Instagram promotion from scratch: only newbies go to battle

Instagram promotion from scratch: only newbies go to battle

The enemy is awake. He has almost captured the attention of consumers and is selling them his products and services with might and main. Your combat mission is to incorporate Instagram promotion into your brand’s marketing strategy. So, let’s get down to tactical planning of the operation.

Operation Intelligence: competitor analysis

You need to take into account the experience of your competitors in the niche in order to build an effective promotion strategy on Instagram. Your competitors and you have almost the same target audience. So it’s worth paying attention to what content and what kind of advertising “hits” users, and what does not.

You need to analyze the profiles of your opponents according to several criteria.


Look at the design of the accounts. What colors they chose, stock photos they use or original ones of their own. How they approached the design of highlights (topical, or as they are also called “eternal stories”). What kind of photo they put on the avatar – personal or product image.

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Text content

Scout your opponents’ texts. Perhaps they focus on useful posts, or maybe they often post entertaining ones. Pay special attention to the tone of communication – “you” or “you” with subscribers, easy storytelling or intelligent. Read your competitors and form your opinion on how they write and what.

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Photo and video content

Look at the quality of the photos, their style and meaning. The same goes for the videos they post. Instagram promotion is inextricably linked with the visual component, so it is important to analyze this particular content in order to draw up a strategy. You just need your photos not to look like their pictures. So keep an eye out, otherwise you might be considered a plagiarist.

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Post frequency

How many times a week your competitors post their content – also need to be aware. They have severe downtime – well, that might indicate that they are not taking profile too seriously. Although, maybe your competitor created an unusual page, and a landing profile, that is, he packed his Instagram in the same style and does not add an article or activation there. Such moments also need to be taken into account.


Stories have become a separate kind of content. They are important for promoting on Instagram, as they allow you to increase activity on the page and constantly remind your subscribers of yourself. Take a closer look at the frequency of posting stories, their style, content – so you can form your own opinion about the competitor and his brand. In addition, you can find interesting backstages in your opponent’s Stories, so this is another good chance to spy. In advertising, as in war, all means are good.


You need to find out the number of subscribers, unsubscriptions, new subscriptions, engagement. Also see if your competitors are using bots to inflate their audience.


Here we come to the most important thing that you should analyze from an opponent in a niche. The activity in his profile is the indicator that makes it clear what the audience likes with your competitor and what does not. This way you can find out which topics sparkle in the comments, which pictures are the most popular, and what content people want to share. Since you have almost identical target audiences, this information will be extremely useful when drawing up a content strategy.


You can do the reconnaissance “manually” by dedicating enough a big chunk of your time. But if the time is very tight, then you can use special services to analyze competitors.


This service will help you analyze your competitor’s content, find top posts and see post quality scores. Livedune has a fairly wide functionality, primarily for analyzing your own profile. Engagement, reach, quality of posts and stories will provide an opportunity to identify strengths and weaknesses and help improve Instagram promotion.


With this service you can view statistics by subscribers of a competitor, find out the number of posts and the most successful publications.


The service allows you to get information about competitors’ advertisements in Instagram, trending products and analyze your rivals’ posts.

Operation Civilians: Target Audience Research

You need to set target audience preferences, pains and needs of your potential subscribers. This will reveal the most effective promotion methods, make hypotheses that will help create the optimal content strategy for your brand. Everything that you do in your profile – you do in order for your target audience to like it. Otherwise, your opponent will influence users, not you.

Gather the necessary information

Intelligence is also needed in studying the target audience. Catching “tongue” and interrogating with addiction in marketing will not work, but there are several proven methods that you can use.

Online polls

You can arrange an online survey on your site, if available. Who is your target audience – women or men, what is their size, height, preferences. So you can find out something useful for yourself.

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You can ask a representative of the target audience in person, by phone, via chat on social networks. They will not always answer you truthfully, people are people. But if you make a large enough sample, you can imagine portraits of all segments of the target audience.

Listening to recordings from call tracking

If you have call tracking enabled, and if it provides call recording, then you can find out something about your target audience from calls. A conversation with your manager can tell about the personality of your target audience.

Comments in the profiles of competitors

And again you need to climb into the enemy camp for information. See what questions users are asking under your competitors’ posts. Find out what issues they are concerned about and see what they want to know about the products.

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Observations offline

If you have an offline point of sale, you can watch your customers. Look who they are, how they dress, how they behave, come alone or with children. So you can more easily visualize for yourself a portrait of the target audience.


Again, if you have an offline point, then you can collect data about consumers using a questionnaire. Ask them to answer your questions, for example, in exchange for a discount card.

