Instagram replacement: new social network Dispo

Let’s talk about the new social network Dispo, how to use the new social network and why it is called the “new instragam”.

Dispo is a new social network, which is called the new Instagram and it is no coincidence: Dispo resembles an old cozy Instagram with its atmosphere. The creators of the social network were YouTube vlogger David Dobrik and his colleague Natalie Maridouen.

In essence, Dispo is an imitation of a film camera. Pictures here do not “appear” immediately: you can “pick up” the frames at 9 am local time. Thanks to this, the former anticipation of the pictures returns – really, wonderful!

Pictures can be “stitched” into film, thus preserving memorable moments. You can also show them to your friends in the feed and exchange opinions in the comments. The app has the ability to create collaborative rolls – ideal for sharing shots from a party.

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So let’s open up Dispo and explore the app together.

How to use Dispo: registration and training

Замена instagram: новая социальная сеть Dispo

The first thing that rushes at the entrance to the application is a colorful splash screen. Next, we need to register an account by linking it to a phone number, Snapchat or Apple. Then we get into the waitlist: recently it’s easier to get into the social network, however, you may have to wait in line for some time. You can also get an invite from friends.

Dispo instruction looks like this

  • Take photos and share them in rolls (film). They will all be saved to the library.
  • Have fun! You will be notified when the images are “developed” by 9:00 am the next day.
  • Rolls are personal and accessible to everyone. Regardless of the type of “roll” you can invite friends to them!

New Instagram: Camera Tab

After reading the instructions, we move on to the Dispo camera. It’s easy to figure out how to use it: the central button is to take a photo. There are also buttons for flash and switching to the front camera. Using the wheel on the right, you can work with the viewfinder: zoom in or out.

At the bottom there is a tab “burger menu” in which you choose where the photo will be saved: in a private “roll” or in a public one. Let’s talk about “rolls” in more detail.


The place where all photographic films are collected: both personal and joint with your friends, and those users whose accounts you follow.

A search is located at the top, where you can find a person by his “nickname” or name. To the right of the “search” there is a QR code scan icon, which allows you to join the roll, and the “+” button, which is needed to create your own film. You can specify its name, color, set up privacy and / or invite friends to it.

Now let’s move on to the library.


Finished photos in the library are sorted by date. Nearby you can see the number of frames in the “development”. As we already mentioned, you can get frames the next day at 9:00. There are also tabs “Favorites” (“Favorites”) and “Saved frames” (“Saved”), selected by you from the feed.


This tab is identical to a similar section in other social networks we are used to. In it you can get information about likes, comments, new subscribers, etc.

“Profile” (“Bio”)

On the right side of the horizontal menu, you can find a section with your account. In the “biography” you choose a nickname and come up with a description, add links to social networks. Right there, next to the avatar, there are pictures from the film available to everyone.

There are 3 metrics next to your film:

  • “Ogonyok” is a local user or film chart. There is no reliable information about what it means at the moment. However, according to a source close to the creators, it can be improved by uploading pictures straight to the film and inviting other users to them.
  • Iskra is the number of photos taken at Dispo.
  • People is the number of subscribers.

Notice that nothing is said about the number of subscriptions? They are not visible in Dispo in your account: a good step for the development of communication, because, as you know, most users on Instagram do not strive for a large number of subscriptions.

Замена instagram: новая социальная сеть Dispo

Well, let’s say a few words about the settings.


Tab located in the upper right corner. There are seven parameters here:

  • Invite – the number of invites to share with friends by selecting the desired person from the phone book. Invites are needed by developers in order not to overload the site.
  • Submit Bugs or Feedback – a tab for your bug reports and feedback.
  • Tutorial – the aforementioned “tutorial” upon registration.
  • Notifications – manage social network notifications.
  • Permissions – section for gaining access to the camera of your device.
  • Edit Profile – contains several sections: your special code that you can voice to support if problems suddenly arise, answers to frequently asked questions, user emergency, information about your activity on the social network.
  • About Dispo – a set of documents (privacy policy, etc.), as well as an offer to rate the application in the AppStore.

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Замена instagram: новая социальная сеть Dispo

But that’s not all! David Dobrik has created an amazingly cute section with photos of baby animals from around the world – Baby Animals. A pleasant surprise for those who decide to understand the settings.

We hope our article was interesting for you, and you pay attention to this application: simple, kind and unusual.

If you have reached the end, but did not receive answers to all questions or want to share your thoughts, we invite you to leave a comment below so that the author of the article can answer you personally. Have a nice day!

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