Lifehacks and Instagram tricks 2021

Lifehacks and Instagram tricks 2021

It turns out that not everyone uses the capabilities of the popular social network to the fullest.

In this article, we have collected the hottest Instagram tips that can significantly simplify the use of the service. Ready to learn something new? Let’s go then!

Coolest Instagram Secrets

Once you master the secret tricks, you can create awesome content that will attract new followers and make your feed more varied. Several links in the profile header, animated stickers calling to action, and colorful letters in stories – you will learn about the main secrets of Instagram in today’s article.

Life Hacks for Stories

Tired of standard fonts and filters? Then it’s time to change something. Stories are an effective business tool that many people underestimate. With stories, you can share links to useful sources or short videos, conduct surveys, and draw the attention of your subscribers to important things. How to make your story better and more informative? Read our mini-guide.

1. Shoot content outside of the app

The Instagram app compresses the quality of your photos and videos, and it also has a lot less cool editing tools, so it’s better to create content using the standard photo and video function on your device.

2. Shoot vertically

It is unlikely that anyone wants to flip their smartphone in order to enjoy your horizontal video. Most likely, followers will simply scroll through it. Learn to shoot vertically and you will be happy in the form of good coverage.

3. Hide hashtags

Hashtags in Stories can increase reach, but they look extremely unaesthetic. You can hide them in two ways – close them with a GIF or use the eyedropper to paint the tags in the background color.


4. Add a glowing emoji effect

Open the Type tool and select a neon font. Then click on the emoji you like. Any emoticons will now glow slightly.

Добавьте эффект свечения эмодзи

5. Create boomerangs from live-photos

Open a story, swipe up and select live-photo from the gallery. Once selected, press and hold your finger on the screen for a few minutes until the word “Boomerang” appears.

6. Solid background color

Not everyone knows about this trick. To make a solid background color, load any picture, click on the wavy line icon (drawing tool), select the marker icon located in the upper left corner, and choose a color. Then press and hold the screen for 3 seconds until the background is solid.

7. Use stickers and gifs

Stickers can be used not only for beauty, but also to draw additional attention to some important information. For example, brands add an animated arrow in addition to the standard one to encourage followers to take active actions – to follow an external link, like or watch a new post in the feed.


8. Sign stories

The main trend of the year is laconic captions with a brief retelling of what the story is about. Sometimes your followers simply don’t have the option to turn on the sound as they might be taking public transport or sitting in an important meeting.

To make life easier for them, do the following:


9. Watch stories anonymously

Why create a million accounts and block users so that they do not see you in the list of those who have viewed stories, if now there are a lot of free anonymous services with a convenient interface on the Internet? Here are a couple of options: Gramotool, Insta-stories, Gramster. Use it for health!

10. Post your story to your feed

Did you like the story so much that you don’t want to say goodbye to it in 24 hours? Then share a cool shot right in your profile. How? Click on the story, click on the “…” icon in the lower right corner of the photo or video, and select “Share as post” from the list.

11. Use the Hands Free Function

Want to show your followers how cool you play the ukulele or make a birthday cupcake? “Hands-free” is a wonderful function that will allow you to shoot several stories in a row without holding the button on the screen.

“Свободные руки”

12. Start “Photo Booth”

At the end of 2020, the developers added a new mode that resembles a photo booth (for some, this feature appeared only in February 2021): after the shutter is released, a countdown and a flash will go on the screen. After that, the Storis camera will form a video in the genre of stop motion, combining individual images into one complete video.

Life Hacks for the Ribbon

A single feed and perfectly retouched photos are already an anti-trend. What’s hot and how do you make users want to stay on your page? Let’s figure it out!

13. Disable comments from posting

Tired of comments from a certain mother on maternity leave, who persistently offers to earn money with her? To get rid of spam, we advise you to disable this feature for a while.

To do this, before publishing a snapshot or video, click “Advanced settings” and activate the “Disable comments” option. Now your posts will only collect likes.

14. Customize your filter list

Now there are over 40 filters on Instagram, and the average user uses a maximum of 5 from the proposed list. In order not to clutter up the space, change the order of the effects to a more convenient one. To do this, hold down the filter and drag it to another location or delete it.

Настройте свой список фильтров

15. Carousel

Carousel is a cool feature that allows you to publish several (up to 10) photos at once in one post.

Here are some goodies of “fun carousels”:

  • an opportunity to convey to followers a little more information;
  • algorithms give a “second chance” to carousels (if the subscriber saw the post-carousel in the feed and did not react to it in any way, then after a while the social network algorithm will show the user the publication again, but from the second slide);
  • more opportunities for engagement and outreach.


16. Remove or hide photo marks

It turned out badly in the photo, but some “kind” person still decided to mark you on it? Such a story has happened to almost everyone, so catch a life hack how easy it is to remove a mark on an unwanted picture:

  • go to “Photo with me”;
  • select a snapshot;
  • click on the tag and find the item “Remove me from post” (or “Hide from my profile”).

скрывайте отметки на фото

17. Unique style

A visually holistic account is immediately remembered and distinguishes you from competitors of the same type. When posting a photo, try to use a single filter and a harmonious color scheme, or rather contact the designer to set the correct tone for the profile.

Уникальный стиль

18. Multilink

Several links in the bio at once? Yes, it’s real. In a multi-link, you can place everything related to your brainchild – links to other social networks, messengers, articles and a website. Here are some popular services:

19. Alternate big and big shots

To make the feed look more harmonious, publish photos at different scales. For example, if you have a clothing brand, post a full-length model first, followed by a portrait or close-up of accessories.