Your profile audience

If you already have subscribers, you can study them. Even if there are not many of them, you can still learn something useful, understand who they are. This can be done manually (which is long) or using services (which is faster, but you will have to pay for it).

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Create a mind map

To understand your target audience , we recommend creating a mind map. It is a useful tool for understanding the pains, needs, fears, and desires of all segments of your target audience.

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Read more about how to make a mind map for your Instagram promotion – read our material on this topic. In the article, we have described everything in stages, so it will not be difficult to assemble your mind map. Read here.



In this online service you can create your mind maps. It is convenient, it has a clear and simple interface. You can share your workspace with other users, which makes it a cool tool for teamwork.

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This service allows you to work with popups and forms. So if you are going to collect data about target audience on your website, then you can use this application. Sumo also has an option to create a floating social media bar.

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It’s actually an end-to-end analytics service. Heavy artillery, so to speak. But if you decide that you want to analyze conversations with customers, and in this way study your target audience, then this service is pretty good. It has call tracking with a call listening function.

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You can collect information about target audience using the same services that we talked about in the section on competitor analysis – Livedune, Instahero, Publer.

Operation “Wrapping”: design the outer skin of your profile

Promotion on Instagram is impossible without a carefully thought-out page design. This social network was created for visual content. So try not to get past your opponents at this stage.

Packaging is needed in order to attract people’s attention, build trust and increase brand awareness on Instagram. And high-quality design can help reduce the cost of a targeted action for a target.

What to pack when promoting on Instagram

Promoting on Instagram requires more than beautiful packaging. It should also be informative. Let’s see what exactly needs to be done for this.

Profile name

The profile name usually reflects the topic. This way you can tell your visitors what you are doing right away.

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Nick is also able to inform the consumer. This can be the name of a product, company, or in case you are promoting a personal brand, your last name or a nickname.

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In selling profiles, the product itself is often placed on the avatar. You can also put your own logo on the ava – this can increase the company’s awareness. And of course, when advertising a personal brand, you need to use your photo.

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Profile header information

It is important to fit the most important data in the header about company. Profile information only includes one link. Usually this is a link to the company’s website. You can also put a multi-link, following which a person will find more advanced information about the brand.

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Eternal stories need to be packaged too. They can contain stories with up-to-date information. Clothing stores contain photos of models that are in stock. B2B places company cases there. Determine what should be visible at all times and place it in the highlights.

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Pictures for posts should be in your corporate style … This will improve recognition and generally look beautiful. If you make pictures of different colors and do not fall into the corporate style, then the profile will look cheap. So posts in the same style also work well for reputation.

Also read our detailed article on Instagram promotion profile design here.

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Terms of reference for the designer

This block will be useful for those who do not want to create packaging on their own and are going to turn to professionals for help. In marketing, the following principle always works: “Without a normal technical specification, the result is HZ”. So make sure that the terms of reference for the profile is clear and specific.

What should be in the terms of reference for a designer:

  • colors;
  • main brand concept;
  • references;
  • layouts (optional, but highly desirable);
  • font options;
  • a detailed description of design elements.

All the nuances of the TOR for different specialists are in our detailed article. Read here.

Content Operation: Create Your Strategy

Content Strategy is the cornerstone of Instagram promotion. Without it, you cannot beat the competition. This is not an easy matter and the result depends on how well you have studied your target audience.

Define goals

Decide what you want to get out of your content strategy. Do you need recognition? Then decide on a guest post or participation in someone else’s online broadcast. Do you need lead generation? Try native copy with a thoughtful call to action. If you want more loyalty, create cool backstages.

You can read more about how to approach developing a content strategy here.

Define the types of content

There are different types and types of content. You need to choose the one that meets the goals of the content strategy and will go to your target audience. Let’s say right away that you need to try to use all types of publications. This is a painstaking business. It rarely happens that posts start to come in on the fly. But, as the saying goes, “today a tractor driver is in the field, and tomorrow a tank driver is in the army.” The main thing is to test and analyze indicators.

Informational content

This type of content is needed in order to share important and necessary information. This one will increase your expertise and if the texts and photos are really useful, it will make you interesting to the target audience. The main thing is to accurately fall into the pains and needs of the audience. For example, you should not post an article on how to plant a petunia if your profile is about handmade Finnish NKVD women.

Content examples:

  • lists ;
  • “how to …”;
  • checklists;
  • reviews;
  • step by step guide;
  • guides;
  • answers to questions;
  • master classes.
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Selling content

This type of content is created for in order to sell. It is not recommended to post it too often, otherwise it can make your page boring.

