“Is tracking statistics of someone else’s Instagram account?”

“Is tracking statistics of someone else’s Instagram account?”

In November we released a new advanced feature – Tracking. And as usually happens with cool updates – customers have already come up with 4 use cases. We, of course, enjoy the fact that Tracking is useful, so we decided to write about this benefit.

In short, Tracking helps:

  1. Follow your Instagram stats daily
  2. See statistics of other people’s accounts
  3. Check how blogger ads worked
  4. Check the ad effectiveness of a specific blogger.

You can try it yourself right now. Or I’ll show you quickly.

Scenario # 1. Track your statistics

This is how it looks for me:

Прирост подписчиков

  • Orange – my subscribers are accumulating. This helps to see the growth rate.
  • Columns at the bottom – change per day. Blue if my followers are up, red if they are down.

I look at this data every day, so I usually use an interval of 30 or 7 days. But in the calendar , you can conveniently adjust any range.

Besides that, I look at my posts – which posts get likes and comments . But this will be better seen in the example from the next paragraph. In the meantime, I’ll show you what is needed in this particular use case – the best time to post .

Лучшее время для публикации в Instagram

If you use tracking for your account, this graph will tell you when to post. If you click on a cell, the service will show average likes, comments and ER.

Add your account

Why is this better than statistics on Instagram itself

I think you have this question in your head. We have analyzed only one scenario so far, so it is too early to talk about it, but now there is one difference between the trendHERO statistics and the “native application”.

Date range.

Donnedavna Instagram showed statistics for 7 days (now for 7 or 30). Moreover, one day late. If you started to unsubscribe from me today, then I will see it in the statistics of the application only the day after tomorrow.

In trendHERO, the date range is as many as you want. We collected account data for analysis, so it may happen that we already have your old data. Check it out now?

Continued answer at the end of the article …

Scenario # 2. Statistics of someone else’s Instagram account

In the “native” application, you will not see how another account is gaining subscribers. As well as his other statistics.

In this use case, you see everything the same as in the first one. There is no difference between friend and foe .

This is how I see the statistics of one blogger who recently held a giveaway:

результат Giveaway

You can check bloggers this way, or spy on competitors . If we talk about monitoring competitors, the graph of likes and comments of posts will greatly help:

Статистика Instagram

This is data from Pavel Gurov’s account. You can immediately see which posts got the most likes (blue wide stripes), and which ones got more comments (blue narrow stripes). For example, the last and second posts have the most (300 comments), and the first one has the most likes (8 thousand).

You can click and see what this post is. For example, I will click on the first post (it is below, with avka Sobchak):

Собчак и подкасты

When I do make my own full-fledged Instagram account, I will keep an eye on competitors like that.

Another useful graph in this case is post dynamics.

Частота публикации в Instagram

At the top of the line we see how many posts are in the account (we take this number from the profile). Below in the columns you can see how many posts we noticed from the blogger by the date of their publication. We noticed – because the blogger could delete the post, but we already wrote down to ourselves that the post was 🙂

As a result, according to the upper graph, you can see that a blogger or a competitor is deleting posts (usually these are advertisements or promotions). And on the bottom – how often he posts and how regularly.

Above, I showed a graph by publication time. Together with him, we now clearly understand the frequency of competitors’ content and can try new strategies. It’s trite to try to post at lunchtime or at night, if none of the competitors does this 🙂 Any “light” short content to gain activity. It can be memes, horoscopes, predictions, translations, quests, meditation practices, a reminder to drink water … Anything for the audience to like you and thereby teach the algorithmic Instagram feed that they like your posts.

Add someone else’s account to tracking

Scenario 3. Check how blogger ads have worked

Globally, bloggers have three goals for advertising:

  1. Orders
  2. brand awareness

There are many more smaller goals, but these are the main three. We track orders by promo codes and UTM tags in links from stories. Coverage – by likes and statistics screens. How do you rate subscribers?

This is just a tracking case.

For example, the statistics of the Russian branch of one store of wooden constructors (I personally have a steam locomotive, so I love them too):

Эффективность рекламы у блогеров

In the columns, the increase per day, below in figures the number of mentions.

We see on the graph that on November 29-30, there was a large increase in subscribers (1,790 + 929 = 2,710 subscribers). Where did it come from? Let’s take a look at November 28:

Реклама у Бородиной

On November 28, there was a mention from the blogger borodylia (this is Ksenia Borodina from House 2). You can click “Show Posts” and see the details in our module “Sponsored Posts”. The post, by the way, has already been deleted.

