Instagram Games to Attract Followers: The Best Ideas to Promote in 2021

Instagram Games to Attract Followers: The Best Ideas to Promote in 2021
Игра для Инстаграм

Since childhood, we have been taught to learn about the world through play. Educators knew how to present developmental information in the form of a game and skillfully involved in the process of learning something. The adult world is practically no different. To attract an audience on Instagram, you can use interactive games. They take up the profile visitor’s time and generate interest in the brand.

Игры для Инстаграмма для привлечения подписчиков

Why do we need games on Instagram

Games on Instagram, created to attract subscribers, increase the involvement and loyalty of the audience to the products or information I offer. Interactions also increase the overall reach of profile visitors. This is due to the fact that a person who had a good time on my personal brand page forwards a story or post to his friend, acquaintance. This chain can grow exponentially if you make the game interesting and engaging.

There are two formats for publishing interactives:

  • via feed post;
  • via Stories.

Increasingly, brand owners are using the second method, because the games for followers through Instagram stories look more dynamic than a post. There are many cool tricks you can use in Stories.

Игры для подписчиков Инстаграм The general essence of posting is as follows:

  1. Audience analysis.
  2. Finding the right idea.
  3. Idea for text and GIF animation.
  4. Post design.

In interactions, I use not only emoticons and text information, but also various objects and details. I usually take a photo of several items from the catalog and use them in some way in one of the posts.

Subscribers are most interested in interactive play in the first 5 seconds. If you can’t keep your attention during this time, then you won’t be able to promote your own brand on Instagram. I constantly study statistics during and after games to adjust my marketing plan.

In order to properly attract subscribers to Instagram using games, you need to be able to target the information presented in Stories or a post. For example, I sew baskets to order. What is the main audience for basket shoppers? Handicraft lovers between the ages of 20 and 60. Therefore, I build an engagement strategy in such a way that it is interesting to the target audience. If the age range of the audience is too high, you need to select universal interactions.

Promotion on Instagram with the help of games is really effective. It is a creative and fun process that takes little time. The scope for imagination is not limited by anything.

Let’s move on to the direct description of the interactions for subscribers. There are many games, so save the article to your browser bookmarks. So you can quickly return to the description of the interactivity of interest.

“Make up a phrase”

Игра в Инстаграм «Составь фразу» Subject for a phrase can be absolutely any. I can invite my audience to describe a phenomenon, my brand or owner. To generate interest, you need to involve the challenge element. For example, describe me in three or five words. Users leave their answers in the comments. Some phrases look funny, the main thing is to provide people with an interesting subject for discussion. As a gift on Instagram to attract subscribers, you can arrange a drawing, for example, a free certificate.

“Let’s meet?”

Игра в сторис «Познакомимся?»

I offer the audience several facts, several of which are false. You can go the opposite way and write 10 statements and one of them will be true. Visitors will begin to actively check information on the Internet and increase the number of search queries, which is important not only for promoting a profile on Instagram, but also for increasing overall coverage. Interest is aroused by facts about famous brand employees or the presence of strange, unusual statements. It is important to choose information that is not available to a wide range of users.

Acquaintance is a great option to introduce your audience to yourself. I think this is one of the most important aspects in promotion. People become more active when the page owner begins to actively talk about themselves.


Organizing a quest is more difficult than publishing a regular post. This process is more fun and marks the transition of the brand to a new level. Before organizing a quest, it is important to form an initial audience and “set the stage”, because this interactive takes time. Buyers are not interested in wasting their minutes on completing a profile quest with a little-known or inactive brand.

To create, you will need to create several new accounts, develop a storyline and a sequence of actions. I suggest coming up with unique hashtags so that the quest doesn’t get mixed up with the rest of the posts. This game can be designed as follows:

  1. The audience sees the task and the first question, answers it.
  2. If the answer is correct, the next step opens.
  3. Visitors move from one post to another, along the way answering various questions or playing mini-games.

And if you additionally think over several endings and exclusive gifts for passing, then the principle of word of mouth will work. The initial reach of the audience can skyrocket several times.

