Instructions: how to run Instagram ads

Instructions: how to run Instagram ads
Инструкция: как запустить рекламу в Instagram
Have you decided to start a business and open a store on Instagram, or just want to sell handmade goods on this social network? To get the first customers, you have to declare yourself to the users, the simplest way that gives the desired result is advertising through Facebook. In this article, we will explain in detail how to set it up before launching, and we will analyze each item in detail, from defining goals to placement.

It is not enough to create a business project on the Internet for it to start bringing money to its owner. A website, a group in social networks or a page needs promotion, one of the best and most reliable means of attracting customers is contextual advertising. Its setting will seem incomprehensible, but only at first, we propose to consider each item in detail and step by step.

First steps of setting up Instagram ads

So, where to start any promotion on the Internet? Determining the goals and the desired result, in real life, everything is somewhat easier, attracting a customer to a store is an attempt to sell him a product. But if you decide to create an online store on Instagram, then positions such as increasing the number of subscribers, an attempt to promote a separate post, increase trust in the brand and push it to the masses are automatically added to the list of potential goals.

Первые шаги настройки рекламы

Of course, before launching an advertising campaign, you will have to design your page at the proper level, prepare your products for display, understand what contextual advertising is in particular and be ready for the first customers. Especially the context successfully shows itself in promoting not goods, but services, where there is no way to just get by with a beautiful photo. Are you sure you are ready, have compiled a description for the store page, added at least two dozen products, or described your services? Then let’s get started.

How to prepare advertisements

When you decide to prepare an ad for Instagram you will be faced with a choice of three formats, namely video, image and carousel. Think about the question, which is more suitable for the promoted product or service, for ease of choice, we will tell you about them.

Photo. The most common format of posts on Instagram is undoubtedly a photo, but in the case of a selling ad, a photo needs to be approached more thoughtfully. The paradox is that according to statistics, the most successful selling photos do not look like promotional ones. Try to convey the joy of purchasing your product to one of your customers, but don’t overdo it.

Video. Just forget about conversational videos, a potential buyer should understand what you want to tell him, even with the sound turned off. Many users of social networks spend time in them at work or on the road; they will not turn on the sound for the sake of advertising. The rest of the rules do not differ in variety, do not be corny and intrusive, but convey the atmosphere and interest people.

Ring gallery. At first glance, incomprehensible wording means a slide show of several images, which opens up quite promising opportunities for an advertising format. You can show only one product or service of yours, demonstrating it from all sides, or lay out a number of proposals in front of a person.

Launching Instagram Ads

Before you rush to readily open your page, we are forced to warn you that you need a Facebook account to start advertising on Instagram. But if you seriously decided to figure out what SMM promotion is, put up with the fact that you won’t be able to limit yourself to one social network. You will have to comprehensively study the market and target audience.

Запускаем рекламу в Instagram

So, we are preparing for the start of an advertising campaign, and first of all we go to our Facebook page and find “Settings” in the upper left corner. A list of customizable positions will appear before our eyes, we are interested in the line “advertising on Instagram”, having found it, we click and link the accounts.

Not that hard right? Next, you will need to go to the Facebook advertising account and directly create and configure advertising. You can get into it by clicking on the inverted triangle located in the upper right corner. You will be able to select goals such as engagement, traffic or sales. Whatever you choose, we strongly advise you to study the article on how to choose words for contextual advertising, this will save you large amounts of money on non-target users and significantly increase the effectiveness of promotion.

готовимся к старту рекламной компании

Setting up an audience for contextual advertising

Having decided on the goals, choosing the right key phrases, you can safely click on the “Create an advertising account” button, but the real difficulties are just beginning. Now you are faced with the task of understanding your target audience and fine-tuning the display of ads to people who will be interested in them. Take the setting seriously, the entire further success of the entire advertising campaign depends on it.

Geography. Geolocation is needed in order to weed out people who are unable to use your goods or services. Here you can select a country, city or even a specific area. The advantage of social networks is that people willingly indicate their location or city of residence. If you sell things and have the opportunity to send them throughout the country and the CIS, indicate this, if your scope of activity includes services in Moscow, set up geolocation.

Настройка аудитории для контекстной рекламы

Detailed targeting. Don’t want to pay for extra clicks on your ads? Then you have to understand targeting. One of the secrets answering the question of what is the effectiveness of contextual advertising is the ability to indicate the exact data of the person you need. For example, when selling toys to children, you can choose to display your items exclusively to parents.

Детальный таргетинг

Budget and Schedule. It’s time to decide on the payment of the advertising campaign, enter the desired amount, specify the time when you want to start showing ads and their completion. If done correctly on the right, you will see the number of people who will see the ad and a detailed description. Are you unsatisfied with these results? Then use the services of an SMM agency, he will tell you in detail how you can reduce costs without losing targeted traffic or lead the project to success on his own.

Бюджет и график

Display optimization. Facebook’s built-in algorithms are able to optimize ad serving based on the selected ad campaign target settings, which we discussed earlier. When launching an advertisement, a task for which to increase engagement, select the item “engagement for publication”. If you are looking for optimal traffic, the pay-per-click feature is most convenient. The selected lines in this column directly depend on how quickly and efficiently your money will be spent.

Создание рекламного объявления в Instagram

Create an Instagram ad

If you have reached this position, then the difficulties are over and all that remains is to prepare the advertising post itself. If your goal is “Engagement” there is no need to create a new ad, it is enough to select an existing one, but in other situations you will have to arrange everything from the very beginning. Add a link to your account in the post, and click on the “check order” button, if everything is done correctly, then you can safely place it.

Select a payment method. After placing your order, Facebook will offer to choose how you will pay for the advertising campaign. You can link your credit card, and 1 dollar will be instantly debited from you, but after a few seconds it will be returned back, this is necessary to check the creditworthiness and operability of the card. After verification, card data will be saved in the “Billing and Payment Methods” tab, in the future you can delete your accounts or add new ones.

Submitting an ad for moderation. Congratulations, your ad campaign is now complete and there is only one thing left for you to do – submit your ad to Facebook so they can check it against all social media requirements. You won’t have to wait long, a standard check takes less than an hour, and if everything is done correctly, you will receive a notification that “the advertisement is approved.” The setup is completed, it remains to await the results and respond in a timely manner to user activity under the advertising record.

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