Examples of selling content:

  • presentation publications;
  • publications about promotions;
  • publications with messages about discounts;
  • before / after posts.
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Entertaining content

Posts of this kind are needed to entertain visitors to your profile.

Examples of entertaining content:

  • riddles and puzzles;
  • memes ;
  • comics;
  • quotes ;
  • entertainment selections;
  • interesting facts.
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Engaging content

Engaging content is essential in order to increase the engagement rate on your profile. By stimulating activity on the page, you increase viral reach and this helps you to flicker more often in the feed of subscribers.

Examples of engaging content:

  • posts on hot topics;
  • Story polls;
  • contests;
  • articles – collections ;
  • infographic;
  • “ask the expert”.
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Reputation content

Without this type of content, there will be it is difficult to gain the trust of the audience. He will prove your expertise and increase the loyalty of the target audience.

Examples of reputation content:

  • cases;
  • reviews;
  • the best works;
  • posts with influencers;
  • backstage;
  • company news.
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You can read more about types of content in our article here.

Determine the tone of communication

To conquer the audience you need to communicate with it correctly. The tone of communication should correspond to your target audience. The texts of posts, stories and videos should not cause rejection among your subscribers.

For example, you will not address the same target audience of a profile selling business-class interior design and subscribers of a page selling T-shirts with a cool print.

When communicating with target audience, you need to adhere to some rules. For example:

  • try to respond to comments in time;
  • encourage adequate opinions about publications;
  • communicate in a friendly and correct manner;
  • be responsible for words;
  • calmly respond to the inadequacy of some comments.

Read more about how to communicate with subscribers in our other article here.


As with many aspects of Instagram promotion, creating text and visual content may require special services and applications.

Text tools

Google Docs

100 times cooler than Word … At the very least, the texts are convenient to share, leave comments and suggest edits. And also due to the fact that the service is cloud-based, you can work from different devices. We closed the document on a stationary computer – opened it later on a laptop and work calmly. Do you urgently need to correct something in the text? Go to Google Docs from your smartphone and change the content. Everything is saved automatically.

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A special web service that will help you find errors in texts. Can find misspellings in both spelling and punctuation.

продвижение в Instagram8

If you often resort to rewriting, then this service will help you not only find errors in the text, but also isolate the water, as well as check the text for uniqueness.

продвижение в Instagram9

The service helps to “dry text” and remove from there all unnecessary. Created specifically to create texts in infostyle.

продвижение в Instagram0

This online application helps to remove tautology from text. So that repetitions do not infuriate the reader, you need to try to get rid of them.

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More about social media writing services can be found in our article here.

Visual tools

Adobe Spark Post

This application is suitable for creating visual content quickly and easily. A clear interface and the ability to make pictures in any format make this tool convenient for working in social networks.

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One of the most popular image creation and editing services for Instagram. The ease of use and versatility impresses even in the free version of the application.

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Unlike Canva, Crello has a function to fit the image to fit the desired dimensions during editing. This service also has many beautiful templates for all occasions.

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This tool is suitable for creating beautiful animated images in stories. You can add music, text, and in the paid version – add your own logo.

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This tool allows you to use the power of artificial intelligence to create videos. Including for the story format. The application can match visuals to your text and add music. Handy for creating a series of posts in stories.

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Read more you can read about services for creating visuals in our article here.

Posting operation: posting content for Instagram promotion

When everything is ready, the profile is packed, posts are written, pictures are created – you can start posting.

Posting time

There is no consensus here. When you decide to post. More precisely, the optimal posting time is determined by your audience. When exactly your posts are best liked and viewed – then publish. So you have to wait and analyze.

Frequency of posting

How many posts per week / day do you need to publish to promote on Instagram? First of all, it should be noted that spamming to the feed is not worth it. Quality is many times more important than quantity. It’s better to write one cool post than three mediocre and passable ones. In addition, Instagram can cut coverage for spam. One or two fasting a day will be the best option. Especially early in the life of your profile. Later, you can limit yourself to three posts per week. We advise you to publish stories from 5 to 10 stories per day.


In order for subscribers to find your posts by hashtags, you need to pick them up. Relevant hash links should be searched for by subject of publication and target audience. You shouldn’t post the same tags and create a huge number of them.

продвижение в Instagram7


Special tools can make publishing easier for you. It is used by both SMMs and entrepreneurs who want to save their time.


SMMPlanner is a delayed posting service. You upload a text, a picture, add hashtags, emoji there, set the date and time – voila, your post on your profile. You can post posts a week or a month in advance. In general, an extremely convenient service. By the way, you can also post videos and stories here.

