Lifehacking specializes in promoting its business on facebook

Lifehacking specializes in promoting its business on facebook

It is necessary to use Facebook messaging to actively sell products. You probably know that there are Instagram-like stories on this platform. This type of story is called Messenger Day. It is useful to use them in order to analyze and track your target audience.

What features help attract attention?

Let’s start by taking a closer look at the developer features on facebook.

You can determine how many users paid attention to your story. Opposite the tab is a small gray circle with the number of views indicated. By clicking on it, it is possible to access the pages of users interested in your publications. It will be easier for you to understand who your active users are and who is attracted to your content.

You can also see who left smileys on your post, as well as reviews so you know how much users like your content.

You can also receive user comments as a separate message which will give the impression of an individual communication. Users often like this.

Messenger Day

Messenger Day is an app that lets you understand how well known your brand is. This app is at the top of the menu, and it’s very easy to find it. You want to keep your audience as interested as possible. Users will watch your posts and leave comments while waiting for updates.

All content can be accessed at the top of the mailbox. Thus, Facebook algorithms will not be able to hide a video or photos.

If you’re still working on a social media promotion strategy, don’t forget Messenger Day. This application helps enormously in creating a bond between clients and entrepreneurs.

Lifehacking spécialisé dans la promotion de son entreprise sur facebook


You can choose for yourself who will see your posts. It is possible to select the subscribers according to their interests for example. Send each of the selected segments the content that interests the users.

Subscribers and direct customers are always interested in what is really going on “behind the scenes”. Take pictures or videos, talk about what you do in your business. It doesn’t matter what you do – restaurant, lounge, or for example flower shop. Your audience will appreciate the content.

Send traffic to other social networks. Intriguing publications on Messenger Day with a link for example to Instagram, more easily attract new Internet users to your profile.

Chat bots

This is another tool for connecting customers with business members. This feature on Facebook should not be forgotten. Communication on messaging is simpler and more personal than on e-mail. It is therefore generally advisable to have a chat bot to transfer information to customers and write individual messages. This allows you to sort through the messages that you yourself can pay attention to. This allows you to have a good relationship with your customers.


The cover is like your calling card. It’s the first thing your customers will see on your profile. This is the reason why it is very important to use it for your own advertising. It’s bizarre that many entrepreneurs are simply ignoring such the obvious. Make a cover directly related to the theme of your business or actions. If a party is approaching, change the cover to make it more thematic or personal. A perfect variation and to leave the company name on the cover with a slogan to catch the eye and quickly summarize the field of activity.

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We all know that as we update the News Feed, the posts go lower and lower. Therefore, it is often necessary to correct a message with essential information or just to leave notes. Notes have a good structure in the sense that they are ideal for long positions and make them look great. In addition, they represent a static link with which you will not lose any information.

Use the contact form

This method is also used a lot. Look at the contact forms that Facebook offers. It is also possible to use similar applications.

Lead management

This social network offers advertising specializing in the collection of leads. The advantage of such advertisements is the ease with which it is possible to receive information about the applications that customers use, directly in the news feed. It is possible to subscribe to your page directly through advertising. By clicking on it, the customer must start by filling out a social network form and manually access the site.


Live broadcasts should be filmed regularly. For example, you can choose a fixed date like Wednesday and Friday. Your subscribers will then wait for your live streams just as they can watch a series on television. Why is it necessary to shoot live? It costs next to nothing and is very effective. Social networks highly value live streams because they are often viewed by many more users than regular posts. Take advantage of your page to offer live videos and all your subscribers will receive the news. How to do ? It’s very simple.

Go to the “video gallery”. Create your live by filling out the associated form and choosing a time.


You have no doubt heard this phrase before: everything is new and you have to forget the old. It is necessary to regularly delete old publications because the compilation of documents is often tedious for Internet users. Additionally, most subscribers only pay attention to about 5% of all content in their news feed. Did you post some good content a few months ago? Find your best posts and publish them again, updating them if necessary.

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Lifehacking spécialisé dans la promotion de son entreprise sur facebook

It is possible on facebook to follow the entertaining surroundings of a specific event. This can be broadcast through photographs or even live video.

How do I find the right theme?

Enter the query “Desired subject PNG” in the search engine and see what you like. After you find what you like, go to the platform and start working on the design details.


This is a great feature. Make infographics by bringing together the most important points about your products or services. There is nothing too difficult and there are a large number of specialized services to help you, accessible directly on the social network.

Create unique personal content on Facebook. Such an initiative will make your subscribers really feel special. You can include any promotional offers, stories, or even lifehacking for Facebook that you want to share. Creating a special label, for example, is a good option. Do something you can find only on Facebook.

Beautiful links

Change the address of your page. It is possible to select a beautiful address, easy to remember and having a contact or a signature. You can also add an address to the electronic signature or business cards etc.

QR codes are a good variation for beginners.

Obviously, sign up for business news on Facebook, so that you are always up to date with the latest news.

There is also a tool allowing you to compare your profile with that of your competitors.

Invite your subscribers to leave likes on your posts. This method is used by all bloggers.

Leave the most important information at the top of the page. So they will be visible first to your subscribers. It is also possible to change the order of the posts.

Don’t be lazy and learn the algorithm of this social network.

If you can speak English, you can change the language of your profile to try the Grap Search social search feature on Facebook. Suppose you need to find people who might like your profile. Ask “people who like (followed by the name of the profile in question)”. It is also possible in the same way to consult the profile of its competitors.

If for example you want to add facebook friends to your account in a certain direction, it is possible to select the suitable audience for you. Later, with good content and a focused strategy, simple facebook friends will eventually become your customers. Remember to regularly check the groups that your friends are subscribed to. It may help to create something new or develop your ideas to develop his facebook account.

Finally, you don’t have to leave your profile in English. You can use the English language only during the search time.

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