Instagram Trends 2021 for Business and Blogging

Instagram Trends 2021 for Business and Blogging

The pandemic has left an imprint on all areas of our being. Life and work were mixed in the house, and the telephone turned into almost the only source of emotions and news. What to expect from Instagram in 2021, and what global problems will become the most discussed on the social network?

In this article, we have collected the main Instagram trends so that you can quickly navigate the huge stream of updates.

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New features

Ignore hate and fight against bullying

In 2021, Instagram began to actively resist the hate, delighting users with a useful function. AI-powered developments help users avoid harsh criticism.

All comments are carefully filtered, so now, if you want to leave an offensive phrase under someone’s post, Instagram will advise you to think carefully.

And most recently, the platform launched guidebooks about the psychological well-being of users during and after the pandemic. Helpful guides teach followers to take care not only of themselves, but also of those around them.


Development of e-commerce

Instagram is actively developing cool chips for the development of online commerce. For example, the “shoppable post” feature allows brands to tag products directly in posts or with stickers in stories. By clicking on them, the user will see a product image, a detailed description, a price and a button for ordering.


Disable the like counter

Instagram has just started testing an option that will hide the number of likes under posts.

How will the new feature work? To hide the likes counter under a post, you need to open the post and click three dots, and then select the appropriate item in the menu that appears.

This will work according to the same principle as when hiding YouTube likes. You can like it, but their number will be kept secret.


The feature is currently being tested only in Japan. How it works : when creating a post, you add a clickable event tag, by clicking on which the user can automatically sign up for an event, broadcast or webinar.

Events can be created 90 days before the scheduled date or later.

Travel Guides

At the end of 2020, Instagram launched the “Guide” function, thanks to which you can create step-by-step instructions and collections. Some users have a new option called Tips.

A “travel guide” is a reference or long article that brings together related publications, places, or products. This is a type of content whose main purpose is to help the audience understand a topic or product, as well as learn more about the blogger (or his interests).


Hot topics

No matter how cool the profile design is, the target is still the main source of constant traffic.

A competent targeting expert will help you set up an advertising campaign, test layouts and draw up a complete portrait of the target audience.

Identity trend

The times when users associated the social network with luxury life and illusory luxury have long since sunk into oblivion. Now users come to Instagram in order to gawk at distinctive personalities. Ordinary people become real superheroes and tell their followers about the joys and difficulties of real life.

For example, @polyaizderevki lived in Moscow for a long time, and then moved to the village with her parents and began to shoot funny videos about the Russian outback. Now about two million people have subscribed to Polina.

полина блогер

Yes, the trend of 2021 is identity and authentic content.

Discussion of world problems

Instagram is gradually becoming socially responsible, and brands and influencers are happy to use the platform to draw attention to pressing issues.

So, the founder of the Noplasticitsfantastic project Olesya Besperstova in the microblog tells followers why it is so important to go to the supermarket with your bag, and also shares useful zero waste life hacks.


According to research by American marketer Ginny Chang, recently users have been actively discussing climate change and condemning violence in all its manifestations.

It is for this reason that it is important for companies to participate in solving planetary problems.

We advise you to take note:

  • users will always be on the side of those brands that have shouldered the global mission;
  • users will prefer a company with clear values;
  • if a brand is firmly associated with positive changes in the world order, then the number of buyers will grow.

Popular Topics

This is a persistent Instagram trend. Questions of style, healthy lifestyle, art invariably remain at the top of Olympus. At the end of 2020, social and economic topics were also added to them. Simply put, people want to talk about what is painful and use the popular social network to pour out their thoughts.

Brand Tip : Even if your product doesn’t cover the above issues, don’t despair. Just create a marketing association that allows you to use the hottest tags.


Original Story CTAs

In order for your stories to be shown to as many users as possible, they must respond to them, otherwise Instagram algorithms will push them to the very end. Those who know about this are fighting for the attention of followers.

Here are some good examples of how to get your audience to take action:

орингинальные реакции

истории реакции


Influencers do not let up and come up with enviable zeal to come up with new ways to attract an audience. Battles are the main trend of 2021. Bloggers give each other tasks, complete them, and post the results in stories.

Sometimes the entertainment is very cruel – Instagram stars set fire to their clothes, eat worms, lie in the bathroom with cockroaches and kiss the snakes.

The most sensational battle took place between Nastya Ivleeva and Timati in April 2020. On the air, celebrities ate burgers at speed and specifically stepped on mousetraps. What can’t you do for the sake of likes and subscribers, right?


