July digest: fresh on Instagram

July digest: fresh on Instagram

Aloha, friends.

By tradition, we cover all the news of July on Instagram in our “Digest” section. Let’s quickly go over the most key points, tell you what has been done and what the development team is working on. The June digest can be read here.

New Stickers and Developments in Stories

It took Instagram exactly one month to implement the charity sticker. There is now a new donation sticker in Stories. In fact, this sticker is necessary for fundraising precisely by charitable organizations. The way a sticker works is similar to any other: you publish a Story, write a text, attach a sticker and choose a fund from the list of approved Instagram. Now you have a chance to help the Red Cross or Greenpiss directly. How it will work on the territory of the CIS with Stories and charitable organizations is not yet clear. But if someone from the celebrity hosts such a thing, perhaps there will be fewer hungry children in Africa. Have you already got a new sticker? By the way, earlier Instagram added the “Join Chat” sticker.

Instagram donation sticker

Also, Instagram is currently testing a new mentions tab for Stories. Now you will see separately those Stories on which someone marked you or your page. Now you can also see this in messages in Yandex.Direct. But with a new tab it will become much more convenient.

New Stories With You Tab

Another new thing in the near future, an AR effect sticker will appear in Stories. By clicking on it, the user will be able to select and add an AR object to the photo.

How AR effect sticker works

Instagram will oblige to indicate real age during registration

You are aware that if you are under 13 years old, then you formally do not have the right to create an account on Facebook and Instagram. But this does not stop teenagers in any way. There is nothing wrong with the fact that a child has his own Instagram and the opportunity to “express himself” online under the supervision of adults. The problem is that children create business accounts on social networks, and because of this, their personal data (phone, email) is in the public domain. The new feature is designed to protect data. But it is not clear how it will work to the end. Indeed, when specifying age, they do not ask for confirmation, but guessing to indicate 14 years instead of, say, 12 is within the power of any teenager.

Instagram has deleted several dozen accounts with memes. And Facebook with political propaganda

This is how you specialize in creating memes on your Instagram page for many years, collecting subscribers bit by bit. And then one day you wake up, and Instagram deleted your page without the right of appeal. This is exactly what Instagram has done recently with dozens of pages, the main content of which is memes. Deleted the pages without warning, thereby causing a wave of indignation from the admins. They can be understood too. One owner had over 13 million followers. The reason is complaints from subscribers. Facebook (one company) also does not accept political propaganda and deletes pages permanently.

So you better not take risks with memes and politics. Go white hacking like Laxman Mutiya did. He found a way to hack Instagram accounts for as little as $ 150, reported this to the Facebook administration, and received a $ 30,000 reward as part of the Bug bounty program. Good guy.


Instagram will warn the user before blocking the account

Instagram, of course, can afford to delete any page without warning. But by doing so, it causes a wave of negativity from the user. In order to avoid this, the company decided to automate and smooth out the negative with a warning before blocking. Remember the black mark from Treasure Island? Instagram will send a notification of the same importance before blocking. But the best thing about this is that the notification will indicate the reason for the violation of the social network rule. In case of an error, you can appeal the blocking. Isn’t this Instagram lovely?


What about likes, reach and engagement?

Somehow last month, there were some disruptions in work on Instagram and Facebook. This fact is confirmed even by the Downdetector service, which analyzes site failures. This directly affects the receipt of likes and comments from readers. Also, SMMs complain that engagement has dropped sharply since May 2019. I also noticed this fact. But not on all pages for some reason. Research from Trust Insights also proves this in numbers. What is the reason for this, the representatives of the Facebook company do not explain. But even influencers are also seeing a decline in engagement by numbers.

And also be prepared for the fact that likes will soon disappear altogether under posts. Only page owners will see them.

Hidden likes

Conviva researchers advise publishing more Stories in the morning to increase reach. So it is more likely that they will be watched to the end. The length of Stories should not exceed 10 frames. And if you run a large brand page, try posting 15 to 25 Stories per day to increase your reach. Because there is a direct correlation between reach and story length.

Well, those were all #instances for July 2019. Happy promotion!

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