Instagram boost. Newbies’ mistakes and how Instagram boosts threaten

Instagram boost. Mistakes of newbies and how Instagram boosts threaten. Oh, how I do not like these mass followers, you say, and you yourself start the service for a subscription. Today we’ll talk about cheating on Instagram and beginners’ mistakes. And also what is the threat of promotion on Instagram.

A question from a subscriber

Hello everyone! Vladimir Kazakov is in touch. This is the next issue of the column “Cossacks answers”, number 27. And today I am answering the question of Evgeny Alekseev. Eugene asks the following question (by the way, also very common): “Where can I learn more about shadow promotion methods on Instagram and VK? On Instagram I tried to subscribe to 300 people a day, and a month later the account was deleted. Why, the limit is 1000? “.

Answer to the question

Eugene, I will immediately answer your question, and then I will tell you about other methods.
1. “In” Insta “subscribed to 300 people, and then deleted.” • First, since you “mass follow”, then Instagram recognizes your account as potentially very active and similar to spam. It is because of this that he bans not only the Instagram account itself. Since there are often likes, subscriptions, that is, you perform a lot of the same type of actions in a certain amount of time – this is recognized by Instagram as spam, respectively, it can delete your Instagram account;
• Secondly, your advertising can also be blocked cabinet.
According to our experience, both are present and are happening everywhere. Very often, clients are blocked. Despite the fact that the limit is 1000, Instagram every time more and more tightens the rules and blocks accounts, so I do not recommend doing this.

About shadow promotion methods

2. And now about the shadow methods of “promotion” on Instagram, that is, let’s specifically talk about “promotion”. I do not recommend “wind up” subscribers on Instagram according to several important criteria:
a) because you spoil your
• your target audience;
• ER of Instagram account, coverage and engagement are falling, that is, as an indicator, the figure is getting smaller. For example, you have ten thousand winding up participants, and of them one comment. Accordingly, the reach of a small ER is small, and Instagram does not pick you up in the news feed;
b) since “mass following”, accordingly, you have all sorts of bots there. These bots turn into “dogs”, speaking the language of VKontakte. That is, they become, in principle, inactive at all. Based on this, in the future, when you launch targeted advertising, you will not be able to collect a Look-a-like (look-alike) audience with this audience, and indeed with the help of all subscribers. Let’s say out of 10,000 you have adequate 2,000. When you target them, you won’t be able to specifically target active ones, you will target everyone, all ten thousand subscribers. Including bots, offers that do not watch the news in the news feed, of course, but your audience will still be mixed with bots, and this is not very good.

Build a reputation

Further, accordingly, why is it not also recommended to “promote” with the help of additional shadow methods, because: thirdly, you yourself show with your account that you are engaged in unofficial promotion methods and Use additional, that is, if this is an account of some organization, then the reverse the connection from this comes such that they mass follow. This method is not very common now.

The most common instead of all these methods of mass following and promotion on Instagram, I recommend using just the crops in public, the crops of bloggers and targeted advertising. With this, you will attract the most loyal and target audience to your account. Even the likes that will be put on your posts will be from real people. That is why the scariest of all this is that your account and your ad manager through which you will launch ads can simply be blocked. That’s why try to increase your reach and increase engagement. This will increase the number of a live, real and real audience, which, in the future, will give you more likes, more comments and more engagement.

So, now you have found out the answer to the Instagram boost question. Mistakes of newbies and what the threat of cheating. And that was all with you today, Vladimir Kazakov, madwins agency. Bye

If you have any questions, follow the link in the description and ask your question. Answers in video format. Well, bye.


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