Instagram news 2018, post scheduling and the Profile Visit function are coming

Instagram news 2018, post scheduling and the Profile Visit function are coming

Instagram, the famous social network dedicated to sharing photos and videos introduces two interesting novelties , the first of a series that will be released during 2018, specifically let’s talk about the possibility of scheduling posts as it happens for Facebook and to find out who visits the profile and not only .

For some time there has been the need to have a tool to program content on Instagram , it will finally be possible but with some limitations that we will discover below, moreover, it was decided to pay more attention to user privacy with a series of “anti-spy” measures.

The possibility of scheduling posts on Instagram is dedicated only to those who have a company account , these users can schedule the publication of messages but, at least for the moment, only for photos and not for videos.

Also, to use this new feature you need to use a third party social management tools : what is it?

Social management tools are tools that allow you to manage the publication of various social profiles from a single interface, an example are solutions such as HootSuite, Sprout Social oi services offered by some companies that collaborate with Facebook and Instagram.

Instagram seems to have finally accepted the request of many companies that wanted the possibility of having this feature and most likely, it is also considered a test, and then allows everyone to schedule posts from the beginning of 2019.

But the news is not over, in fact, Instagram has introduced new tools for companies, such as Business Discovery , which allows users to access all profile information of other corporate accounts.

Post scheduling is still a great help for companies that can better organize their business, planning in time the content to show to potential customers.

Social networks were invented to share information with other people anywhere in the world, those who decide to publish photos and videos are aware of making them public, but for those who want to know who are the people who look at the profile, it is an interesting news is coming.

This is a function that aims to introduce people who visit the Instagram profile and take screenshots of the published images, in short, snooping can also be fine, but “stealing” the content?

The Profile Visit function was designed to find out how many people have visited our profile , currently, only a few users are testing this possibility, including the famous Matt Navarra, TheNextWeb editor.

The Profile Visit icon only shows the number of people who have decided to browse our profile but it does not reveal their identity, but there is a second interesting function.

If a user takes a screenshot of our Story we will receive a notification informing us of his identity, and the following warning will appear on the smart phone: «The next time you make a screenshot of a Story, the user who posted it will be notified ».

This should encourage nosy users to avoid acquiring photos and information about us without our consent.

As we have seen, Instagram has thought of two different types of accounts, the corporate one and the personal one, if you have the latter and want to switch to a business profile but do not know how, we will explain it below.

How to switch from a personal Instagram profile to a corporate one

The first thing to do to switch to a company profile is to create a Facebook page to associate the Instagram profile with, the second step is to enter the ‘Instagram account via smartphone and go to the options and then click on “Switch to Business profile”.

You will have to decide how to be contacted, there are three possibilities:

  • Contact Button
  • Email
  • Telephone

After these steps, the Business account will be ready to be used, but why choose this type of account?

In particular, the Business account is the ideal choice for those who manage a company or are a freelancer, this is because a series of tools are made available that allow you to monitor static data on every single photo or profile, very useful static to understand the progress of a content that perhaps sponsors a product or service.

The data that can be viewed are:

The actual views the photo has had

The coverage that the photo reached

The interactions (likes + comments)

In addition, to have greater coverage of the contents it is possible to sponsor the posts or take advantage of the Facebook page connected to the Instagram profile, or, directly exploit the Instagram profile.

It is also possible to monitor the statistics of your profile, to identify which contents are most attractive and to understand the tastes of your followers.

This information is all useful in order to create better marketing strategies, increase the number of visitors and potential buyers and grow your business.

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