20. Publish your video without sound

I really like the video, but the noise in the background spoils the beautiful picture? In order not to distract subscribers from the aesthetic footage, remove the soundtrack. To do this, click the “+” located at the bottom of the screen, select a video from the gallery, then click the volume control icon. This way you can mute the sound or turn it off completely.

21. Turn on post notification

Like the blogger’s content, but due to the abundance of posts in the feed, do you often skip his posts? Solve this little problem by clicking on the ellipsis next to the user’s entry and selecting “Enable post notifications” .


22. Clean up spam comments

The number of comments increases the engagement rate, but when most of them are outright spam with offers to earn extra money on maternity leave and intrusive advertising of some public, an urgent need to start cleaning up.

You can remove any objectionable feedback by sliding the comment to the left and clicking on the red trash can icon.


23. Add new fonts to your bio

You can diversify your profile header not only with funny emoji, but also with unusual fonts. To do this, go to the site, enter the text in the left window and copy the required fragment, which will be displayed in the right column.

Then open your Instagram profile, select “Edit Profile” and paste your text in the “About Me” field.


24. Find out who you liked

Want to see who you liked over the entire period of active use of Instagram? Go to settings, select “Account” and go to the “Posts that you like” section. Now you can remove your hearts. Don’t worry, the user won’t receive a notification that you suddenly don’t like their 100-year-old post.


25. Schedule posts from your PC

A useful trick for those who maintain several profiles at once and sometimes do not have time to post publications in a timely manner. Instaplus automated service is perfect for these purposes. You can control the application from any device with Internet access.

26. Create collections

Do you like to save culinary recipes, but do not like to search for them for hours afterwards among the mass of diverse publications? Then create a collection:

  • go to your profile;
  • click the menu icon located in the upper right corner of the screen;
  • click “Saved”;
  • click on the “+” icon in the upper right corner;
  • enter a title for the collection and click Next;
  • select the saved posts you want to add to the bin and click Finish.


27. Use the guides

The new feature became available to a wide range of users in November last year. Guides allow you to create collections of publications that are related to the same topic. For example, with the help of travel guides, you can tell about your favorite care products or share interesting locations in the city.

28. Hide tags

Sometimes a huge number of hashtags can distract users’ attention from the meaning of a post, so we recommend placing them in the first comment to a post.

29. Custom Filters

Using standard filters suggested by Instagram developers is already the last century. Unique presets make your photos look better and create a cohesive visual experience for your account.

Here are some well-known snapshot services:

  • VSCO;
  • Enlight;
  • Font Candy;
  • Snapseed.


Life hacks for promotion

Are you an aspiring blogger or brand looking to build a loyal audience and increase sales? In this article, we have collected the best Instagram promotion techniques that will help you not only gain subscribers, but also keep their attention.

Try trendHERO for free

30. UGC

UGC (User-generated content) is a photo or video created by people who purchased your product or tested your service. The use of UGC is beneficial to both parties – both the company and the users. The brand gets free content and fresh ideas, and the user gets a “minute of fame” or “goodies” in the form of discounts.

Here are some of the benefits you can get by actively using UGC in your promotion:

  • audience trust in the company;
  • reaching new users;
  • viral potential (viral content is material that spreads at a high speed);
  • encouraging users to make a purchase.


31. Lives

Live streaming is one of the best ways to engage subscribers and increase audience loyalty. On live, answer questions, talk about your successes or share announcements of new products. To get as many viewers as possible, notify your followers in advance about the broadcast.

32. CTA

Call-to-action is an important link between the different stages of the sales funnel. Therefore, in order for the audience to perform the action you need, you need to subtly ask them about it. At the end of some posts, add a call to action – suggest leaving a comment, reposting the post, or purchasing a product.


33. News feeds

News feeds are a great chance to demonstrate your expertise and knowledge of current trends to subscribers. Open the calendar and see what holidays are coming up in the near future. Just keep in mind that the event must match the theme of your profile. There is no need to congratulate users on the Day of the Baptism of Russia, unless, of course, you are leading a community with a historical bias.


34. Show the product in action

Your content may technically be of high quality, but boring. Help potential customers understand the value of the product and build the right associative array using photos showing the process of using the product.

People often put themselves in the shoes of a model that appears in advertisements. This makes it easier for them to imagine where and under what circumstances to use the purchase.

Добавьте эффект свечения эмодзи0

35. Use short videos

According to statistics, short videos get much more views and reactions than long videos. Get ideas for what is best to film and show to your audience:

  • showcase a product or product creation process;
  • announce new product / discounts;
  • show the team that is working on brand building;
  • share life hacks with subscribers;
  • digest the latest news;
  • remove the sketch or vine.

36. React to negativity

Ignoring the negative and responding only to positive comments is already bad form and a clear disregard for the opinion of the consumer. Do not delete unwanted reviews, but process them. Understand the reasons for dislike of you or the product, establish communication with the unhappy user, and try to solve the problem.

37. Work with nanoinfluencers

The future is not for millionaire bloggers, but for nanoinfluencers who are not yet fed up with advertising contracts and are more conscious about fulfilling their duties.

Collaborating with nanoinfluencers has two main benefits – high engagement (according to a recent study, nanobloggers have a 7.2% engagement rate on Instagram) and low costs (some influencers even agree to collaborate on barter).

Use the trendHERO service to analyze the blogger account from which you plan to order advertising.

Добавьте эффект свечения эмодзи1


Now you know about 37 tricks that will make your profile even better and more useful. Test and experiment with formats so that your audience doesn’t even have the thought of clicking the Unsubscribe button.

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