Instagram verification: complete walkthrough instructions

Instagram verification: complete walkthrough instructions

The well-known blue checkmark on the Instagram social network is a scarce symbol, and from this the desire to get it has covered half of the network’s public. With a check mark, the company’s account will look more solid in the eyes of buyers and competitors. The same can be said for popular personalities. If you can “buy” subscribers, edit photos, order posts, then Instagram verification is provided only if certain requirements are met. You will learn about all the nuances of getting the coveted character from this article.

Why is Instagram verification needed?

Instagram verification does not in any way confirm the quality of the services provided or the title of the best specialist. The Instagram administration has developed a similar function only so that popular people and large companies do not become participants in scandals. Often fraudsters pretend to be a large store or a public person, and then they simply cash in on their name by fraudulent means. Verification in this case protects the public of the social network.

Currently, a blue checkmark is provided to those who may be vulnerable to a scammer attack. It is quite easy to deceive people using this scheme. Fraudsters create a fake account of a well-known brand, create a giveaway or something like that and ask the first subscribers to make a post or story with a mention of the action. Then they use the account for personal gain.

Пример мошеннической страницы бренда ZARA
Example of a fake ZARA account

Verification was designed to verify identity or brand to prevent similar situations. So scammers will make less money on gullible people, thanks to someone else’s name.

Who can verify their Instagram account

Verification is available only for public figures and popular brands. The most important reason for introducing verification is to protect your account from being copied. The profile of a popular person itself should be:

  1. Genuine. The profile must be a real person or company, the information about which is presented on the page.
  2. Unique. An account is registered by only one person or organization. Profiles that generalize multiple interests are not validated.
  3. Complete. The page must be complete, have photos and posts. You can not leave third-party links.
  4. Famous. An account that has a blue badge must be popular, important, and frequently searched. Accounts tagged on news feeds are also verified.

Инстаграм rosiehw

Initially, it seems that Instagram focuses on verifying only popular profiles with a large audience. This conclusion suggests itself due to the fact that such profiles should appear in the media. It is worth noting that there is good news for those who want to get the coveted blue checkmark, but are not a star:

  • isn’t just about popular profiles. An account with any number of subscribers is often verified;
  • not only a big brand can get a badge. The positive decision is also influenced by the mentions in the world news media and the presence of brand registration. The size of the enterprise is irrelevant when these conditions are met;
  • mentioning a profile in the media – you should not consider it so that Instagram verification is available only to people from show business, magazines or a news page on the same Instagram can mention the profile.

The following categories of users can be named as the priority for getting the blue badge:

  • athletes;
  • policies;
  • show business stars (film, theater, singers, presenters);
  • popular bloggers;
  • artists.

Popular personalities, famous brands in stores are especially hard hit by scammers. Instagram is trying to protect users, which led to the introduction of verification.

Requirements for obtaining verification


To pass the verification, the applicant’s profile is checked for compliance with certain requirements. The official message from the Instagram administration says that “the account must fully comply with the established community rules” . It is impossible to check in advance whether the account will pass verification, for this you must make a request to the administration.

There are requirements that will increase the applicant’s chances of getting a blue checkmark:

  • indication of real name and surname (brand name, pseudonym known to all);
  • having a large number of live subscribers who like and comment on posts;
  • the profile did not use automatic promotion of likes and subscribers;
  • no bots among subscribers.

These requirements are fairly simple. Live profiles of famous personalities usually have a “natural” popularity, without the involvement of paid services. Those who want to become popular for the sake of profit gain subscribers. Such accounts will be verified, and it will be simply impossible to get a verification badge in their case.

How to verify your Instagram account

The easiest, and most importantly, safer, is to get confirmation in the official application. You just need to send your application, which will be considered by the administration. The option was introduced back in August 2018. From now on, absolutely any Instagram user can apply for the verification process. Of course, this does not mean that anyone who has made a request for it can get the coveted badge.

Official Instagram verification

How do I verify my Instagram account? You don’t need to do a lot of work to get a blue badge, it is quite simple to do it through the corresponding Instagram application. Steps to pass verification:

  • enter settings;
  • find the “account” tab;
  • click on “request confirmation” located at the bottom;
  • fill in the items – name, surname, nickname, category;
  • provide a photo to verify your identity.

