Instagram Stories: How to Make Stories Interesting

Do you want to be noticed specifically from the many Instagram Stories? There are five rules you can apply to teach yourself how to present yourself in a 15-second video format.

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First, let’s find out why Instagram Stories are needed.

Blog on Instagram: Why Stories?

Stories are not secondary content, as many people think. With daily short videos, you can establish yourself as a specialist in your field. Let’s explain with an example.

Suppose that at a friend’s birthday party you met a girl who is an animator by profession. She shared her nickname on Instagram, and the conversation ended there. However, now in the case when your child needs to organize a matinee, you will remember that animator girl, because you have such an image, and you can turn to her. If that girl met new people every day and shared her activity, or regularly reminded her acquaintances about services, more people would be interested in inviting her to the holiday as an animator.

Instagram stories give you the opportunity to express yourself: you can share interesting moments of your work and prove yourself as a worthy specialist. Thus, Stories become a tool for attracting customers.

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Instagram Stories: как сделать сторис интересными

However, what to do if you do not consider your work worthy of attention and do not know what to dialogue with the audience about? Our tips will help you cope with this problem.

How to Shoot Interesting Instagram Stories

  • It’s important to realize that someone enjoys watching your life.
  • “I have a boring life” – say a taxi driver, a trainer, a university dean, but in fact, thousands of people would be curious to “spy” on what is happening at these people’s homes, for example, to see their morning routine.

    Therefore, stop considering your own life uninteresting and start opening up to the audience. Also try to add a little drama to your daily routine to learn how to play the usual rituals.

    “I wanted to take a bath, but the water was turned off” is an ordinary household situation.

    “I dreamed of coming home from work and going to a hot bath, came home, climbed into the bath, but there was no water – I was terribly upset!” – engaging content.

    We assume that you noticed the difference. We can move on to the next item.

  • Add a Stories message.
  • Stories Sending is an internal content component that attaches a certain association for your image to subscribers, prompting them to take specific actions.

    The girl’s birthday message is “I’m an animator”, but there are other options:

    “I get along well with children.”

    “Entertaining the younger generation is not easy, but I can do it.

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    Instagram Stories: как сделать сторис интересными

    How to define the message of Stories?

    • Formulate the response you want from your audience – subscribing, making a purchase, building trust.
    • Define theses with which you can tell about your Instagram at any event. The quality of their impact on others depends on the specifics of the wording.
  • How to make a story: Broadcast yourself through content.

We’ve already covered how to define the message of Stories. Once you’ve done that, it’s time to start putting this message into practice.

The message is: “I’m a good animator.

Instagram Stories: как сделать сторис интересными

Ways to engage your audience in Stories

  • screenshot of the notification of the arrival of the parcel with the signature “See you with the kids in new costumes”;
  • a section in which you talk about funny situations at the holiday;
  • interviews with happy children who talk about their impressions of the holiday with your participation;
  • After defining such methods, you will already have a tool for attracting customers. But using the same thing every day will not work, how to get out of this situation?

  • decompose.

Take apart every day-to-day situation. Let’s go back to the bathroom example from step 1 and do this work with it.

“I wanted to take a bath, but the water was turned off”

Inline: “My dream will come true in a few minutes!” + a window where subscribers can express their suggestions.

Intrigue: attached replies of subscribers against the background of the road to the house.

Climax: a photo of the bath, prepared for “relaxation”.

Resolution: the water has been cut off, there will be no rest, you are upset.

Apply decomposition and your life will sparkle with new colors in the eyes of the audience! You can do the same with your personality. Divide it into:

  • images that your friends associate with you;
  • values ​​that matter to you;
  • goals to strive for;
  • environment: from interior to people nearby;
  • These items are the core of the content. They can also be regarded as an inexhaustible source of ideas.

  • Instagram Stories: Cultivate Content Thinking.

Learn to play around with everyday situations using the previous tips. Communicate ideas using visuals in Stories: for example, if it is evening outside and you are in a romantic mood, film the city lights with music, share an appropriate poem – find a way to convey what you feel.

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Instagram Stories: как сделать сторис интересными

Promotion on Instagram with Stories

Before you publish your Stories, look at it through the eyes of a subscriber. If the idea of ​​publishing is clear to you, there are no problems. But if it is difficult to catch the message with the naked eye, it is better to add an explanation, for example, using text or voiceover.

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Our article has come to an end. You now have a better understanding of how bloggers engage with Stories and can do the same. If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them below in the comments!

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