Screenshot – prediction

интерактив в Инстаграм For this interactive, I select a picture for the background. Then I come up with various predictions on a specific topic. As a background image, you can choose a standard background or come up with something of your own.

Slides with different text predictions are combined into a GIF file and configured so that they switch quickly. You can start with both the everyday theme: “How will you spend this Sunday morning?”, And with the more global: “Do you need to update your wardrobe this month?” Come up with anything on any topic.

The audience watches the video, clicks on the screen at a random moment. They have a prediction in front of them, which can be screenshotted. P.S. Don’t upset visitors, make good Stories!

“Control me”

The bottom line is that I give my audience the ability to control my actions throughout the day. I post in the feed or in Stories, in which I ask questions about what to wear, how to perform this or that action. The list of questions is unlimited. Of particular interest will be purchases that in some way can directly affect mine. For example, asking a question about buying a new coat, the audience will be actively involved in my image.

Interactive can also be in the “Either-or” format, implying a choice. Suggesting to your subscribers “Dance or sing in the street for a random person?” Is an example of a good question for “Control me”. I recommend posting Stories with one question no more than an hour long and building a chain throughout the day so that the audience grows and does not lose interest.


Игра в StoriesThis interactive is similar to the game “Let’s meet?” The poll sticker will help visitors to vote on the option they are interested in.

The game “Believe-Don’t-Believe” is good because you can build a competitive aspect into it. Savvy subscribers will receive gifts throughout the day in the form of posting a profile in Stories or free certificates for services or products. I recommend posting new facts at intervals of one hour – the audience’s interest will only heighten.


Recently, the “Questions” function was added to Instagram specifically to attract an audience and involve them in the communication process. To post a question, I go to Stories and post a video or photo, and text on it. Topics for questions should be thought up in advance.

There are two formats for conducting Q&A. First, I ask the audience a question and ask for answers. Visitors reply in the comments. The one who answered correctly receives a gift. The second format is to ask the audience what they want to know about. You can be allowed to ask personal questions, but that, as they say, to taste. Themes may also apply to the products you offer.

You select interesting questions from comments and post them to Stories. Thus, the subscriber’s profile will be promoted. If the reach of the audience is large, then the fight for free advertising will only get stronger.

Creative game “Draw me …”

Игра для Инстаграм This is a fun way to engage your audience, yet simple. You don’t have to do almost anything – you put the initiative in the hands of your subscribers. The gist is as follows:

  1. Upload your recent photo.
  2. Ask subscribers to take a screenshot and paint whatever they want.
  3. The audience is actively adding fun elements to the photo. It could be a mustache, a new hair color, thick eyebrows.

At the end of the day, analyze comments and select creative drawing ideas. Next, one or several stories are published, in which subscriber profiles will be visible. This way of interactivity is suitable for brands of creative direction with a younger age audience. But they can also be used in serious business projects. The ability to defuse the situation and laugh at yourself is important when promoting.

“What do you choose?”

Интерактив в Инстаграм This way of interactivity migrated to Instagram from TV shows. Questions from the category “Motorcycle or car?” enable people to speculate, express their own opinion and debate with other subscribers. But here it is important not to ask provocative questions and carefully select the topic so that visitors do not quarrel with each other.

I choose two pictures that show two different objects. Then I place stickers or arrows that you need to click on to select an interesting option. In this game, you do not need to add a lot of textual information, the graphic component should be in the foreground.

For one thematic day, it will be enough to post 5-7 stories of this format, otherwise subscribers will be overworked. Hence, it follows that all other types of interactions need to be diluted and not overdone.

“Catch me if you can”

One of the types of tap-interactives. The bottom line is that I place Stories, in which there is an outline and an object that quickly moves across the screen. The thing falls into the contour for a few moments, so you need to catch it.

Subscribers willingly participate in this game, because they do not need to do anything. Pressing the screen when the object enters the circuit and getting emotions – the mechanism is very simple.

Puzzle game “Find the object”

Suitable for owners of business accounts that produce goods. The bottom line is the need to find this or that item hidden in the picture with a bunch of other things. Often, confusing objects are placed on it to make it more fun to find the right one.