Инструкция по верификации в Инстаграм

After sending all the data, the account owner has no choice but to wait. There are no official deadlines for providing a response, but usually they do not exceed 30 days. As soon as the moderators process the request, you will receive a response in the form of a regular notification. If the cherished check mark has been received, congratulations! It remains only to remember that Instagram does not approve when the very presence of this check mark begins to advertise through the account.

Don’t be upset if the administration refused to verify. If scammers do not attack a person’s profile, do not seek to impersonate him, then the blue check mark is more an addition than a need. If the answer is negative, a second request can be sent in a month.

Can I pay and go through verification?

Many people are interested in whether it is possible to make an official page on Instagram unofficially. Yes, there is another way to get a checkmark for those who do not receive a positive decision in any way, but this method is private and prohibited by Instagram rules. In this case, buying a badge will help, yes, you can simply pay for it. Although it is not worth recommending this method, it exists and enjoys considerable popularity.

You can purchase the cherished checkmark for your profile through a social network employee or through digital agencies. None of these methods are permitted by the policy of the social network. Using such options may result in irreversible punishment from the administration. Instagram management monitors its employees and severely punishes those who sell verification, and the “buyer” account will be immediately banned.

Users who are not worthy of the blue badge can get it illegally, but then the whole point of verification is lost for other users as well. Such accounts force the administration to resort to more brutal methods of review and full compliance with the conditions for obtaining a blue check.

How to increase the chances of successful verification

Инстаграм логотип на дисплее

When it became possible to confirm your profile on Instagram, the community put forward its own conditions for the successful completion of verification. All the rules are spelled out and indicated in the service center of the social network. Some nuances will help increase your own chances of getting a blue badge:

  1. Compliance. When a network administrator discovers that a user does not comply with their rules and policies, the chances of getting the same check mark are significantly reduced.
  2. The reality of the person, its coincidence with the data specified in the profile. The account must belong to a real person or company. Thus, various accounts of fans of a particular star will automatically lose their chances of being verified.
  3. A memorable profile. An empty account will never be verified.
  4. Popularity. Any user will not be able to get the blue checkmark. The profile must be mentioned on news pages, in television interviews, in any of the magazines, and highlighted in the search bar. Simply put, a person with a profile should have some popularity, engage in social activities, etc.
  5. Completed profile. This is a prerequisite, without which you shouldn’t even apply for verification.
  6. Publicity. The account page must be open, closed profiles simply cannot be checked.
  7. No extraneous links. Often, the profile header indicates a quick transition to another page on the social network, in which case the candidate will definitely be denied verification.
  8. True and only true. If during the application the applicant provides false information about himself, the refusal to receive a blue badge is provided to him for any coverage. Additionally, the Instagram administration will temporarily block the page, and in some cases even impose a ban on a permanent basis.

Myths and facts about verification

As soon as the verification service became available to Instagram users, it was immediately overgrown with myths that have nothing to do with reality. For example, users think that a blue checkmark increases reach, but in fact it doesn’t. There is also a claim that accounts with a blue checkmark have some privileges and they are forgiven for violating social networking policies. The administration does not separate users, and a profile with verified verification can also be blocked for violations, like everyone else.

Голубая галочка в Инстаграм

Verified profiles receive all application updates first. No, this is far from the case. Yes, there are some privileges, among them we can definitely note the ability to add links to stories for those who have less than 10,000 subscribers. There were no cases when the updated Instagram functionality appeared only on verified pages. Everybody gets updates at once. Changes in appearance and statistics come selectively to some users, so updates are tested.

You can also hear such a version that a profile post with a blue checkmark automatically goes to the TOP. In fact, there is no difference between the posts of verified accounts and regular profiles. The most controversial issue is that accounts with a blue checkmark are practically not punished for violating Instagram policies. It is important to understand that the selection of inappropriate content is done manually, it is done by real people, and if there is a reason for blocking, then it will certainly be done.

There are quite a few people who want to get the same blue badge in their Instagram account. Objectively speaking, after receiving a check mark, nothing will change. Therefore, there is no need to try by any means to get it. Verification is more about dividing the public. Those who have been verified are probably popular people. The rest just want to have some publicity as well. The blue checkmark will not bring any additional benefits, even to the most promoted blogger. On the other hand, it’s free and doesn’t bind you to anything. Whether you receive it or not is up to you.

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