Instagram profile design. detailed instructions

Instagram profile design. detailed instructions

Hello everyone! SMM agency Madwins is in touch. Have you noticed that recently the Instagram browser has raised the bar for high-quality photo content? Going into a profile, people evaluate it in its entirety. If earlier, the user noted for himself, either beautiful pictures, or useful information, now the appetites have increased. And therefore, we have prepared for you the instruction “ Making your profile on Instagram ”.

Let’s make a reservation right away that if you are already quite an experienced Instagrammer and at the sight of “banal” things you want to throw slippers at us, then you shouldn’t do it. Besides you, we write for beginners too;). Therefore, patience and you will definitely find something important for yourself! For example, a selection of useful sites and applications that will help to embellish your Instagram;).

First, do not forget to update your application. Otherwise, many innovations in Instagram design may not work!

Your profile is in front of you, boldly click “Edit Profile” and let’s get started!

редактура профиля инстаграм

Photo profile

The best, when creating an account on Instagram , is considered if the main photo is in the same style as what is planned to be posted. It is better to place yours on the “avatar”:

  • Logo. If you present yourself as a company.
  • Product. In a narrow niche, this is a very good option.
  • You yourself. It should be bright enough, intriguing. Try to keep your face or body from blending in with the background. And fewer details please. A non-standard angle will be remembered better.

оформление фото профиля в инстаграм

The name by which you will be found

Yes, in the future, the search engine will rank your profile exactly by name. Therefore, try to describe as appropriate and as short as possible what you want to share on Instagram. Please note that only up to 30 characters can be used in the name. It is better not to use a different set of symbols and emoticons in order to embellish your Instagram . Enter your keywords, capitalizing each.

имя пользователя инстаграм

Competent nickname

More precisely, “Username” plays a very important role. It should be as easy to read as possible, not too long and, of course, informative. If your blog is about yourself, then the best is your first and last name: @damedvedev, @yulia_tymoshenko. If you are a business owner, then indicate your niche @nailartist_butovo, @ okna.ufa. It’s even easier for those who have their own website. For example, our nickname on Instagram @madwinsagency was created based on the name of the agency’s website. By the way, you can follow the link and subscribe. Our site is informative and fun!


You have a fully functional site – specify it when creating an account on Instagram . If not, you can leave a link to your other social network. Or, collect everything in one place with multi-link services like Taplink. Thanks to them, you can create your mini-site. There you can specify detailed information about you / your company, specify several links to contact you (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Skype, Facebook Messenger, VKontakte, etc.).


About me

Here you can apply all your “flight of fantasies”, just remember that up to 150 characters are allowed. Let’s visually see what famous bloggers write “About Me” and understand how and what to write.


Also, in the description “About me”, you can mark another account, hashtag – they will be clickable. In the examples above, you can see this. The main thing – do not forget, after checking your account, to confirm it in another.

Business Tools

Customize this line and you will not regret … It will give you several advantages:

  • buttons for communication (“call”, “email”);
  • profile category (business / blog);
  • physical address;
  • audience and publication statistics;
  • advertising opportunities to promote your profile / product.


This means that all your photos should be processed with the same filter, in the same color scheme. Use a dedicated strip (horizontally, vertically, diagonally) or stagger the photo. The images on which the titles of the posts are written also attract attention. And to give the impression that the images are stuck on a certain background, you can use frames around the photo – it looks interesting. Do not be afraid to experiment with the layout of objects in the photo, if, of course, this is appropriate in your profile. But be aware that statistics show that on Instagram, users’ eyes fall more on people. If you sell clothes, let it be on the model, if you run a photoblog of food, then let at least your hand be on the image.



Be sure to pay due attention to the Highlights section when registering an Instagram account . They are also called “Eternal Stories”. It is an effective tool for capturing the attention of subscribers and potential customers.



Bloggers, online stores, agencies and other niches increase their profits by maintaining a page on a social network. Business cannot develop without improvement, this applies not only to technologies, management systems, but also to communication with potential buyers and subscribers. Therefore, be sure to make your account open in the settings!


Finally, here are some useful sites and applications that will help you design your Instagram profile .

Easil, Canva, IconMonstr, Icon finder – ready-made templates for Relevant icons.

Applications Tile Pic, Instagrids, Pic Slit – in them you can split photos for a feed into 3, 6 or 9 parts.

Here are some popular filter apps: VSCO Cam, A Color Story, Afterlight, Lightroom, OrangeTwig.

These apps will help you play with photo borders: Instafit, Squaready, Whitagram, Diptic, Frame Swagg.,, Font for Instagram, Stylish Text – you write text , they will transform it into a beautiful font for Instagram. Then you just need to copy the result.

To be more successful, interesting for your potential buyers, you should correctly approach the page maintenance. Madwins team advises to follow the instructions for creating an Instagram account ! And if your time is dear to you, then there is always an opportunity to order this service with us .


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