. A powerful tool to influence the minds of users. It seems that there are no such segments left in which your target audience would not follow influencers. Bloggers themselves follow bloggers, and that says a lot! Before ordering an advertisement from a regular Instagram hangout, carefully analyze its content. If you sell cakes, you can hardly count on the grace of a phyto girl.
  • Targeted advertising. The main advantage of targeting is the ability to narrow down your search criteria and show the message only to interested users. You can find followers by location, interest, gender, occupation, significant other, and more.
  • Giv sponsorship. Can generate up to 50,000 subscribers. Serious artillery, isn’t it? True, do not flatter yourself, because about 90% of followers will unsubscribe soon, and you will have to constantly compensate for large churns by participating in new gives.
  • Hashtags. These are keywords that you can even subscribe to now. By the way, with the help of hashtags, you can easily find out the prices of competitors and track the demand for a product / service. The train of just beautiful photos is long gone, now it’s time to spice up the aesthetics with deep meaning and message.
  • Related Publics. Everything is simple here: mothers read about the difficulties of sleepless nights, travelers hang out on pages about tourism, and students cram formulas using bright pictures in groups about the exam. Do you understand where we are heading? Look for audiences in thematic communities.

And remember – the main thing is not to find an audience, but to interest it. Don’t overwhelm poor customers with tedious advertisements offering to buy something. Build trust first before focusing on sales.


How to view audience information

Statistics is an indispensable thing for those who want to learn more about their audience. Attendance, user demographics, engagement and so on – all the data can be viewed either using the standard Instagram metric or using the trendHERO service.

We will tell you more about each of the methods.

Official Instagram app

To view statistics, you need to link your profile to your Facebook page and connect your business account. After that, a new section will appear in the main menu – “Statistics”.

By clicking on it, you will receive basic information about the audience:

  • Most active periods are the times when your followers use the social network the most.
  • Gender is a graph showing the percentage of men and women.
  • Top Locations is a graph showing which cities and countries the vast majority of followers live in.
  • Age – division of subscribers by age category.


TrendHERO Tools

Instagram provides only standard statistics, which is unlikely to help to compose a complete portrait of the target audience, so we recommend using the trendHERO service. The main plus of the application is the ability to analyze not only your profile, but also the accounts of competitors.

Here you can get statistics about :

  • followers’ interests;
  • their gender and age;
  • audience growth;
  • the presence of cheats, bots and suspicious profiles;
  • subscriber demographics.

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TrendHERO also provides detailed data on likes and comments. This will help you understand what content users like and what makes them bored.

What’s trendHERO showing?

Want to know who is following your profile? Then go to the Audience Analysis section.

Audience reach

Audience reach is the percentage of accounts that follow fewer than 1,500 profiles. The higher the percentage, the better.

Followers who follow a large number of pages have an overloaded feed, which means they are unlikely to see your post.

Audience authenticity

Shows the percentage of the audience that trendHERO identifies as personal or business profiles that add value to advertisers.

The true audience does not include mass followers, suspicious accounts, and influencers.

Quality audience

High-quality audience – real and commercial accounts, as well as influencers. This list does not include suspicious profiles and mass followers.

Why divide subscribers by account type? This is important for a potential advertiser who wants to be seen by as many people as possible. If mostly bots and dead profiles are subscribed to your page, then you automatically lose value for the customer.

trendHERO divides the audience to see how many subscribers can see the post. An example of such a graph:

тип аудитории

  • suspicious (bots and inactive) – identified by a set of indicators: an installed avatar, patterns of behavior for subscription and unsubscription, the presence and quality of content, comments, mentions, hashtags and descriptions in the profile header ;
  • mass followers (accounts that subscribe for the sake of quantity) – the number of subscriptions exceeds 1,500. These pages will most likely not see your ad;
  • influencers – accounts with over 100 thousand subscribers are definitely influencers. For accounts with 5 to 100 thousand followers, it is additionally necessary to check the number of subscriptions and post publishing patterns;
  • commercial (online stores, brands, etc.) – identified by content, hashtags, mentions and description in the header;
  • real – accounts that actively interact with your page and do not belong to any of the above categories.