So we see that Borodina’s advertising brought 2.7 thousand subscribers to the store. Although it seems to me that the goal was primarily sales, so I do not presume to judge this as success or failure.

If your task is subscribers, it is important to draw up a clear schedule of advertising for bloggers. Then you will have statistics on the result.

The same L’etoile works differently. They have dozens of mentions + many unadvertised mentions from smaller bloggers. It looks like this:


Although here it is easy to notice that there was some kind of advertising campaign in early November – the number of mentions increased. At the same time, judging by the sharp influx (+230 thousand) and then the loss of subscribers – they held a competition or were a sponsor in Giveaway. By clicking on the number, you can “fall” into advertising posts and study it in more detail. But that is not the subject of this article.

See how blogger ads worked

Scenario 4. Checking the effectiveness of advertising with bloggers

There are 11 blocks in tracking now. I showed above 5.

You have not seen the top posts and top hashtags. And also an increase in subscriptions by which you can track mass followers.

But there are 3 more graphs, which I would call a blogger check:

  1. Engagement Rate Dynamics
  2. Advertising Performance
  3. Advertising Ratio

What the Engagement Rate Dynamics Shows

Engagement Rate Dynamics here:

Динамика Engagement Rate

This dynamic shows the markup.

Usually the dynamics should be as in the screenshot – fluctuate within 2 percentage points.

What other percentage points? A special term so as not to confuse interest and interest from interest. Difficult, therefore an example.

There were 5 apples, now 6 apples. This means that there are 1 apple or 20% more apples.

In the case of ER it was 5%, but now it is 6%. If we speak, as with apples, it would be 1% or 20% more. But it is not clear when one word means different things. Therefore, we call the percentage difference a percentage point. 1 pp or 20% more.

So, fluctuations within a couple of percentage points of norms. It was 8%, rose to 10, dropped to 7 – normal. Was 1%, fell to 0.3% and rose to 1.5% – also normal.

Engagement from posts should fluctuate slightly because the audience doesn’t like everything. Something fits better, something worse.

It’s bad when the ER graph is too flat – it looks like someone is winding up about the same number of likes and comments.

It is bad when the ER chart is too wavy (spikes more than 2 percentage points) or just dramatically falls or rises. For example, here is a graph of a person who has gained an audience in contests (and they unsubscribe every day):

Лучшее время для публикации в Instagram0

ER is the ratio of likes and comments to the number of followers. Therefore, in theory:

  • ER rises steeply if the number of subscribers drops. For example, a radical cleaning of bots
  • ER drops steeply if subscriber count rises steeply. For example, if a blogger scored 100-200 thousand on Giveaway.
  • ЕR grows steeply if the number of likes or subscribers rises sharply. For example, boosting likes without boosting subscribers. Or participation in like times.
  • ER drops steeply if new posts don’t get likes and comments. For example, you had contests and one of the conditions was to put likes. The contests are over, the likes are no longer given.

We see the last option in the chart above. Every new post without likes drops ER.

How to find out the effectiveness of blogger’s advertising

We said above that trendHERO tracking is able to track subscribers when bloggers advertise you. But it also shows how influencers’ mentions affect subscribers.

Like this:

Лучшее время для публикации в Instagram1

We go to the blogger’s tracking, go down to the effectiveness of advertising and look. On the right is the post of the blogger we are tracking, on the left is the graph of the advertiser’s subscribers. The red line is when there was an advertisement.

We see that this post (this is the announcement of the advertiser’s competition) gave 1,682 subscribers from advertising. As simple as that.

But …

There are 2 things to remember:

  1. Subscribers are not always a goal.
    Very often they do not invite people to subscribe, but simply talk about some kind of newsfeed or encourage people to buy. For example, a beauty blogger shows a new line of palettes or gives a promotional code for a brand.
  2. Advertising schedule is important.
    Otherwise, bloggers get confused and the effect is completely incomprehensible.

Here’s how:

Лучшее время для публикации в Instagram2

Advertising from 6 bloggers in one day.

You need to understand that I am not criticizing Jysk. they had other goals, so they did just that. In this case – Black Friday from November 26 to 29. They bought posts from several bloggers and got coverage in the first place – they reminded potential buyers of their store.

Each blogger has done the integration as best he can:

Лучшее время для публикации в Instagram3

It will be possible to analyze using screenshots from bloggers. Who exactly gave subscribers, we do not know – maybe all 6, maybe Olya, Moscow gave most of it. Or maybe all subscribers came from some other ad 🙂

In general, if your goal is subscribers, try not to mix ads so as not to lose statistics.

