Instagram promotion: step by step instructions

Instagram promotion: step by step instructions
Продвижение в Instagram: подробная инструкция In this article, we will not only list all the main ways to promote and promote your own Instagram page, but also give step-by-step instructions on what you need to do in order not to look like a one-day fraud. Social networks and business are coming to increasingly close cooperation, if you are going to sell your own products or services, you will need to declare yourself through Instagram.

The world is more and more confidently entering the era of entertainment, and the most popular business is not selling bread, but namely spectacles, social networks are a vivid example of this. Every year they attract millions of new users who literally live in them after registering. Enterprising marketers have learned to use this to promote a product, Instagram has become one of the brightest platforms using visual design, but how to promote it?

Community Ads

A fairly popular method of promotion on social networks is PR in thematic communities, here there are two options. The first paid advertisement is with the group administrator, he will post links to your page, perhaps even design it on his own. It works, and most sites approve of mutual cooperation between the participants and even spur it on by introducing additional functionality.

The second method of PR with competitors is self-posting of posts or comments in an attempt to lure them to yourself. There is a fine line here that cannot be crossed. If users or the administration suspect you of spam and send a complaint to the Instagram management, you risk being blocked. In the pursuit of free, you either have to take risks or be creative to look natural.

Setting up an advertising campaign

Instagram has an analogue of contextual advertising, thanks to which you can attract a huge amount of warm traffic and, therefore, potential buyers for a small budget. Another question is, it’s difficult for a beginner to set up, but if you read the step-by-step instructions on how to run Instagram ads, it will be quite easy to cope with the task. The advantage of this approach is the ability to plan a budget in detail and count on high results.

Synchronization between different social networks

Users are not limited to one platform, the content and styles of various social networks vary greatly, which, on the one hand, makes it easier to find the target audience, and on the other hand, leads to situations where people register everywhere. If you want to understand what SMM is and tightly connect your business with social networks, you will have to understand each of them. The problem with this approach is that you will not get guarantees of traffic and success, but by taking up the page and communities you will get a comprehensive result with a minimum of financial investment.

Promotion with hashtags

Instagram differs from direct competitors in that the use of hashtags in it is being built into a cult, even in uninteresting and non-commercial posts, people use about a dozen beacons. Entrepreneurs who want to show their products need to understand this system and apply it for their own benefit. Do not be afraid to use as many hashtags as your imagination combines, the rule of minimizing them does not work for sellers. But before you add a new hashtag, think about whether people will search for it, otherwise it is useless.

Продвижение с помощью хэштегов

Sweepstakes and promotions on Instagram

Little known fact, some users of social networks register with them solely for freebies. The thirst to get the best deal or to grab a thing for free forces people to subscribe to dozens of pages, this should be used. Some resources are strict about this, for example, to understand how to hold a VKontakte contest and not get banned by real art, but Instagram is quite loyal to such a system. You can raffle off not only goods, but also discount coupons, if a person has used it, this is a buyer, if there is no free traffic.

Contacting an SMM specialist

People usually come to such an obvious decision after unsuccessful attempts and thousands of leaked rubles. It is important here to be able to correctly assess your own strengths and the terms through which you need to start selling. If you use the services of a professional SMM specialist, then the first clients may appear after a week, but there is one caveat. Try to cooperate not with private masters of their craft, but with organizations offering the conclusion of a formal agreement, even if it will cost a couple of thousand more, this is a guarantee that a person will not disappear after receiving money or draining the budget.

Cheat bots through applications

Such actions cannot be called honest, if users notice a cheat, this can ruin the brand’s reputation, however, the popularity of cheat applications clearly shows how effective it is. Please note that there are both free and paid services, the first ones are convenient to use if you have just created your own page and you have nothing to lose. But when you promote goods on your own account or it already brings a penny, but income, it is better to pay extra for reliability.

Buying Users on Instagram

Hours spent on promotion can quickly pay off, but when the result is needed immediately, traffic can be bought trite. To start using Instagram to promote your business, you need to show people that you are interesting to someone, empty pages without followers cause distrust. To implement this approach, there are special exchanges where one subscriber will cost the customer from 50 kopecks to 10 rubles. Based on the minimum price, even if you spend a thousand rubles and get 500 people, you can launch ads without fear of looking like a one-day fraud.

Boost Instagram activity with friends

It is difficult to consider this method as a serious promotion, but if you are engaged in the manufacture of products for sale on your own and you do not need dozens of orders every day, friends may become the first subscribers of a business account. It will not be difficult for them to subscribe, even if a little more than 20 people from the entire list agree, but at least occasionally showing activity with likes, reposts and comments, it may turn out to be more profitable than 500 bots. This is not a PR tool, but an important element to get you started.

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