This is what the Engagement Rate dynamics looks like:


It can be used to detect cheating. Usually the dynamics should be like in the screenshot – fluctuate within 2 percentage points.

For example, it was 8% became 10%, and then dropped to 7% – this is a normal situation. Engagement from posts should fluctuate slightly, as not all posts are equally perceived by the audience.

It is much worse when the schedule is completely flat. This indicates that the blogger winds up approximately the same number of likes.

Too wavy graph (spikes of more than 2 percentage points) is also bad. This is how the graph of the person who gathered the audience on givah looks like, and now she quickly began to run away from him:


ER is the ratio of likes and comments to the number of followers. So in theory:

  • ER grows nicely if the number of subscribers drops (for example, the number of bots);
  • ER drops sharply if the number of followers grows rapidly (this happens when participating in giveaways and contests, when 5,000 people subscribe to a blogger);
  • ЕR grows if the number of likes and comments increases sharply (for example, like times or boosting likes without boosting subscribers contribute to this);
  • ER drops steeply if new posts don’t get likes and comments. For example, you ran a rally, the main condition of which is likes under all posts. The contest is over, followers have lost interest.
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Demographic characteristics

Here you can see audience gender, location, and account types.

A big role is played not by the region in which the bulk of the followers are concentrated, and not even by the age indicator. First of all, it is important for you to know who is the most active part of the target audience. The “everyone” and “like” charts will help you figure it out. Their values ​​must match.

It will be strange if the lion’s share of subscribers live in Russia, and the posts are liked by citizens of other countries with enviable regularity. This is the first sign of cheating.


Comments by type

First, we suggest looking at the chart:


  • author comments – any comments left by the account owner;
  • real – comments that do not contain words about the sale of services, goods, suspicious offers and represent not only emoji, but also text;
  • short – those with less than 4 words (or emoji only);
  • suspicious – comments containing marks from other accounts or offers to sell goods, services.

You have probably seen more than once how influencers actively encouraged followers to participate in a competition, the main condition of which is to leave a concise comment under the post or mark a friend’s page.

This is exactly what we see in the diagram:

The vast majority of comments are short (most likely marks or emojis). Real comments are only 6.5%.

Another useful metric is the percentage of like and commenting accounts with more than 2000 subscriptions . Over 10% indicates either the high popularity of the blogger among other opinion leaders, or about “mutual help” when influencers like and comment on each other.


Audience interests

It is important that the interests of subscribers coincide with the topics of your profile.

How does trendHERO service determine the interests of the target audience? The program selects subscribers and downloads their subscriptions, and then analyzes what categories of accounts they follow.


Unfortunately, detailed audience interests cannot be determined using the platform, as they are simply based on the categories of Instagram business profiles.

Distribution of posts and percentage of likes from subscribers

trendHERO has a graph like this:


The blue column is regular posts, and the blue column is mentioning posts.

Hover over a column of the chart to see a post.

What is Subscriber Likes Percentage? For example, a post gets 1000 likes. 674 of these likes were put by subscribers, so we divide 674 by 1000 and multiply by 100% = 67.4%.

If a blogger launches an advertisement or gets to the top by a hashtag, then accounts “from the outside” (those that are not subscribed to the page) start liking him.

It’s bad when posts are liked by too many “left” profiles. This clearly indicates that the influencer is either abusing cheats, or users mainly see his posts in “Interesting”, which means that he is not an interested audience.

Post reactions

In the “Tracking” section of trendHERO you can see which posts are responding best and which content the blogger has the most popular.


This metric will help you determine in what way you prepare advertising content in order to reach the target audience of a particular influencer.

Subscribers Growth

Using the subscriber growth graph, you can see if a blogger is abusing cheats and participation in givs.

For example, such a surge in subscriptions and immediately a decline indicates that we are dealing with a giveaway lover. Users signed up to get something, and after the end of the competition, most of them immediately unsubscribed.


Another example:


Most likely, this is a promotion or launch of advertising.

Growth of subscriptions

Shows how the account subscribes to other profiles.

