Instagram stories. How to insert a link to a website into Instagram Stories?

Instagram stories. How to add a link to Instagram Stories? Probably, many of you have noticed that some accounts insert a link to the site or to their other resources directly in their Instagram stories. Have you seen? So, in today’s video I will tell you about how you can activate this function and what you need to do in order to make it possible to insert a link to the site in your stories.

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In today’s video I will tell you about Instagram Stories. How to insert a link to the site into Instagram Stories, as well as how to use stories in Instagram for your business and what are the possibilities in Instagram to send visitors from stories, people, in general, who are watching your stories, to a group on VKontakte, on the YouTube channel, on a group or business page on Facebook, and indeed on your personal pages on other social networks. Well, and not only to personal pages, but also to services and resources in which you sell something, in which you advertise something or collect some kind of subscriber base.

how it looks

What does it look like? It looks like this. Over the past few days, several people have asked me a question: how do I insert a link to a group on VKontakte and a link to a YouTube channel into my stories. For those who don’t know what it looks like, I’ll show you now. It looks like this. That is, you place a link here, for example, and you see, at the bottom there is such a button – an up arrow “More”. That is, this is advertising material, after which, lifting up, you are sent to the page that was indicated by the link. Here, in this case, the user sends everyone who watches his stories on the video on his YouTube channel.

How to do it

You can do this quite simply too. What does that require? First. In order for your stories to have the opportunity to post a link to a third-party service … Let’s say, like mine, you can see, here you click the “Online Course” and go to the Google-form for filling out. Also in the previous story, I also put a link to a detailed description of what is included in the course. You can do that too. What do you need for this?

In order for your stories to be able to insert a link, you need to get 10,000 subscribers to get started. This is a necessary condition for you to have a link. After you have gained 10,000 subscribers and you see that you do not have a link, be sure to transfer your account to the Instagram business profile. And only after that you will be able to add a link. That is, this feature does not appear in a regular profile. Therefore, be sure to add a link to an external resource in your stories, increase the number of subscribers. Instagram simply motivates the audience to grow their accounts. Well, and really a very cool way to tell about your product through stories, through the “Instagram” feed.

what is the conversion to Instagram stories

I haven’t measured the conversion yet, just started to measure it, that is all the stories that are loaded from me and all the links that are in the stories, they are marked with UTM tags. And now I only analyze traffic and how many people click on these tags. But I think that in the next videos I will definitely post information about the conversion rate, the average cost per click, and, in general, whether there is a profit from there.
That’s all for today. Be sure to increase the base. Vladimir Kazakov, MADWINS agency was with you. Bye!


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