Instagram business card (Nametag): what it is, how to make it and use it

Instagram business card (Nametag): what it is, how to make it and use it

Instagram business card is a trend that has appeared quite recently and was one of the most anticipated events. This new feature will help expand the reach of your Insta profile and turn your offline customers and acquaintances of interest into active followers on Instagram.

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What is an Instagram business card

The Instagram Business Card, also known as Nametag or Name Tag, is a new Instagram feature that works like a QR code so your account can be easily found.

This feature was introduced by the developers to personalize users and make them easier to find. Now it is enough to point the camera at the Instagram business card and the owner’s profile will immediately open. Moreover, you can point the camera scanner at both the digital and paper display of the business card.

What is a business card for

If you’ve ever had to verbally tell how to follow you on Instagram, then most likely you already know the answer to this question. Many nicknames are very difficult to write down correctly the first time, as a result, the person interested in your account gets into an awkward position and is forced to ask again several times. There is another option that a person will be ashamed to do this and will write down the information as he heard it, hoping that he will find it. But a miracle may not happen.

A business card for Instagram is a quick solution to this problem. You just need to give the person your Nametag, where the nickname will be recorded. The account searcher will not even need to enter anything manually. It is enough to scan the contents of the Instagram business card and the user is automatically taken to the desired profile. The latter also eliminates the problem of errors in the writing of a search query, which is especially important for account holders with complex nicknames.

How does the Name Tag on Instagram work?

As mentioned earlier, the Instagram business card works on the principle of a QR code that identifies a profile. It is a kind of easily scanned tag that, when read, reveals the information associated with the profile.

Nametag в Инстаграм

The principle of its operation is very simple: the account owner creates a business card using a new function on Instagram and distributes it, while interested people scan the code and quickly find the desired account.

How to make an Instagram business card

An Instagram business card is very simple. To use this option, you need to go to the profile settings menu – click on the upper right burger icon, and then select the “Instagram business card” section.

Создать визитку Инстаграм

Создать визитку Instagram

By the way, when you first open the section, Instagram will show tips for creating. It’s simple – the account owner only needs to choose the style of his business card. In total, Instagram offers three options:

  • Emoji. With this design option, you can create a business card using patterns (repeating images) in the form of emoticons. The main background remains white. Click on the background to choose an emoji to use.
  • Selfie. Using this option, you can create a selfie and multiply its image on the background of the business card. You can also add emoji and stickers to it.
  • Colored background. The nametag can be styled in one of five branded Instagram tones without any visual additions. Choosing a background for a business card is very similar to when you add text to Stories – just click on the background until you select the color you want.

Инстаграм визитки

The Instagram administration recommends making the business card template not too colorful. This makes it harder to scan business cards.

After creating the Nametag, you need to distribute it. You can do this in Stories, in a private message, or send a publication to Facebook and WhatsApp. Just click the up arrow icon in the upper right corner of the screen and choose where you want to share your business card. Instagram also supports the function of saving a business card as a picture to the device’s memory.

How to scan an Instagram business card

An Instagram business card is scanned by a regular camera on a smartphone. There are two ways how you can scan a business card and find the right person:

  1. Via the Instagram business card function. Go to your profile, open the settings menu by clicking on the burger icon, and then select the “Instagram business card” function. Next, you will see the option “Scan Instagram business card”, click on it and point the camera at an existing business card, or download an image of the business card from the device gallery. Next, a window will open in front of you, allowing you to immediately subscribe to the profile, or go to it.
    Отсканировать визитку Инстаграм
  2. Via Stories. Go to the Stories section of your account, point the camera at the business card and take a photo of it, or simply upload a finished photo from the gallery. You just have to wait a bit and Instagram will open a page from which you can subscribe to a profile or get acquainted with it in more detail.

How to use Instagram Nametag

Have you ever wondered how hard it is for your clients to search for your berend’s profile on Instagram? Especially if you have a complex and long nickname. It must be entered into the search bar of the application manually, and then, if necessary, also select the desired account among similar ones. In addition, you need to make sure that this is an official valid profile, and not a fake or a fake.

Nametag makes it much easier to find you outside of the app. Scanning a business card shows the desired profile on a social network without unnecessary movements and searches. It takes only a few seconds from scanning a business card to opening a profile.

This is especially convenient for offline business commercial accounts. Previously, in order to share an insta profile with clients, you had to leave signs or flyers where the account’s nickname was printed next to the Instagram logo. But this did not give the desired result, because many are simply too lazy to search for profiles through the search bar. Now they can be replaced with a stylish Nametag and customers can subscribe to a profile in a matter of seconds without much effort.

Ideas for your profile

With the advent of the Nametag feature, business owners can only decide where to print their Instagram business card, and here are some ideas for you:

  • Print media. You can publish your business card in paper print media such as newspapers or magazines. The business card can also be printed on advertising brochures, product packaging, restaurant menus, and so on. Wherever it is even the slightest bit appropriate.
  • Business cards. This is perhaps the most commonplace idea, but why not? You can also include additional contact information in your business card design. In addition, it is one of the ideal options for spreading contacts at various kinds of events.
    Визитка с nametag
  • Outdoor advertising. Instagram business cards can be used in outdoor advertising design. Banners, posters, announcements at bus stops in cities – all this works well for advertising a business, and now it can also promote your page on Instagram.
  • Branded products. You can print your Instagram business card not only on paper. You can order the printing of business cards on T-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, calendars and give them to your partners with an additional benefit.
    Nametag на свитшоте
  • Discount coupons. Many people use a coupon system, so why not include a Nametag in their designs? You can give such a business card to each client with you and offer, for example, a 5% discount on the next purchase, provided that you subscribe to your account.
  • Stickers. The printed business card on self-adhesive paper can be easily glued wherever your target audience may be.
    Стикеры с nametag
  • Price tags. Offline store owners can place Nametags directly on price tags. Moreover, business cards can both lead to the store’s Instagram account, and work as social proof, bringing customers to the brand page of the item being sold.

What to do if there is no business card function

All users have access to the Instagram business cards function. If you opened the application, but did not find the option to create a business card in the settings, you should check the relevance of the version of the Instagram application. Go to Google Play or App Store and install the latest app updates.

Problems can also arise if you have not read the news in the news. Open the Instagram Stories section and see the “New” story from Instagram.

If none of the above helps, you can try reinstalling the application or contact technical support.

Instagram Business Cards are a great way to find your followers offline and make them easy to go online. Now all you need to do is to tinker with the design of the business card for a few minutes and place it in the right place so that customers can instantly become your subscribers as well.

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