Instagram promotion of handmade bags. Instagram promotion

Instagram promotion of handmade bags. Instagram promotion

Promoting handmade bags on Instagram is a pretty interesting topic to parse. Today many people are engaged in “hand-made” and try to promote their product through social networks. In this case, promotion on Instagram is the most preferable option, because this social network is a kind of showcase. And today we are answering a question related specifically to promotion on Instagram.

A question from a subscriber

Hello everyone! Vladimir Kazakov is in touch. This is another issue of the “Cossacks Responsible” column. And today I am answering the question of Anastasia Malysheva. Anastasia asks the following question: “Group selling handmade leather bags with delivery all over Russia. I can’t define the target audience in any way. Will you help? ”

Answer to the question

How can you promote handmade bags? Firstly, you definitely need to maintain a high-quality profile on your Instagram account. To do this, you need to show:

  • how you make these bags;
  • what materials you use for production;
  • who are your customers and buyers;
  • high-quality photos of the bags themselves.

I recommend showing the process of work – what stages the product goes through before it becomes a finished bag. This will be very useful for those who want to see what and how your product is made of. Thus, you show the “kitchen” of your production, and this is really very cool.

How to define the target audience?

Your target audience, in fact, is entirely on Instagram – these are girls. In order for you to determine the target audience, you need to do the following:

  1. Define the price segment in which you sell bags. Handmade bags can be for 1 thousand, for 2 thousand, and can be for 10 or even 100 thousand rubles.
    Therefore, you first determine the price segment in which you want and intend to work.
  2. Define the interests of your target audience. It is advisable to draw up a portrait of the ideal client. For example, this is a woman with two children, works as a manager in a large company, with an income of 100 thousand rubles, drives her car, is married, works 5 days or 6 days a week, the work schedule is from 9 am to 7 pm. According to your hypothesis, she buys things for herself, bags, what budgets she allocates for herself – for dresses, for fur coats, for outfits, for bags, etc. Also define the range of her interests that incline her to buy, i.e. decision makers. They could be girlfriends. This is necessary in order to make the effort to do it in your advertisements. That is, when you know who your potential client is, it is easier for you to compose creatives, texts.
  3. After you determine the target audience for which you sell bags, do not forget that Instagram profiles should look very cool visually. Your account must have high-quality videos and photos. If you have a high-quality cover for your product, you can offer it to bloggers for advertising as well. This is a very good marketing ploy that will give you large volumes.

As for the Vkontakte group, I recommend starting it a little later, since in your case it is better to focus on Instagram.


Now you know how and what the proper promotion of handmade bags on Instagram is based on. Instagram promotion in such niches is actually very easy if you approach this issue responsibly. You can read the case study of handmade backpacks on Instagram here.

That’s all for today. Vladimir Kazakov and Madwins agency were with you.

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