Using all kinds of content

If you make not only posts for the feed, but also regularly post stories, this is already a good sign, since these formats cover the majority of users.

But by connecting IGTV videos, masks, info products, travel guides and Reels to standard content types, you have every chance to attract a new audience.


Profile decoration

Thoughtful visual

In 2021, we are no longer aiming for a feed that only looks beautiful when viewed from a profile. This layout is extremely inconvenient, so in the new year mosaic has become the main anti-trend, and the cropped pictures have been replaced by a single style and pleasant color combinations.

Stories Highlights

These are eternal stories that do not disappear after 24 hours. Be sure to use this tool when registering your account. In Highlights, you can add sections with additional information: reviews, life hacks, price lists, products, backstages.


Links in profile header

Bad news : Instagram has never given users the ability to insert active links directly into a post, but don’t despair, because the rules are created in order to break them (within reason, of course).

With the help of services Taplink,, MeConnect, you can collect any number of links in one place, eliminating the need to choose one thing.


Development of augmented reality

This trend in the design of the ribbon involves the creation and use of masks, filters and effects that change the image of a person, paint on new details of the appearance. Masks are expected to improve in 2021.

Photo Trends

Natural photography

Previously, all Instagram users strived for perfection: perfect posture, smooth hair, no strangers in the background, meticulous processing of each photo.

At some point, users got tired of overly “polished” pictures and staged shots, having made a choice in favor of naturalness. In 2021, trending Instagram photos will be about unusual angles, personal aesthetics and a completely bold approach to content creation.


Vertical photos only

2021 throws up new challenges and one of them is adaptation to the constantly changing conditions of the social network and the tastes of followers.

For those who use Instagram as their channel to find clients or just want to be on trend, the popularity of verticals is a great opportunity to experiment with content orientations and camera angles.

Close-ups without retouching

Smooth skin tone, lush lips, graceful nose and no bags under the eyes – stereotyped ideality is gradually going out of fashion. Previously, insta bloggers spent hours hanging out in photo editors and removing minor flaws that plagued their eyes.

Now everything has changed. Photographers and brands deliberately do not retouch pictures, posting close-ups of goose bumps, scars, wrinkles, stretch marks and freckles. Because naturalness is beautiful.


Aerial photography

In 2021, it is fashionable to surprise followers with an extraordinary look at everyday things. Users are tired of selfies, food and photos from the gym. Now they like to observe everyday life more: traffic jams, densely populated areas, blooming parks, people in protective masks rushing to work. And all this is from a bird’s eye view. Well, isn’t it cool?


Video Trends

Vertical Videos

If earlier Instagram was exclusively a platform for beautiful pictures, now video content has also entered the fight for the palm.

At first, the Instagram developers gave users the freedom to publish videos, then they connected IGTV, and at the end of 2020, they introduced a new Reels format – 15-second “sticky” videos with TikTok style.

If we go to the accounts of popular bloggers, we will notice that the ratio of video to photo will be at least 1 video per 6 photos.



Apparently, TikTok is an eye-catcher for Instagram developers, because recently the social network introduced a new format for stories. Now users can record 15-second clips, provide them with text, music and effects. Doesn’t it look like anything? True, this luxury is not yet available to everyone.

For example, in Russia the function works only partially – users can watch video, but without sound.


Story Trends

Animated Stickers

It’s very easy to get lost in a huge stream of stories. If you want to convey some valuable information to your followers, do not neglect bright stickers that will indicate where to look and push you to action.


Questions and tests

Today, questions and polls are part of the interactive, as well as a great chance to get to know your subscribers better. It’s also one of the top visual trends on Instagram in 2021 .

There are 3 ways to quickly “test” a follower – “poll”, “question”, and “slider” .


More Text in Stories

42% of users visit Instagram several times a day. Often at this moment they are traveling on public transport, sitting in a meeting or waiting for their turn to the lore. Don’t want to cause unnecessary discomfort to your followers? Then write your thoughts in a thesis so that users do not pass by and can watch the video in quiet mode.

By the way, catch another discovery – when there is text on the screen, followers stay on Stories longer, and social network algorithms recognize this and promote publications to the top of the list.


More selling AR masks

2021 will be marked by the emergence of a huge number of functional masks. How to use them : For example, if you sell hats, create a mask that will help you find the perfect hat in real time.

Why else is it worth creating your own AR masks: the name of the effect always contains a link to its creator. This way, you can promote your brand effortlessly.

