Jesica bot review from Instaplus. Instagram promotion without blocks 2020-2021

Jesica bot review from Instaplus. Instagram promotion without blocks 2020-2021

Modern problems require modern solutions.

Instagram’s policy to block automatic account promotion forces us to look for new solutions for safe mass following and mass liking. This solution is the innovative Jesica bot.

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What is Jesica Bot?

This is the application that you put on your phone. Jesica opens your Instagram and starts to like and follow you.

You can even watch your phone like and follow the people you want.

This solution has two cool advantages:

  1. Speed.
  2. Security.

1. Jesica’s Instagram speed and limits

The basic principle of operation – Jesica pretends to be you, as if you like and subscribe manually. Therefore, getting a block for massliking or massfollowing is less likely. The chance is the same as if you did it manually.

We recommend the following Likes Limits at Jesica:

  • ask 300 likes for the first 3 days.
  • 4-6 to 400.
  • From day 7 – 600 likes.
  • From day 10 – launch 1000 likes.

Please note that such high limits are only available in Jesica. In other methods of promotion, the limits are 2-3 times lower.

Since Jesica Bot has a high speed of putting likes, then 300 likes can be received in 2-3 hours.

Jesica Subscription Limits:

  • set 50 subscriptions for the first 3 days.
  • 4-6 to 75.
  • From day 7 – 100 subscriptions.
  • From day 10 – launch 300 subscriptions each.

2. Safe Instagram Promotion with Jesica

We have already said that Jesica is safe because there is less chance of getting a block with this promotion.

But apart from that, you also don’t need to enter your password in Instaplus. You do not give anyone access to your account, so everything is safe. All actions take place on your phone and under your control.

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What can you get with Jesica?

Reaches, likes, subscriptions.

Two things are very important in massliking and massfollowing: your content and the source.

These are things that work on the principle of reciprocity, and if a person does not understand why he needs to subscribe in response, then he will not do it.

Therefore, the result is very often measured in the percentage of mutual likes / subscriptions. Have 100 subscriptions, and how many reciprocal ones have you received? And here we can already talk about numbers.

We have written so much of the text above so that you clearly understand – the better the source you choose, the more likes and subscriptions you will get.

For example, if you have a beauty salon, a beauty salon nearby or a fashion blogger from your city might be a good source. A zoo or a bike shop isn’t. Always start checking with an active audience of competitors and gurus in your topic.

Jesica Promotion Results

It is rather difficult to accurately calculate the result on the account that is being promoted, so we created a zero account .

A zero account is an account without promotion: we don’t post content every day, we don’t make stories, we don’t reply to comments, we don’t buy ads. On such an account, usually all statistics are based on zeros.

This is just such a marketing account – we launched 1000 likes per day for it. Source – Instagram marketing guru.

Let me remind you that these are only likes – and there is no work with subscribers, only Jesica and selection of a source.

Where can I get a list of contacts for Mass Liking and Mass Following through Jesica?

Jesica works like a regular bulk promotion.

You create a list of accounts to loop through and Jesica does it on your phone. Where can I get this list?

It’s very simple – start data collection in Instaplus and click the “Export result to Jesica list” checkbox

Alternatively, use the Jesica List special mission.

Instaplus can collect data:

  • by geolocation
    • for example, everyone who is celebrated in certain beauty salons in Kiev
  • by blogger audience
    • who like competitors.
    • those who comment on a blogger on your topic.
    • those who follow you.
  • by hashtag

Lifehack : try to like those who follow you. They already know you and are more likely to like you back. This will increase engagement on your profile.

How do I install Jesica?

You can install Jesica on your phone following the instructions in Instaplus.

Or, if you need to promote several accounts, but there are no many phones, use an Android emulator (for example, Bluestack). The word emulator only sounds menacing. The same Bluestack is a computer program that housewives use to play Farm Frenzy and other Android games from several accounts at once.

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Cost of promoting on Instagram via Jesica Bot

Jesica is included in the Instaplus subscription price – from 399 rubles per month.

That is, you add an account (without entering a password) and it is counted towards your account limit for promotion. How many accounts you need to promote, you pay so much. The more accounts, the more savings.

If you have not used Instaplus yet, you can try promoting your account for free for 5 days.

What limitations does Jesica Bot have?

  • currently only works on Android or PC (via Android emulator).
  • actions: like, subscribe, unsubscribe, like + subscribe.

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