Instagram promotion: five users as a free way to recruit a target audience in a crisis

Hello! My name is Evgeniya Tsyura. The owner of the advertising agency “Activator”, I am professionally engaged in targeted advertising, maintaining profiles on Instagram, developing promotion strategies and teaching this to others.

In this case, I will tell you how in a crisis, with the help of activity and 5 users, it is easy to recruit a target audience on Instagram.

The period for which the result was obtained: 3 days with preparation.

Project goal: To gain target audience growth and maximize Instagram profile coverage.

Additionally, collect an e-mail base, which you can monetize in the future.

Target audience

Before starting any marketing moves, you need to clearly define the target audience for which these moves are designed. As part of the experiment, we identified 2 target audiences.

1. Small business and self-employed persons

  • Age: 28-40 years old.
  • Income: from 150 tr. per family per month.
  • Gender: Women.
  • Social status: People working offline who want to move their business online.
  • Needs: Need a targeting specialist, SMM or want to promote their services on their own.
  • Their pains: money goes away for promotion, but there is no sales or there is little sales. Promotion where there is no target audience, competitors bypass in sales, there is advertising, but there is no conversion, the brand is little recognizable.
  • Their fears: they worry that the specialist will turn out to be unqualified, dishonest. They are afraid to get confused that they will pay money, but there will be no result. Be afraid that the costs will not pay off, and sales will not grow, that they will have to close their business.

2. Beginner Freelancers

  • Age: 28-60 years old.
  • Income: from 50 tr. per family per month.
  • Gender: Women, Men.
  • Social status: Women on maternity leave, retirees or people who have an offline job.
  • Needs: want to learn new skills on the Internet and start doing personal / client promotion.
  • Their pains: working remotely, nothing is clear about promotion through Instagram, they don’t know whom to offer their services to. They want to find a mentor and guide on Instagram, find courses where they will explain all the information in simple language.
  • Their fears: they are afraid to confuse everything and get confused, not to find like-minded people and support, services will remain unclaimed, they are afraid of condemnation to master Instagram at their age, they are worried that they will not master social networks.

Basic Activity Mechanics

The essence is the exchange of audience between experts.

On a day off – Sunday, 5 experts simultaneously post in their profile a post in which they offer the audience useful materials for free to promote their accounts and increase their coverage on Instagram.

Conditions for receiving gifts: be subscribed to all experts and leave your e-mail in the comments.

The collection of e-mail subscribers during the activity is carried out using the service . The service is affordable, the cost of purchasing it was 150 rubles. for 3 activities.

An example of a main post:

Продвижение в Instagram: пять пользователей как бесплатный способ набора целевой аудитории в кризис

Initial Preparation

First of all, experts with a similar target audience were selected for the project.

The main criterion for participation was a unique gift for new subscribers, available only by subscribing to activity. Something that is not freely available on the Internet. It can be training materials, recordings of broadcasts / webinars / master classes – everything that is really interesting and useful for subscribers.

Participants + gift materials (examples):

Продвижение в Instagram: пять пользователей как бесплатный способ набора целевой аудитории в кризис

Submissions were submitted two days before the main post was posted. It is important not to interrupt the activity with extraneous materials and text content – emphasis on the main post.


The maximum audience growth is predicted in the first 24 hours after the main post is released. If we add time for distribution of materials and a reminder to Stories, the total duration of the project will be 3 days.

Test results of conducting activity in different periods of time:

Продвижение в Instagram: пять пользователей как бесплатный способ набора целевой аудитории в кризис

Results of other participants in the activity:

Продвижение в Instagram: пять пользователей как бесплатный способ набора целевой аудитории в кризис


You don’t have to use paid promotion methods and spend huge budgets to get audience growth. By diluting content with such activities, you entertain the audience, give free benefit and inspire the trust of your subscribers. The result is the arrival of new users.

We only needed 150 rubles. for the service of collecting the e-mail base – this is all the costs of the project.

If you are active, you will not lose anything: in the worst case, there will be few new subscribers, in the best case, in a day you will receive an amount equal to the marathon, but without capital investment.

If you have any questions – ask them in the comments.

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