Instagram pranks: instructions and 4 tools

Instagram pranks: instructions and 4 tools

With over 1 billion users, Instagram is one of the most used social networks in the world. Of course, you will want to take advantage of this potential to increase the visibility of your online business. One way to do this is through practical jokes. In this tutorial, you will learn how to run Instagram giveaways, the benefits of this practice, and some of the apps you can use to grow your brand.

What are lotteries and how do they work on Instagram?

A Raffle is a giveaway of benefits or prizes in which participants must meet a number of requirements in order to compete for a prize. You’ve probably seen social media influencers use them to grow their followers or advertise brands. Typically, brands offer their own products and services or even money as lottery prizes. For example, giveaways are usually held with a minimum amount of money spent on purchases at a brick-and-mortar store. Customers who meet this minimum value requirement receive a registration coupon as a guarantee of participation in the draw and are eligible for the prize offered.

In instagram, the scheme is similar. The social media user must also meet certain requirements to participate. This includes very simple actions like going to a page or multiple pages, adding tags to other users in a post, or posting a specific post to Stories. From here, the brand’s social media profile should collect all participating contacts that are eligible to participate and run a giveaway on Instagram.

These draws are run through apps, which you can find out about by reading on the pages. But first, learn about the benefits of running an Instagram giveaway for your brand.

Giveaway on Instagram: Benefits of Building for Your Brand

  1. Sweepstakes should be part of your Instagram marketing strategy. This way you will be able to attract more attention and audience by massively publicizing your business on the social network. Benefits of this practice for the brand:
    More visibility. Sweepstakes reach many people precisely because of the opportunity to win something without spending anything and doing very little. Netizens begin to interact with each other during the giveaway, and as a result of the cascading effect, your brand’s products and services will eventually become available to many more people, which can attract new visitors and potential customers.
  2. Disclosure of information about products or services. Brand profiles on Instagram almost always offer their own products or services as lottery prizes. Here the useful and the pleasant are combined: this is a way not only to acquaint people with the peculiarities of their business, but also to give gifts to the participants. Even more astounding, the winner is using their own social media to communicate what they received for the draw, further driving brand exposure.
  3. More engagement and new subscribers. The traffic generated by giveaways on Instagram revolves around increasing profile visits, likes in posts, tagging people on giveaway pages, and sharing content through Stories. These actions, which are usually required to enter the giveaway, naturally attract more attention and new subscribers to the brand page.
  4. More traffic to your website. If you want your website, blog, or online store to get more traffic, you can use Instagram prank as a click-grabbing tactic. You can do this by making the registration form for the promotion available on a specific page of your site, directing access to it to interested participants. In the same way, you can make your blog post get more views and increase sales in your ecommerce.
  5. Increase sales. In addition to the previous topics, wider distribution brings more engagement, new subscribers, and possibly new customers. This can lead to increased sales of your products and services, as well as an increase in your company’s overall revenue and the impact of your Instagram profile.

How to Draw on Instagram – 5 Steps

Publishing a lottery isn’t just about posting some posts and making videos for stories on your brand page. There are several important steps you need to follow to create a successful campaign. Do you want the result of this tactic to be a conversion of new subscribers and customers? Therefore, there are 5 basic steps to learn how to do pranks on Instagram.

  1. Plan your goal

    The first initiative is to plan what your goal will be for the draw.

    You might want to get new followers, promote a new product for your brand, or even drive more visitors to your product page on your online store.

    Regardless of the choice, knowing what you want to achieve with the giveaway, beyond what your Instagram campaign will focus on, will go a long way towards the results achieved after the giveaway.

  2. Set the rules of the game.

    • The moment of defining the rules for participation in the drawing is connected with planning the goal that you set in the previous topic. But above all, make sure you are familiar with the Instagram Sweepstakes Promotion Guidelines.
    • After that, just start thinking about some rules. For example, if you’re looking for more followers, one rule of thumb is to ask members to follow your brand profile on the social network. And please note that only profile subscribers will compete for the prize draw.
    • Now, let’s say you want to promote a blog post that has a video about the specs of a new product. In this case, you can usually use the registration via the registration form, in which the member leaves their primary email address as a contact.

    Other rules you can use when drawing gifts on Instagram

    • Follow other profiles. Apart from your own brand profile, you may have a partnership project with another business in your niche. You can specify that the brand page in partnership with yours should also be tracked to track user engagement in the Instagram giveaway.
    • Like Draw Post. This works well if you want more engagement. Instagram brand profile traffic is necessary for this page to be better recommended by the social media algorithm. As a result, it appears more often in the feed of subscribers, as well as a recommendation for new users.
    • Bookmark your friends in the comments. A tactic widely used to increase overall profile engagement and passively attract more followers (since tagged friends may also want to participate in the giveaway they were tagged in). This will dramatically increase the reach of your share and increase brand awareness of your business on Instagram.
    • Hashtags. Using hashtags (#) can increase the reach of giveaways as well as increase public awareness of your brand. You can, for example, ask members to use a specific hashtag in the stories themselves, if that’s a valid rule. Just make sure the words in the hashtag are relevant to your business. There is a hashtag hint about the share on Instagram: #instasorteio.
    • Once you have identified your eligibility requirements, you must also clearly state the validity of the draw registration, the draw time (date and time), and the method of delivery of the prize (area or country coverage and with or without delivery). of any kind, you need to be aware of some of the legal aspects that exist in Russia. According to Law 5768/71, only legal entities that carry out industrial, commercial or service activities can carry out promotions or giveaways if they have government permission. You can get this permission from the Ministry of Finance.
  3. Determine the prize

    This step is the one that will get the most attention from your followers, visitors, and potential new customers. But you need to pay attention to whether what your brand is offering as a prize makes sense for the audience following your Instagram profile.