Profession story maker

Yes, and this has already been invented. Storymaker (the person who creates engaging stories) is one of the most popular Insta professions of 2021. There is little competition so far, so you have every chance of becoming a sought-after specialist in this difficult craft.

Text content

Post Calls to Action

Due to the rapidly growing competition, you have to go to any tricks in order to motivate subscribers to comment on a post or at least like it. To do this, profile owners come up with catchy questions and push to action:

  • asked to choose one of the options;
  • offer to rate a thing on a ten-point scale;
  • challenged;
  • promises reward for comments.


Quality texts

People are eager to know the thoughts of their heroes, discuss current topics in the comments and learn something useful. If you don’t give it to them, they unsubscribe.

Now even visual bloggers are not limited only to beautiful photographs and well-chosen images, focusing on high-quality texts.

For example, fashion influencer Karina Nigai in her posts shares useful guides, life hacks and up-to-date tips.


More text

One of the main trends of Instagram 2021 is longreads. Users no longer admire beautiful photos without meaning. In order to whet the interest of followers in the content, you should share with them personal stories, experiences and views on contemporary issues.

Long posts are great because they let your audience know more about you, your brand, and your mission.

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Info Products

Most influencers, having reached their peak of popularity, begin to make money not only from advertising, but also by selling their own courses, marathons and guides.

Despite the fact that many users consider information products a waste of money, every year curators’ earnings only grow, and followers become more selective, buying courses from trusted bloggers.




To refute the debate over the appropriateness of using hashtags, just open any photo with # and look at the display statistics. Believe me, the difference will be significant.

In 2021, the hashtags will help :

  • increase reach;
  • improve accessibility in search;
  • carry out sweepstakes and challenges;
  • create categories;
  • bring new followers to the page and increase awareness.

The main rule – try to publish up to 30 hashtags and choose only those that exactly fit your target audience. To promote and popularize content, it is better to use hashtags of different frequencies, because this is the only way your post can become popular.

More Stories

Stories have long won a victory over posts in the feed. Why? Firstly, they can significantly increase reach, and secondly, stories allow you to completely immerse subscribers in the professional activities of the brand. It works better than any reality show.

If you do everything right, then the followers will look forward to the continuation of the story. It is for this reason that experts predict in 2021 even greater interest in this format of information presentation.

Already today, large companies spend a third of their advertising budget on story makers and professional filming. In the future, the indicator will only increase.



Influencers continue to storm the social network and influence the minds of consumers in 2021. Followers follow the pattern of trendsetters, listen to their recommendations and blindly trust every word.

Now good news for those who do not want to spend a lot of money on advertising with celebrities: you can and should promote your product through nano-influencers. Small brand advocates will bring your business far more value than millionaire bloggers. Why? Firstly, they respond to comments from subscribers, and secondly, they have an impact on the most difficult-to-reach categories of users.



Not sponsored in any way, and necessarily your own . You can also use influencers to help you grow followers and drive leads.

It is better to play with your own products and services. And finally forget about the clever rules of participation. The main trend of 2021 is a minimum of effort and maximum benefit.


No matter how cool your profile design is, the target is still the main source of constant traffic.

In this case, it is better not to rely on your own talents and turn to specialists. A competent targeting specialist will help you set up an advertising campaign, test layouts and draw up a complete portrait of the target audience.

Instagram antitrends 2021

So, now let’s talk about what is out of date for a long time :

  • Ribbon in one color. Yes, you no longer need to frantically run around the shops in search of another red trinket, and process photos in the same style. Live feed is in vogue, so feel free to start experimenting.
  • Participation in the giveaways. After the giveaway ends, freebie lovers who come to your page for gifts begin to unsubscribe en masse. Coverage suffers and will be very difficult to recover.
  • Install landings . This is a mosaic in the feed, the popularity of which disappeared a few years ago, but for some reason some users persistently continue to deny this fact.
  • Empty hype from bloggers. Influencers who first create intrigue in a story, and then ignore this topic or translate everything into a joke, fall in the eyes of users. Well, the audience does not like meaningless chatter and hype out of thin air.
  • “Parisian chic.” Blogging with girly content was hot in 2019, but it’s 2021 now, so pastels, croissants, vintage dresses, and spikelets have long been anti-trend. Why? There are too many of these profiles and they are getting annoying.


What should be done in 2021 to popularize the blog? Create authentic content, discuss current topics with followers, be sincere, actively explore augmented reality technologies, and periodically collaborate with influencers. That’s the whole secret of success!

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