продвижение в Instagram8

This delayed posting service also allows you to analyze results across multiple social networks. Convenient if you combine Instagram with other smm channels. продвижение в Instagram9


This service is suitable for selecting relevant hashtags when promoting on Instagram. You need to enter a word, a key for a profile or publication, and the system itself will find the appropriate tag options.


Analyze Operation: Exploring Instagram Promotion Metrics

Metrics analysis is essential in order to understand how well Instagram promotion works for your business.

What to analyze

There are several important metrics that you need study to understand how you are doing in your profile.

Number of subscribers

The steadily growing number of subscribers is great and indicates that you have everything in order with the content. And on the contrary – if you do not have followers, then something needs to be changed.


Audience growth rate

Audience growth rate can be calculated using the formula:


If this figure drops, then you need to worry. Perhaps the quality of your content has gotten worse.

Number of unsubscriptions

This metric will also help determine how correct your content strategy is. If your users began to unsubscribe from you more often, this is a reason to reconsider the views on what the target audience likes.



Impressions will let you know how many times your post has been viewed. But you should keep in mind – if one person views your post, for example 3 times, then you will have 3. impressions.


Reach shows how many unique visitors viewed your post. 3 people read the post – get coverage 3. One person viewed 3 times – coverage 1. An increase in this indicator means that you are doing better. Below – it is worth thinking about the effectiveness of promotion on Instagram.



Engagement will tell you how much users are actively responding to your content. Few of likes, comments, saves, reposts is bad. Many reactions are great.

ER or Engagement rate is the engagement rate. The metric will tell you how actively users are responding to your content. Calculated by the formula:


ER is growing – great. Fell? It’s time to think about how to improve the situation.

Analysis services

You can track metrics on Instagram itself. But for convenience, so that all data is at hand, in one place, summarized in clear and convenient tables, marketers and entrepreneurs use different services.


This analytics service allows you to evaluate how good you are, including and in comparison with your competitors. Popsters will help you find out all the necessary data about the indicators, incl. ER. Analytics can be downloaded in various formats convenient for you.


The tool allows you to analyze more than 30 metrics of your profile. With its help, you can track metrics using any device – even from a desktop, even from a mobile gadget.


Who Stalker

This app helps to track audience behavior. You can find out who has unsubscribed and who has subscribed, who follows your publications, and who does not need them at all.


Target Operation: Target Audience

Imagine that promoting with content alone is a bike. And targeted advertising is a car. Riding a bike is fun and interesting. But cars are faster and more efficient. Therefore, we recommend combining. Of course, filling your profile with cool content is necessary and important. But if you resort to targeted advertising, then the effectiveness of the promotion will increase. Check out our Instagram tragedy case studies and see the benefits of this marketing tool.

How to prepare for targeted ads to promote on Instagram?

In order for promotion on instagram with the help of targeted advertising not to drain the budget, but to bring results, you need to prepare.

Think about your offer

You need an offer that emphasizes customer benefits. It must contain:

  • trade proposal;
  • details;
  • call to action.

You can also add a time limit.


For more information on how to create a selling offer, see our article on this topic.

Prepare sources of traffic receipt

To understand which traffic source is the most optimal, you need to understand where customers most often write to you. This will require an analysis of your social media sales.

Prepare the landing page

If you have a landing page, then you should prepare it. Why drive traffic to a site that’s not right for your marketing goals? There is no need. Check if the navigation of your site is convenient, if all buttons and request collection forms are working. If something goes wrong, fix it.

We also recommend installing Yandex.Metrica and Google Analytics analytics services to get statistics on traffic from social networks. So you can get data on the effectiveness of promotion on Instagram.

Getting started with the target

Working with advertising on Instagram will take place in the Facebook ad account.

Create a business page

You need to create your business page on Facebook. Choose the required format and fill it with content.


To launch targeted advertising on Instagram, you need to link your Instagram account to your Facebook business page.

Create an ad in Ads Manager

In the Ads Manager section, you need to select the appropriate ad goals and formats. You also need to select the audience segments that you want to show your ad to.


A more detailed description of all the steps to set up targeted ads you can read our step by step guide here.

In conclusion, we would like to note that setting up targeted advertising is a simple process, but it requires certain skills. Therefore, many entrepreneurs delegate this task to either a freelance targeting specialist or a digital agency. We have an article on 10 signs of a reliable smm team. You can read it here.

That’s all. As you can see, promoting on Instagram is a rather complicated and time-consuming process. But it’s worth it. Russia is one of the five leaders in terms of the number of people using this social network. Our country boasts 44 million monthly users. So the desire to advertise on Instagram is justified and understandable.

If you want us to start promoting your business on Instagram or another social network, then contact us. Managers will answer all questions.

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