Instagram promotion case of repair and painting of alloy wheels

Instagram promotion case of repair and painting of alloy wheels

Promotion case on Instagram. How we received 886 requests for 135 rubles each and more than 400 requests on our Instagram profile for the repair and painting of alloy wheels.

Hello! My name is Vladimir Kazakov. I am the founder and CEO of Madwins Digital Agency. We are engaged in comprehensive promotion in social networks Vkontakte, Facebook, Instagram, Odnoklassniki, Youtube.

Our clients are such companies as the International Equestrian Federation, the Government of Seoul, the Administration of the Tomsk Region, the Russian School Export, Malyshariki animated series, Detailing Time Detailing Center, Miel real estate agency, L-code clinic chain, Jumping Clay modeling studio, Capsula youth brand clothing store, Sullen clothing store , group of companies “Mobile Stroy XXI”, “Rambler” and others.

About the project:

Client – a professional studio for painting and repairing alloy wheels “Mosavtodetayling” & a network of detailing centers in Moscow (detailing, tire fitting, painting wheels).
Powder painting of wheels, repair of alloy wheels, diamond grinding disks, Argon-arc welding, disk polishing, disk detailing, tire repair, tire sale, tire fitting


The goal is to promote the service of painting discs. The direction is relatively new. At the stage of starting work, the profile on Instagram is zero. No content, no traffic, no requests via Instagram.
Instagram profile:

Target audience:

Basically, 3 types of clients apply for the service:

  1. A man from 35 to 45 years old with a car from 1,500,000 rubles. The age of the car is from 2 to 5 years old.
  2. Male from 18 to 30 years old. They want to stand out from the crowd. The cost of the car is up to 1,000,000 rubles. The age of the car is over 5 years old.
  1. A man over 50 years old. The age of the car is from 3 to 7 years.

What have we done?

In order to make a Promotion Case on Instagram for the project , we made:
1. We analyzed competitors and Configured Traffic to identify the best target audience.
2. We set up the advertising campaign “For Leads” for the best target audience and linked the lead form to the mail.
3. We made a content plan for Lenta and Stories

We raised posts from the Instagram profile to the best target audiences + published Stories every day.

Offer: Painting Offer: Painting discs from 1750 rubles from 1 day. Unique offer – Free replacement of disks during the repair.

Results of the advertising campaign

Here are the results we got during the advertising campaign:

Кейс продвижения в Инстаграм

In our Instagram advertising campaign, we used ad formats for both clicks and stories and post lift. Many specialists easily make test campaigns with good results, but they cannot get indicators on volumes. In this project, our task was to keep the indicators on the volume. What we did.

Result of the advertising campaign from 1/08 to 1/09

Кейс продвижения в Инстаграм

Spent: 19 904 rubles
Requests from Instagram: 65 pieces
Price of requests from Insta: 28 rubles
Lead-form applications: 135 pcs
Lead-form application price: 102 rubles

The result of the advertising campaign from 2/09 to 2/10

Кейс продвижения в Инстаграм

Spent: 48 112 rubles
Requests from Instagram: 152 units
Price of requests from Insta: 47 rubles
Lead form requests: 334 units
Price of an application for a lead form: 123 rubles

Result of an advertising campaign from 2/10 to 2/11

Кейс продвижения в Инстаграм

Spent: 73 205 rubles
Requests from Instagram: 261 units
Price of requests from Insta: 45 rubles
Lead form requests: 417 units
Price of an application to the lead form: 148 rubles

Traffic to leads

Best audience: Tuning + mercedes / Msk + 40 / M /
Geo: Msk + 40
Gender: Men
Age: 21 to 54 years old
Advertising format: picture

Best creative
Кейс продвижения в Инстаграм

Raising posts from profile

Best audience:
Best audience: Tuning + BMW / Msk = 40 / M / 25-64
Geo: Msk + 40
Gender: Men
Age: 25 to 64 years old Advertising format: gjcn

Best audience: autohi mia + BMW / Msk + 40 / M / 18-54
Geo: Msk + 40
Gender: Men
Age: from 18 to 54 years
Advertising format: gjcn

Best creatives

Кейс продвижения в ИнстаграмКейс продвижения в Инстаграм

Screen shot of the ad cabinet with the best audiences

Кейс продвижения в Инстаграм

Conclusions on the advertising campaign:

During the advertising campaign Spent: 141,221 rubles
hits from Instagram: 478 pieces
Price for requests from Instagram: 30 rubles
Lead form requests: 886 pieces
Price Lead form requests: 135 rubles

The number of account subscribers has grown from 0 to 1478 people, therefore, the account has received more than 1200 targeted subscribers.

That’s all for today. Thank you for your attention!
Instagram case was written by Vladimir Kazakov, Digital-agency “Madwins”.
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