Influencer Advertising Ratio

Someone like this:

Лучшее время для публикации в Instagram4

Someone like this:

Лучшее время для публикации в Instagram5

I can’t tell you what percentage of posts with mentions is normal.

There are people who integrate ads well, so almost every post with a mention and hits the audience well. There are those who do little advertising, but they do not really reach the audience.

This indicator is rather for understanding – if an account has a lot of ads, you need to study exactly who they have advertised in the last 3 months. You need to check that the blogger did not advertise scammers or competitors.

Check blogger in tracking

Lessons I’ve learned from hundreds of tracking accounts

For small advertisers:

  1. Most of the advertising is image-based.
    “Just tell me about me”. It doesn’t work for subscribers and most likely doesn’t work directly for sales. If you take these ads from micro-influencers, you probably won’t feel the effect.
  2. If you want orders, you need to prepare the page for the arrival of an audience from a blogger.
    You have two options on how to use blogger ads. The first is to get subscribers and then convert subscribers into orders. The second is to immediately lead people out of advertising to sell something. Don’t chase two birds with one stone. In the first case, make sure that the bio and the latest posts are really useful information. In the second case, make sure that the blogger understands and communicates the conditions of the promotion, and on your page it is as simple as possible to do it. A typical mistake – advertising leads to the main site, and not to the page of the promotional product.
  3. The effect of advertising will appear on bloggers immediately.
    On the chart, this will be the first or the next day (depending on the time of publication). On average, subscribers come in 1-2 days, while on the second day 2-3 times less.

For bloggers and professionals (photographers, stylists, etc.)

  1. Mentioning itself does not generate subscribers.
    Mentioning photographers does not generate subscribers at all. Therefore, the cooperation “you give me a photo session, and I’ll tell you about you” is possible only in the format: a separate post-story, how cool I photographed you and how you recommend me to everyone + a promotional code.
  2. Call-to-action is important.
    The blogger should urge to subscribe to you as a specialist.
  3. Specialization.
    Personally, it seems to me that the era of lifestyle bloggers is over (I don’t see such bloggers with organic growth). Today you write about food, tomorrow about travel, the day after tomorrow about relationships … This is now rather repulsive. At the same time, bloggers with a simple topic also rarely visit. The 100500th photographer or food blogger is not impressive. You need to come up with a zest, as well as engage in promotion (the subscriber’s price will be lower if the content is unique).
  4. It’s important to analyze content every day.
    I have come across accounts with posts that get 2-3 times more likes, but they are in no hurry to repeat their success. Maybe it was a cheat or targeted advertising. But in the context of my account, I know clearly – if you like the post, you need to try to move in that direction.

For big brands:

  1. Most brands aim for reach.
    That’s why they get a lot of mentions from bloggers every day. And ad campaigns are just a way to announce the release of a new product.
  2. It is necessary to analyze the subsidence of previous advertising posts.
    The quality of a blogger can be seen by comparing his average likes and likes in past advertising posts. It seems to me that the norm is 60-110% of the average likes. This means that the blogger is more or less able to integrate ads. If less or more – you need to figure out why.
    For example, a blogger has an average of 8 thousand likes. He advertised a food delivery service and the post got 2000 likes (most likely, the coverage dipped proportionally). If advertising is in the forehead, then most likely the low quality of integration. Or the audience is not the same. Then look at another ad. If there is such a subsidence everywhere, he does not know how to integrate. If some advertising comes in, then the problem may be in the audience and you need to dig further.
    There is a reverse situation, when advertising is gaining good reach and likes, but little emphasis on our brand. For example, a blogger describes her breakup with her husband for a long time and relish, and then at the end: “But cheesecakes with bacon from Dobraya Bakery helped me to survive this situation.

Why is this better than statistics on Instagram itself (attempt # 2)

Now that we have seen all the functions, we can say – to all.

Tracking in trendHERO gives very different information than Instagram statistics (Insights). Of the total, only an increase in subscribers.

How trendHERO tracking is different

  • Can be seen for any account, not just yours.
  • Any date range can be supplied.
  • You can sort posts by ER, but not by reach or subscribers.
  • There is an analysis of the effectiveness of advertising.
  • You can see the result of advertising from bloggers.

What does this mean?

TrendHERO tracking is convenient to use for your account, for checking bloggers and for “spying” on competitors. In addition, the agency can make a detailed audit or weekly report without even having access to the account (if the client is very worried about his security).

At the same time, such tracking will significantly enhance the statistics from Instagram and will help to deeply check bloggers.


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