Is there a shadow ban in Tik-Tok: truth or myth?

Is there a shadow ban in Tik-Tok: truth or myth?
теневой бан тик ток

A shadow ban is a mysterious threat that, as they say, no TikToker is immune from. Let’s figure out how real it is and what can be done to “unban”.

Is there a shadow ban in TikTok?

Есть ли теневой бан в Тик Ток

And what exactly does the shadow ban in Tik Tok mean? What kind of a wonderful animal is this? So, having quickly searched through the complaints and testimonies of TikTokers on Reddit and other forums, here’s what we found out.

In simple terms, shadownbanning in TikTok is when an account suddenly stops receiving views, likes and traffic from the For You page (aka For You in the English version). p>

So, the authors notice that they have had success in the past. People came, watched, liked. And now this success has suddenly come to naught. In theory, this could be due to the fact that TikTok’s algorithms have chosen to show content less often to their potential target audience.

And how to determine the shadow ban in Tik Tok with 100% accuracy? How to understand that here he is, dear, poisons the statistics of views and likes?

In principle, checking a shadow ban in Tik Tok is simple: if a TikToker diligently plows, not sparing time and effort, he comes up with plots, mounts “vidos” no worse than Stanley Kubrick, releases several pieces a day, and the exhaust from these efforts is zero , then … Probably we are dealing with this very ban. Alas.

Sounds like a crime. And punishment at the same time. Most users of the platform come to the conclusion that a shadow ban is a reaction to inappropriate content that violates the official rules of the platform.

The main catch is that the creators of the application do not explicitly state anything about the shadow bath. In the best traditions of the crafty Chinese diplomacy: maybe it is, or maybe not – survive, creators, as you wish. So what to do?

Tik Tok’s shadow ban and its reasons

причины теневого бана в тик токHow to get rid of the shadow ban in Tik Tok? The best tactic is not to receive it initially.

As an independent investigation shows, the collective mind of the Tiktokers managed to isolate the possible reasons why a shadow ban can be caught. So, the main precautions:

  1. Rules should not be broken

TikTok has its own guidelines – a set of rules that your content must comply with. This means that in the videos, in no case is it allowed:

  • Promote violence.
  • Publish +18 content.
  • Encourage hatred based on origin, religion, disability, social status, etc.
  • Carry out illegal activities.
  • Demonstrate firearms.
  • Advertise gambling, drugs, alcohol and other prohibited items.

In short, before writing stories, it is recommended that you read the rules cover to cover. TikTok, however, positions itself as an “entertainment platform for the whole family.” So you have to match.

It is not surprising, for example, if massive shadow bans will soon follow on those accounts where the challenges on theft of car caps were filmed. Even if the damage is insignificant, the action still falls under the article on petty hooliganism.

  1. Sequence

According to some reports, the shadow ban in Tik Tok and the reasons for getting into it lie in too motley publications.

теневой бан тик ток причины попадания

Again, there is no exact information. But some Tiktokers who faced a sudden drop in interest in them noted that they tried themselves in completely different genres: comedy, sketches, pranks, lipsticks, social experiments, and so on.

It is suspected that TikTok expects genre sequence from active authors.

If the videos become too variegated in terms of content, then such a salad is not to the liking of TT algorithms. Or rather, not on electronic neurons.

This does not mean that there is no room for experiments at all. After all, TikTok promotes creative freedom in its promotions. Nevertheless, publications should be made consistent in semantic terms.

It’s also worth thinking about how regularly you post videos. Downturns in activity do not go unnoticed by the all-seeing eye of Tiktok’s AI.

If posting activity drops, the account can be automatically pushed to the backyard of the TikTok universe. And this, one might say, is tantamount to a shadow ban.

  1. Improve quality

Another likely way to get a shadow ban in Tik Tok is to shoot low quality videos.

A blurry picture, so-so editing, a low level of skill – be it dancing or magic tricks – all this can bring displeasure to the invisible TT administration. (Unless, of course, such moments are not part of the artistic intention).

Again, speaking of TikTok, quality can be viewed subjectively. But apparently the application reacts to the low interest of the audience for your efforts.

It is also possible that a neural network operates in TikTok, which assesses the quality of videos independently, based on the visual quality of the material. So you have to make disappointing conclusions and work on yourself.

  1. Cheat

Apparently, the shadow ban in Tik Tok for cheating is quite real. In the column “Security and authenticity of content” it is clearly stated that it is impossible to cheat varnishes and views.

You also cannot advertise services that do this, offer life hacks dedicated to cheating, as well as try to buy all of the above.

