Likes will be canceled: new functions of Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger from the conference F8

Likes will be canceled: new functions of Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger from the conference F8

Canceling Instagram likes and round Facebook logo … Watching the evolution of social networks and messengers at the F8 developer conference.

The F8 Developers Conference on Facebook kicked off with a message from CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg: “The future is personal.”

Конференция разработчиков F8 в Facebook

Facebook has struggled over the past few years due to identity disclosure scandals, user churn and the social media image of fake news.

However, Zuck is determined to make a difference and regain the trust of the millions of users that Facebook has lost, betting on a new approach to privacy and redesigning the system’s features and appearance.

The updates announced at the conference are either just being introduced or are already being tested in the USA and Canada. During 2019-2020, these updates will become available in Russia. Previously, the business blog Exiterra gave an overview of social media trends in 2019.

New Facebook design and features

New Facebook design

Facebook’s new design, dubbed “FB5,” features a clean white interface that replaces the company’s signature blue color scheme.

The Facebook apps and website will get a light look, the Facebook logo will be round, and the site will lose the blue header. Navigation icons move to the top.

Новый дизайн и функции Facebook

Новый дизайн и функции Facebook

Most importantly, the app shrinks the feed as the focal point of the user experience, bringing events and groups to the fore.

Features of the updated Facebook Messenger app

Facebook will launch a lightweight and fast version of Messenger, satisfying the main user claims for the app. It will launch in two seconds and weigh less than 30MB.

Finally, this year Facebook Messenger will be available as a program for Windows and macOS, with all the features, including group video chats. Which will make Messenger a serious competitor to Microsoft’s Skype.

Taking VKontakte and Google+ leaving the market as an example, Facebook will be able to designate “close friends”, creating personalized spaces for communication.

Video sharing virtual living room

The company will develop a function for sharing video in real time and a “digital living room” for communicating with the closest friends. This function is apparently borrowed from the increasingly popular Twitch platform and is hardly its main “feature”.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that “people need a privacy-focused social platform.”

Совместный просмотр видео виртуальная гостиная

Facebook is a dating network. Secret Crush

The “Secret Crush” function will appear on Facebook – the application will show which of your friends you have mutual sympathy with.

New Instagram 2019 Features

Fundraising for donations. Donation Sticker

Instagram users in the US have already got the opportunity to use stickers to collect donations from your followers for non-profit organizations. To do this, you need to take a photo, select a non-profit organization from the list and place a sticker on your photo in Stories. All funds collected by you will go to the account of the organization you have chosen.

Новые функции Instagram 2019

Instagram camera functions. Make selfies more convenient

The social network will receive an updated mode when taking photos and videos. It will make it easier to use effects and stickers.

Функции камеры в Instagram. Селфи делать удобнее

Instagram will improve its shopping system. Shopping Tags

Bloggers will be able to tag clothes, shoes and other goods on their photos with special Shopping Tags, and users will be able to click to make purchases. Instagram will see accurate statistics: how many people have bought a product specifically from this blogger’s post.

In the past, bloggers with large followings could tag a brand rather than a specific product, which raised questions about clothing and jewelry in the blogger’s comments and private messages.

Instagram улучшит систему покупок. Shopping Tags

There will be no more likes under posts

Instagram is testing hiding likes in Canada – their number will not be displayed in the feed and under posts. The first country exempt from the toxicity of likes is Canada.

“We chose Canada as the country with the most sane and healthy community out of 23 million. people “- explained the official representative of Instagram.

Write in the comments what you think about the company’s division of the Instagram audience into “sane” and the rest. 😉

Не станет количества лайков под постами

Updated Nstagram Stories

Instagram Stories will have a ‘Create’ mode with poll stickers and ‘Memories’, as well as a new chart icon.

Instagram functions to improve the psychological atmosphere

Three new functions will appear on Instagram to improve the psychological atmosphere in user communication:

– Anyone who writes rude comments will be forced to confirm its submission: “Do you really want to publish this?”

– Blocking private messages – you can prevent some users from commenting or writing in a personal message – but they will still be able to see and like you.

– Rest from Instagram – during a stressful period for you, you can turn on this mode so as not to be distracted by notifications and events.

New features in WhatsApp

Новые функции в WhatsApp

“We’re going to enable 2 billion people around the world to have private conversations, and not worry about hackers, governments or even ourselves – no one will know what they’re talking about,” Zuckerberg said.

Messaging between WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram

The company plans to make simple messaging between its services: Facebook Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp. The correspondence will be protected with end-to-end encryption. Such a feature may appear in 2019.

According to Zuckerberg, the company hopes to create a private, secure platform that includes all applications: WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram and Facebook.

WhatsApp messages instead of SMS

WhatsApp API will allow integrating the messenger into authentication and access confirmation systems thanks to the Account Kit function. Now, confirmation codes for connected services can come not as sms, but as a secure message in WhatsApp.

Сообщения WhatsApp вместо SMS

New Oculus VR Headsets

Facebook has opened pre-orders for the Oculus Rift S and Oculus Quest VR headsets. It is a versatile VR headset that does not require a PC to operate. They will go on sale in the US on May 21, 2019, priced at $ 400.

Oculus announced the launch of the enterprise edition of Oculus for Business in fall 2019. Oculus will give companies the enterprise tools that “transform the way they do business with virtual reality.”

Facebook Portal Smart Display

Facebook plans to launch the smart display Facebook Portal and Portal Plus (in Canada and Europe). They will support WhatsApp and Facebook Live calling and video calling. In the summer of 2019, the display will learn to respond to the passphrase and send private video messages.

Previously, the business blog Exiterra wrote about how voice search is changing SEO. Soon you will have to write an article on how voice search is changing SMM. What do you think – write in the comments ?!

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