The “face” of the brand is often displayed as a subject. For example, Duracell batteries have a pink hare as their talisman. If Duracell brand managers conducted such interactions on their Instagram, the hare would hide among other similar animals.

Logic game “Find the differences”

Какие интерактивы проводить в своем Инстаграм Audience engagement in this game is due to the fact that subscribers are constantly flipping back stories to complete the task. Users are often delayed for several minutes. Therefore, time can be used to place promotional products in images that need to be launched.

I take two pictures, use Photoshop to remove and add some elements in inconspicuous places. I put the files together and place them in the form of a post or Stories.

You can invite subscribers to send responses via Direct or using a poll sticker. The main thing in Spot the Difference is not to overdo it with difficulty, otherwise your visitors will give up and get upset.

“Who lives in the house?”

Игры для Инстаграмма для привлечения подписчиков0 The idea of ​​the game is to guess a person or other living creature in a room. The object of guessing is obscured, and subscribers must submit their guesses in the comments.

I recommend taking photographs of company employees who also actively work with the audience. Subscribers are more loyal to them, it is more pleasant to guess a familiar person. You can do the same with any object by smearing it over. As a bonus for the correct answer, we organize a giveaway to attract followers on Instagram.

Find the real sticker

Игры для Инстаграмма для привлечения подписчиков1 This interactive is able to make subscribers scroll back Stories. The bottom line is that several identical stickers are placed, one of them must be clickable.

You can do this by cutting out images and placing them on the background, and then adding an active sticker. It is best to make a solid wall of the same pictures, but they should not be too small.

Catch the Shadow

Игры для Инстаграмма для привлечения подписчиков2 Games of this format are beginning to gain popularity not only among Instagram users, but also among popular profiles of various companies. On a pre-selected background, I overlay a picture and use Photoshop to cut out its black shadow, and then place it in the center of the screen. The moving colorful image will move left and right, past the shadow.

Subscribers need to start the video and stop the story at the moment when the shadow and its color counterpart match. Users send screenshots of the results to direct or in comments. Those who succeed receive a prize in the form of a mention in the next post or a story. Pay attention to the number of frames per second, there should be at least 30. Otherwise, it will be extremely difficult to catch the shadow.

“Where are we?”

Игры для Инстаграмма для привлечения подписчиков3 The bottom line is that subscribers need to guess the country that is shown in the photo. Such a game is suitable for diluting other interactions, since it cannot be diluted with a variety of chips. You can find a little-known flag on the internet and ask the same question.

I recommend adding a multiple choice poll. If you need to relax the audience after a working day and dilute the content, then, for example, 3 out of 4 answers can be comic. Come up with names for non-existent countries or mix them up.

“Battle of the goods”

Игры для Инстаграмма для привлечения подписчиков4 If there is a need to find out the preferences of the target audience among the catalog of goods, you can arrange a poll collage with a sticker. In it, two or more applicants will “fight” for the place of a favorite product. There have been times when, with the help of such surveys, old flavors have returned to the market in terms of food.

The battle of goods is an opportunity to get information and build further marketing moves, focusing on popular goods and improving the quality of unpopular ones.


The essence of this interactive is that in a story or a post, I place one word and ask to name the associations of the subscribers. An exciting chain begins in which visitors begin to call new associations to the previous one. They can be stopped at a certain point by closing the comments and comparing the two resulting words: what was originally and what came out at the end.

The principle is similar to the “Words” game, when participants name objects one after another using different letters of the alphabet.

“Continue with T9”

Игры для Инстаграмма для привлечения подписчиков5 At the moment it is a popular entertainment on Instagram. Oftentimes, the T9 function offers funny continuation phrases. I have to post one specific word, with which the sentence will begin and ask subscribers to continue it with 3-4 clicks on the proposed T9 options.

Guess the Emoji

Игры для Инстаграмма для привлечения подписчиков6 For this game, I am choosing an idea that will be enclosed in a sentence in the language of emoticons. The topic should be enticing for the vast majority of subscribers. You can enclose lyrics, advertising slogans or code words in emoji.

