Instagram Story Order: 4 Ways to Improve Your Position

Instagram Story Order: 4 Ways to Improve Your Position

How does Instagram choose the order of Instagram Stories on your app’s feed?

Many users wonder why out of all the accounts they follow, it’s only a handful of a few profiles that come back regularly, and suddenly, how to make sure to appear in this list narrowed to increase their Stories coverage .

By writing this article, I will explain to you what it is important to know about how the Stories sorting algorithm works, as well as all the methods available to you to promote a better positioning of your account in the order of Instagram Stories.

1) Understand how the Instagram Stories algorithm works

It’s been several years now since Instagram has gone from being a chronological feed to an algorithm-driven feed, helping the social network determine which accounts you like the most compared to others.

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A similar method applies to Stories: the people & brands you interact with the most are more likely to appear first on your home feed.

However, major differences exist between the two communication media in the functioning of the algorithm: in the context of Stories, Instagram analyzes the behavior of the user and adapts it to the way he uses the application. .

The behavioral signals are as follows:

  • interests : what research have you done in the past?
  • interactions : what publications have you interacted with in the past? If you like, comment on or save posts mostly from the same people / brands, their Stories will be privileged when it comes to defining the order of these on the home page of the application. A concrete way to get an idea of ​​the content we interact with the most is to look at our Explore section .
  • your past experience : You may click on the same Stories as you use the app. Therefore, Instagram takes it into consideration and when there is a choice to be made between multiple Stories, your past experience tells the social network what to show you first.

So, by taking into consideration the different ways for the algorithm to identify what appeals to you, it is therefore possible to some extent to have an impact on the positioning of your Stories on the smartphone screens of your subscribers. .

I’ll tell you about it in the next parts of this article.

2) Promote interactions on your Instagram Stories

Taking into consideration how the Instagram Stories algorithm works, it is necessary to think about how you will be able to capture more attention from your followers during their Stories journey.

Here are some methods you could apply right now:

  • use interaction stickers more often like polls, quizzes, private chats, emojis sliders, countdowns or questions
  • Stream live video to generate notifications to your subscribers. For example, it could be a broadcast of an event, a question and answer session with the founder of the company, sharing behind the scenes of the company and many other important moments to share live.
  • Identify other accounts close to your brand to spark their curiosity / interest in your content. You can then either use the sticker provided for that named “@Mention” and thus identify a single account, or use the text functionality “Aa” allowing you to add up to 10 usernames.

3) Share worthy and unique content

As I told you in Part 1 of this article, user interactions with Instagram content influence the order of Stories displayed at the top of their home feed.

So how do you get your posts to generate more engagement?

First of all, it is important to know the different ways to increase the coverage of your classic posts .

Here are some tips:

  • post at the right times
  • add hashtags
  • appear in the “Explore” section

Beyond doing Display your posts to as many subscribers as possible, the content itself will make or break engagement.

An easy way to put the odds in your favor is to analyze the performance of your past posts in terms of interactions.

To do this, you will absolutely have to convert your profile into a professional account , then go to the statistics accessible via the settings of your application.

You will then obtain a ranking of your best publications according to certain criteria, such as for example:

  • interactions
  • likes
  • comments
  • recordings

4) Interact on the publications of your subscribers

When you run an Instagram account, it is absolutely necessary, especially when you start to “get out of the woods”, that is to say to interact on the publications of other accounts of people or brands .

Setting up a regular routine of likes and comments on other users’ content is an often underestimated but particularly powerful additional lever if done intelligently.

Instagram is one of the only social networks to allow brands to interact with the content of other accounts, especially since Facebook removed the “Comment as page” feature.

Taking an authentic interest in others is positive because it will allow you to:

  • to be seen as a more social brand / person
  • to gain new subscribers
  • to arouse the curiosity of users and thus increase the number of visits to your profile

In this context, a powerful technique is to interact on the publications of your subscribers, in order to move up your position in order of viewing their Stories.

To go further:

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