Instagram Polls: 6 Creative Uses in Advertising

Instagram Polls: 6 Creative Uses in Advertising

Hello everyone! The team of the Madwins SMM agency is in touch. And today, we will share tips for using Polls in Instagram Stories.

Ability to add in advertising polls on Instagram Stories appeared on March 26, 2019. And if you are looking for a way to grab the attention of your audience, then this feature is a great option to stop the user from “blind” scrolling.

This is also an opportunity to directly hear the opinions of your target customers.

Want to hear from your subscribers or just entertain them? Find 6 Ways to Use Instagram Polls in Ads.

Use Polls

To collect feedback.

What better way to collect feedback about a product or service than asking your customers directly?

A couple of years ago, this would have required large-scale marketing research, but now it can be done in a couple of clicks!

IKEA USA uses Instagram polls to show your subscribers a wide range of their kitchens and ask them to vote for their favorite. This approach works for all types of products and services as long as choice 2.

Bonus tip: “Engage users in create your new product and get feedback from your potential customers. “

Let the results Instagram polls change events in real life

Fun to participate in the poll and see how everyone voted. But you know what’s even more fun? See how your voice affects events in real life.

For example, during your next event or photo shoot, post Stories and ask users what should happen next. You can ask for a vote on what outfit the model will wear for the next photo.

Show the results of the poll and how they influenced the events. This will boost your followers’ engagement and leave them wondering what you have to offer next.

Drive traffic to your website with Instagram polls

Instagram first announced the ability to add links to stories in 2017, making it easier to drive traffic to the brand’s website.

С Since then, we’ve all been on the lookout for creative new ways to get people to swipe up.

See how Who What Wear, the leading fashion content site, uses Instagram polls to drive traffic to your blog post.

They asked users to guess “How much is Meghan’s complete tour wardrobe Markle? ” And directed them to the site for an answer.

The Zoe Report also used a similar tactic, intriguing the audience with the statement: “This is how much savings you owe have to 30 “. And then she asked a question (“Is it more or less than you thought?”), The answer to which could only be given after reading the article.

Use Instagram Stories Polls

To learn more about your audience.

Would they prefer see more feed content or stories?

Do they prefer backstages or final photos?

Do they like to read long or short descriptions?

You won’t know the answers to these questions until you ask.

опросы в Инстаграм

By asking these kinds of questions, you establish a deep connection with your audience and get them to come back again and again as you build your content strategy based on their likes and dislikes.

Use Instagram polls

To educate your audience and communicate your brand.

Launching a new collection or just want to share what makes your brand unique? Add polls to your stories and grab viewers’ attention by engaging them in voting.

In this example, Google is asking you to guess how many birthdays it has. Then he shares the results.

Entertain your audience with Instagram Stories polls

Polls in Instagram is a great tool for engaging your audience in conversation and engaging with your brand. It’s also an easy way to show your followers that there is a live person out there somewhere behind your account.

Fan Club Clothing, for example, recently asked their audience a simple (and hilarious! ) question: “What are you nostalgic for?” and accompanied this survey with photos of famous rock stars.

опросы в Инстаграм

Read it to the end? Then we have a bonus for you!

Use the poll emoji slider

To give your subscribers more choice. This poll has not yet been added to targeted ads, but you can use it in your day-to-day posting.

Have you ever wanted to ask your audience a question and include more than two answers? Now you can.

Add text to your poll emoji slider for more options. This will allow the user to slide the slider to the left or right and confirm their answer.

Oceana, an organization for the protection of the world’s oceans, uses this technique to educate its audience about different species of animals.

You can also do your survey is vertical or horizontal to better reflect your idea.

эмоджи слайдер в опросы в Инстаграм

The emoji slider is a great opportunity for brands to create a unique, personalized survey that is fun and creative way.

Whichever way you decide to use polls , this is an easy way to strengthen the connection with your subscribers. your stories and conduct good targeted advertising on Instagram .

It’s up to you, or to us … Agency Madwins always ready to do all the work for you “dusty” work !

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