You also need to come up with a gift that smart subscribers will receive. It can be a standalone post or Stories, as well as bonuses and gift certificates.

Best Detective

The essence looks like this:

  1. I am creating multiple stories that need to be linked by a plot.
  2. As the plot progresses, prerequisites for some event appear.
  3. The last Stories should include a poll to appeal to subscribers.

Logic and detective riddles on YouTube can be taken as a basis, but they should be modified so that the fight for the title of a resourceful detective is fair. Questions should be in the style of “Who ate the pie?”, “Who stole the car?”.

Secret Santa

A great option for promoting your brand on Instagram before the New Year and other holidays. Create a poll in Stories about the wishes of subscribers on the eve of the holiday. The audience writes in direct the idea of ​​a gift that they want to receive.

We post touching sentences in a separate story and wait until there is a virtue ready to give another person a festive miracle. Such events are stored in memory for a long time, so the audience will only grow.

Find the Easter Egg

In order to draw people’s attention to your product, you should create a video material and place some hidden elements in it, find a code and the like. As a reward, the first person who guesses correctly, you can issue a gift certificate or arrange free delivery for the product, if we are talking about an online store. Answers can be sent to the Poll sticker or Direct.

“Find an object in the city”

Игры для Инстаграмма для привлечения подписчиков7

This game requires a large number of active and warm audience. It makes no sense to arrange offline interactive if there are less than 50,000 subscribers on your account.

We hide any object in the city or country, then we lay out the coordinates. Account subscribers should find the hidden object and post Stories mentioning the brand. You need to pre-warm up interest in the subject, it should be of value for any age audience.

Quiz Quest

A subspecies of interactive investigations. It is important to have creative skills to come up with a believable story. There can be any number of options, the “series” of the quest should be posted daily so that subscribers are interested in its finale.

I ask the visitors of my account questions, and they must answer them with stickers for quizzes or for polls to advance the storyline. In this way, the audience co-creates their story.


Игры для Инстаграмма для привлечения подписчиков8

If you are going to promote your Instagram account, then you must play with your followers in a puzzle. It’s a fun process, and it doesn’t take a lot of time to create a creative. The puzzle will dilute the entertaining content and give an opportunity to think. I recommend choosing HD-quality pictures so that you can see the parts of the photo in detail.

We divide any picture into several parts, number them and paint over with one color. By voting, subscribers choose the part of the image that will be opened in the next Stories. Along the way, people can make assumptions and give answers about what is in the picture.

It is best to split the image into 9-12 parts. Laying out the pieces of the puzzle 3 times a day, the winner will be known in three days. During this time, people will not get bored with making assumptions and voting for the opening of a particular cell. The first person to guess the object in the image receives a gift.

Mind Quiz

Игры для Инстаграмма для привлечения подписчиков9 Test your audience for IQ by taking them on a quick tour of the world of knowledge. The questions may overlap with the brand’s theme, or they may relate to topics of general erudition or school curriculum. It will not be superfluous to test your knowledge of the laws of the Russian Federation or traffic rules.

It is important not to ask too difficult questions during the intellectual quiz, otherwise the attention to it will fall or disappear. This is fraught with a decrease in audience loyalty to such interactions. I recommend that you select the topics of questions that both the fifth grader and his grandmother are able to answer. To keep the quizzes from feeling too dry, dilute their graphic component. There are plenty of tools for this on Instagram: stickers, filters, layers and other settings.

In each separate Stories, we post one question on a specific topic and offer 4 answer options. Then we attach the Poll sticker. In this way, you can expand the knowledge of your subscribers about your brand. Mind quizzes can be directly related to the field of activity. Coffee shop owners need to post questions related to types of coffee and how to make it.

Some more tips

Игры для подписчиков Инстаграм0Learn to work with the audience and understand their mood. Promotion will be a fun process when you manage to channel your creative energy in the right direction.

Most Instagram games designed to attract followers are hosted on Stories. You can add a lot of interesting features to them, develop creatives and combine several games at once. The main thing is to be smart about everything.

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