June digest: fresh on Instagram

June digest: fresh on Instagram
Новости Инстаграма что нового в приложении за июнь 2019

Aloha, friends.

Today is July 1st. This means that there are only 2 summer months ahead. I hope you didn’t spend all of June in the office, but managed to eat cherries, open the bathing season and drink a couple of refreshing cocktails.

Today we continue our tradition – we share with you Instagram news for the last month. So, if something is missed or forgotten, it does not matter! In this article, you will find out what Instagram has been working on in the past 30 days. By the way, do not forget to read our digests for April and May. Recently, Instagram has more than enough news!

Instagram is testing “Product” and “Order” stickers

It seems that this is the next step in the transformation of social. networks into an ecommerce platform. SMM expert Matt Navarra (Matt Navarra) wrote about this innovation on his Twitter. Don’t worry if you don’t have these stickers yet. Like all cool innovations, they first appear and are tested in America. Then, after a while, in other countries. Instagram has not yet commented on this new product. Although, here it is clear to the goat that this is directly related to the launch of new trade tags.

Instagram is testing the section with viewed posts

With this function, users will be able to find any photo they viewed, regardless of where it was found. This innovation was noticed in his “Settings” by the same Matt Navarra and posted on Twitter. On my own I would add that it will be very cool if Instagram is still it does. So you can estimate the “volumes” of the viewed pictures per day and you will always find the very funny / cool picture that you remember.

Story views growth

Do you keep track of the number of views of your Stories? We did not notice that their number has grown sharply over the past month. The growth in the number of views is due to the use of mass-browsing services – mass viewing.

This function is available in third-party Instagram applications and allows you to automatically view up to 80 thousand stories per day. On average, services offer one Story per view for 0.01 kopeck. Brands are actively using such services to attract a new audience, and SMM agencies consider this way of promoting an account to be working.

Want to try masslooking? Social Hammer and Tooligram to help you! These are two of the oldest, most reliable (and verified by us) services for Instagram promotion.

The logic of the SMM agency is as follows. In view of the fact that likes + subscriptions are no longer so effective, and masslooking is a novelty, this method is now very effective. Many users follow who is viewing their Stories. Strangers from the list of friends are immediately visible Out of curiosity, a user can open a user profile and subscribe to it. There is a probability, of course, but not a fact. But users, on the contrary, criticized “masslooking” for intrusiveness.

By the way, you can protect yourself from viewing the Stories of specific users by simply “selecting” them in the Privacy settings or by allowing only the “Best Friends” list to view Stories.

Instagram launched Branded Content Ads

Instagram has allowed brands to officially promote posts with bloggers. The innovation will be useful for brands ordering product reviews from influencers.

How does it work? To create an advertising post in a new format, a blogger needs to place a post with products, mark the brand account and allow it to be promoted in the advanced settings. After that, the publication will become available to the brand in the Ads Manager. Such posts can be promoted in the feed and in Instagram Stories. The opportunity to promote sponsored posts in the feed will appear in the next few weeks. Ads in Stories will become available a little later – in the next few months.

Instagram is testing a new way to recover hacked accounts

To restore access to your account, social. the network will now require the email address or phone number provided during registration. They will be sent a six-digit code that cannot be used to recover an account from another device. The new method ensures that the user can get their account back even if the attacker changed their contact details and username.

I don’t know if this will simplify the process of recovering an account, because the real owner can also change the data and username. Then he doesn’t need to restore it, you say. But there are different situations when an account belongs to several people at once. All in all, Santa Barbara can start. Although, in general, the logic of Instagram is clear and understandable. There is still a chance that it will be necessary to prove that you are not a camel. So, this innovation should, at least in theory, reduce the number of hacks and unauthorized use of other people’s accounts.

Did you know that Instagram will introduce a system of temporary freezing of the account name? After changing the name or changing it as a result of hacking, for some time no one can take the old account name. It is not yet known when Instagram will introduce the new recovery system. However, name blocking is already available to all Android users and partially on iOS.

New direction of Instagram strategy – development of in-app trading

Have you ever heard the name Adam Mosseri? This is a person who previously served as an executive at Facebook, especially known for creating the platform’s news feed. He is currently the head of Instagram. Not so long ago, he announced a new strategy for the next 5-10 years of the development of online commerce on Instagram. It is about finding common ground between sellers, users and influencers on Instagram.

For this, a large-scale infrastructure will be created, which, for example, will allow processing payments from any country. In addition, the security system will be improved at the site. I think that in the future, Instagram may turn into something like Amazon or AliExpress.

Instagram Top Ads

This, of course, is not good for ordinary social users. networks. But everyone wants to eat. Instagram promises to do it “gradually and thoughtfully.” At the start, Instagram will only show ads to users who have interacted with the Explore tab, that is, Top. To begin with, Instagram will test the promotion of its own product – IGTV, which is not developing as fast as Stories. Gradually, ads will become the same part of the tab as in the main application ribbon.

Brands will be able to host their ad apps in Explore through the Facebook Ads Manager. Representatives of the social. the networks note that 50% of the monthly audience of the app visits Top Instagram, so there is someone to show ads to.

Instagram is testing profile donation button

Mobile Apps Expert, Jane Manchun Wong , today tweeted a screenshot of the new button on her Instagram account.

Quietly, without saying anything to anyone, Instagram is testing the “Donation” button on the account. It will be displayed under the information about the user, next to the button “Write”, “E-mail address” and “How to call”. With this innovation, business account owners will be able to collect donations from subscribers.

Well, those were all #instances for June 2019.

Enjoy your summer vacation and successful promotion!

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