In principle, this is one of the most legitimate reasons why your account can get a shadow ban and disappear from the Tiktok feed for a long time.

There is a similar policy on YouTube: winding up likes and views are quickly cut off. And channels that sin like this lose monetization and catch strikes. In this respect, TikTok is no worse.

In general, these four rules are the most effective preventive measures on how to avoid a shadow ban in Tik Tok. But the investigation continues!

Shadow ban in Tik Tok and how to remove it

теневой бан тик ток как его убрать

So, suppose something terrible happened. Tik Tok issued a shadow ban and what to do with it now? There is no clear instruction as such. But there were a couple of practical tips.

  1. General cleaning

Well, you have to remove all content that goes against the principles and rules established by TikTok. This should be done as quickly as possible.

After deleting content that falls under the “inappropriate” category, you must wait at least two weeks before the shadow ban is removed from your account.

However, two weeks is a suspended sentence. For some, the ban disappeared faster, for others it never. From time to time, you can refresh the page to check if you have finally managed to remove the taboo from your account.

  1. All over again

If you can’t find out why your account is given a shadow ban in Tik Tok, and its signs are nevertheless visible, then there is only one way out: create a new account.

Sometimes it’s really easier to delete your current TikTok account and start the whole odyssey from scratch. This is especially worth trying if you don’t have that many followers and engagement.

Wait about a month before permanently deleting your TikTok account and creating a new one. And in the new one, strictly adhere to the community rules. Misha let’s do it all over again, as they say

  1. Content parsing

Another way to get around the shadow ban in Tik Tok is to learn to understand and feel your audience. And to produce content that is not “toxic”.

Learn more about your audience. Whatever one may say, but a huge part of the audience in TikTok are children. So it is worth sticking to more or less “friendly content”. Nothing to be done is now part of your responsibility.

Make sure that your videos are free of nudity, sexual themes, obscenities, and especially pornographic materials.

Remember that posting videos with such materials can lead to serious troubles, one of which is a shadow ban in Tik Tok forever.

So far, these are the only possible ways to get out of the shadow ban in Tik Tok. It is likely that the TT administration will add a function in the future to protest the ban and other sanctions, as is done on YouTube.

How long does a Tik Tok shadow ban last?

сколько длится теневой бан в тик токе

There is no reliable information on this issue, alas. Some users report that you have about two weeks of head start to bring your account into a divine form, getting rid of provocative / low-quality materials.

Others insist that the duration of a shadow ban is always different and depends on the “severity” of your violation.

Still others believe that the shadow ban is permanent. The fact is that there are more than one billion people sitting in TikTok now. And about half, if not more, are filming videos.

In short, no one knows how long the shadow ban goes in Tik Tok. It is hardly possible to monitor the controversial content of each account manually. Moderators will have to chained themselves to a computer and monitor endless videos to a ripe old age.

Instead of them, the role of referee is often performed by dispassionate algorithms. And for how long they can freeze your account, only the engineers know that they wrote their code.

So, is there a shadow ban in Tik Tok?

More likely than not. Some time ago, TikTok deleted nearly 50 million videos in just six months.

The reason is clear as day: these videos did not comply with community and user guidelines. That’s how 50 million videos went into oblivion. And with them, perhaps, the accounts of the authors. In addition, not so long ago, an interesting discovery was made about the “invisible censorship”.

Portal The Intercept somehow conducted an independent investigation and found one interesting and even a little secret document intended for TikTok employees.

It mentions an instruction that instructs moderators to “slow down” content from TikTokers, who look, let’s say, not entirely presentable. (The word “ugly” was used in the original article).

It is noteworthy that TikTok confirmed the veracity of this instruction. But then The Intercept told The Intercept that in fact, many of these guidelines were “either no longer used or never used at all,” and that they were simply not a very successful attempt to prevent bullying and bullying.

This is, in principle, a clear example of what a shadow ban looks like in Tik Tok. And although its existence has never been officially confirmed, in fact, the TT leadership was caught red-handed.

как обойти теневой бан в тик токе


  1. Signs of a shadow ban in TikTok
  • Content no longer appears in the feed.
  • The activity of viewers unexpectedly decreases.
  • No more likes, comments, views or new subscribers.
  1. How to remove the shadow ban in Tik Tok?
  • Improve the quality of your videos.
  • Remove questionable content.
  • Maintain thematic uniformity.
  1. How to check the shadow ban in TikTok?

Alas, there is no way to see the shadow ban in Tik Tok.

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