  • Mass follower – steps up. I subscribed to 10-100 accounts, waited, subscribed again, waited again. Instagram is actively fighting this, so today there are much fewer mass followers.
  • Giveaway-box – up to 100 subscriptions, changes for the time in jumps:


500 Similar Bloggers

This interesting metric helps to determine how targeted subscribers a particular influencer has. For example, if a blogger is followed by those who are subscribed to other bloggers on the same topic, then he has a target audience. And if, for example, a lawyer’s subscribers follow only lifestyle bloggers, then they are unlikely to be targeted.

Benefits of trendHERO

We figured out the intricacies of using trendHERO, it remains only to learn about the main advantages of the service:

  • over 90 metrics for account analytics and Instagram cheat check;
  • a unique database, which includes 60 million profiles;
  • the ability to check not only your account, but also the profiles of competitors;
  • the platform automatically selects similar bloggers, thereby saving you time;
  • bloggers can be exported to Excel in just a couple of minutes;
  • graphs, charts and statistical summaries are available in PDF format;
  • to try all the features of trendHERO, you do not need to enter any username or password for your Instagram page;
  • the program analyzes not only personal pages, but also business profiles.

How to use trendHERO

To analyze your account, you do not need to enter either a username or password. It is enough to go to the website trendHERO and click the “Register” button.

Next, fill out a special form and click “Create an account”:


After that, you will be taken to a dashboard – an information panel that contains:

  • field for entering profile nickname, as well as browsing history;
  • demo reports (you can use them to see how the service works);
  • search for bloggers by specified parameters;
  • tracking (new feature, charts are available here, by which you can track the effectiveness of advertising and publications);
  • sponsored posts;
  • influencer lists.


After you enter the blogger’s nickname, you will see a short report (number of subscriptions and subscribers, engagement). To get more detailed information about the blogger, you need to debit one unit of the virtual currency of the service from your account (only 1 free check is available).

How to evaluate the audience (your own or someone else’s)

Analysis of the audience (not only your own, but also your competitors) will help you get a complete picture of the tastes and preferences of subscribers. For example, you can get information about the growth and churn of followers for a selected period to understand what content is of interest to users, and what, on the contrary, motivates to unsubscribe.

Instagram provides only standard data and only to business account owners, so we recommend using the trendHERO platform. Here you can get detailed information about:

  • gender, age, location of subscribers;
  • followers’ interests;
  • audience growth and churn;
  • the presence of markups.


Tips and tricks

We figured out trendHERO, statistics, metrics and analytics, but the main question remained unanswered: where to find the “very” audience that will be interested in your content, and how to keep its attention?

Here are some tried and true tips :

  • Don’t forget about the text. Whereas earlier followers could be surprised with just attractive visuals, now everything has become much more complicated. People are hungry for meaning, so we advise you to think carefully about your topics. Ask your readers a question, place a call to action in the text, start telling the story and cut it off where it is most interesting.
  • Post regularly. Try to appear in your followers’ feed every day. But please do not litter their space with “empty” materials, otherwise you risk incurring the wrath of the audience.
  • Add hashtags. Yes, hashtags are still paying off. It is for them that the audience will be able to find your page. Use as hashtags: interests and hobbies of your target audience, events and places where they go. Better write # in the comments so as not to distract subscribers from the main text.
  • Work on the design of the profile. The account photo should be simple and clear (portrait on a white background, brand logo, etc.). As for the title, it’s better to use keywords that will help potential subscribers find you faster. The profile header is an opportunity to tell the followers more succinctly about the specifics of the page, so write short abstracts, add emoticons, use this field to the maximum.
  • Search for followers by competitors. Your target audience is people who are interested in competing products. Only immediately weed out bots and commercial profiles, focusing on “live” followers. How to calculate them? They always like, actively participate in contests and leave detailed comments under the posts.



Getting subscribers is only half the battle. You must continually fuel their interest with quality content. This is where the trendHERO service comes in handy. Learn about topics of interest to followers, see which posts are most effective for users, and track audience engagement.

Comprehensive analysis is the key to your success on Instagram!

Try trendHERO for free

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