    For example, suppose you have a virtual game store and are playing a recently released game. This type of action only makes sense if your target audience – or most of them – are users who are gamers and are interested in industry news.

    On the other hand, this type of prank would not make sense if your business was about cars. In this case, you can promote some kind of promotion with lightning-fast discounts or even give away a ride for the winner to visit the automaker.

    Finally, remember to limit the number of winners, which will depend on the prize you choose, the budget available, and the partnerships involved. The clearer and more transparent the information about the draw, the more chances of success.

  4. Draw lots and reveal the result.

The timing of the giveaway on Instagram is when the promotion expires, which you already determined when you created the rules and deadlines for participation. Then just use the lottery app to determine the winner.

There are several ways to announce the winner of the promotion:

  • In the feed. Use the standard Instagram message box to show the draw procedure and indicate who the winner is. Organize a special post with a memorable text or video and tag the participant who won the prize.
  • Text post. The instantaneousness of the stories goes well with the prize draw. You can prepare a special post or even a video congratulating the winner. If you can, do the toss live and show the result right away. This is of great importance for the outcome of the draw.
  • Other social networks. You can also use your brand profile on other social networks to post the draw to Instagram. In this way, you can make your business more visible on another social network, as well as ensure that you are responsible for complying with the rules you have created and following them as a result of the giveaway.

Ideally, the draw and the announcement of the winner should be as transparent as possible. Therefore, it is also recommended that you post reminders from time to time as the draw date approaches to prepare your subscribers for the event.

And, if you like, you can still increase the distribution of the lottery in the form of ads. You will be able to attract more people who might be interested in your brand page by getting a little more engagement, in addition to possible new subscribers and customers.

5. Analyze the impact of the giveaway campaign.

After the draw, it’s time to analyze if it was all worth it. Therefore, it is important to know your brand profile numbers at two points: before the promotion and after the publication of the result. And then compare them.

The idea is to understand the movement of your profile that you have achieved. To do this, focus on metrics such as engagement rate, follower count, number of likes, and even watch time for posts in Stories. This, of course, depends on the purpose of your campaign.

Evaluate whether the new numbers in your profile compensate for the time spent organizing the draw, as well as the amount needed to invest in the prize pool. Also, create a simple spreadsheet showing the evolution of your weekly metrics while watching your P&L in the same metrics.

This way, you will be able to get an idea of ​​the impact of the giveaway on your brand. Something to help you better understand the behavior of the public following your profile, in addition to preparing for a possible new giveaway or mass promotion of a new product or service.

Instagram Draw: 4 tools to use

You already know the basics of creating free Instagram gifts. Now find out the tools to help you along the way. In addition to your own social media profile, below are some platforms and their performance characteristics that you can use without any problems.

1. DrawGram

SorteioGram is one of the most popular free drawing tools that require comments as in the entry rule. It’s very intuitive to use: you just need to add your profile, contact email, and the URL of your Instagram promotion message.

By clicking on the draw button, the tool selects a winning number among all participants who have commented on its publication. You can still customize some criteria if you want, such as the number of lot winners or allow / disallow more than one comment for each user.

To use SorteioGram, you must leave your brand profile publicly available. In this way, the tool’s algorithm can extract and organize the interactions of users who have commented on the draw message. Then just post the result on social media.

2. Whishpond

Whishpond is one of the more complete tools, especially if you want to do other marketing activities with your brand. Apart from giveaways on Instagram, it also allows you to create landing pages, contact forms, and automate email campaigns.

With the platform, you can create different types of promotions: simple sweepstakes, photo contests, hashtag sweepstakes, video contests, discount coupon giveaways, survey pages, and friend recommendations. You only need to choose the one you want according to the purpose of your drawing.

Wishopond is paid ($ 49 per month), which is more suited to more established digital marketing business profiles. However, new users can try the tool for free for 14 days. This is enough time for an Instagram draw.

3. Sorter

The Sorter is one of the simplest free giveaway platforms. It is suitable not only for Instagram, but also for any social media or giveaway. You only need to delimit the range of numbers participating in the drawing. Then make a draw by clicking the button indicated.

While the tool is quick and easy to use, it is not so useful if your promotion has a lot of contributors or comments. This is because it does not automatically organize the number of users or the participation in the draw. You will have to do the manual work yourself.

4. ShortStack

This tool is a platform that can integrate various social networks. So, you are doing pranks not only on Instagram, but also on Twitter and Facebook. It features nearly 90 models ready for the user to organize and prepare their own advertising campaigns.

With this tool, you can create giveaways based on the use of hashtags, comments on posts or general posts. And it even includes data analytics capabilities to help you measure the impact of your actions on your brand metrics (engagement, subscribers, and conversions).

Shortstack is paid for ($ 79 per month on an annual plan) and is intended for start-ups or more professional companies. Optionally, the user can try the trial version for 30 days with features allowing contests, sweepstakes, forms and capture pages.


If you want more engagement, followers, likes and brand awareness, then give Instagram giveaways. You just need to be organized: make a plan, define the rules (including legal) and the prize. So, use one of the four Instagram apps above and make sure the whole process is as transparent as possible.

Also, do not forget about advertising your draw, because you can not only tell your subscribers about the draw, but also help with other methods, for example, this service can like, comment, watch stories and subscribe to those who may be interested in your contest and, of course, people are interested in who likes them and will notice your contest. You can read more about this here.

Thanks for reading, I hope you found it interesting and useful.

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