LinkedIn: what should a profile look like?

LinkedIn: what should a profile look like?

A well-rounded LinkedIn profile will not only help you find a better job. It is an essential element of B2B sales and activities (so-called “social selling”). Which elements should you pay special attention to? What information is an absolute must have on the profile? Does LinkedIn help you find a job?

To start with, some data on LinkedIn:

Over 500 million users of the site, 260 million monthly and 100 million daily.

In Poland, the website has from 2.4 million (Gemius, May 2018) to 3.1 million (LinkedIn advertising panel).

It is worth remembering that most of them are specialists in their fields. A large group of active users are recruiters and people working in HR departments.

Profile picture and cover photo on LinkedIn

It must be a professional “corpo photo”, almost like a passport. Do not wear sunglasses or various hats. Try to smile kindly instead of making weird / silly / threatening / serious faces. Remember that a smile is contagious and increases the chance of a positive impression of you.

It is obvious that you have to be alone in the photo. The background shouldn’t be distracting or distracting from you. Prepare for the photo and decor as if you were going to a serious business meeting.

Cover photo on LinkedIn can be treated as a business card. That is why all kinds of views, kitties or other funny things are eliminated. In any graphics program you can add some important text information about yourself to your photo: specialization, what you do, etc. However, remember not to unnecessarily repeat information from the headline or professional summary.

The dimensions of the cover photo are 1584 × 396 pixels (4: 1 aspect ratio). The profile picture is a minimum of 200 × 200 pixels.


Profiles with photos receive 36x more messages and 21x more views.

PROFESSIONAL photo profiles get 14x more views.

LinkedIn headline

You have 120 characters to summarize who you are. It is important that you include key phrases. If you deal with social media or digital marketing, this phrase must be there. In my case, the headline looks like this: “Social Media Expert with 8 years experience in digital media and agencies. Bloger at ”.

Why are key phrases important? Because it is after them that the profiles of people on the website are searched. Think carefully by whom and for what phrases you want to be found.

Professional summary

Here you have more room to show off and you can describe in a little more detail what you do. It is a good practice to use words such as: I help, plans, implement, implement, build, etc. It is also worth adding a few key phrases that people can use to search for you on LinkedIn. Consider the summary as an extensive headline, in which you will include the professional fields in which you feel best. This can be done in two ways:

– listing whatever comes to your mind, eg Social Media | Digital Marketing | Social Ad Specialist | etc etc.

– write 2-3 sentences about yourself, e.g. I help companies and individuals to analyze, plan and implement a social presence strategy media. I am a supporter of a holistic approach to online communication. Therefore, apart from activities in social media, I suggest what type and format of content you should prepare for your audience.

As I cited my profile summary in the second way, you’ve probably already guessed what I think is more effective.

LinkedIn experience

First of all, don’t just fill in your company and position. Add the scope of your responsibilities and the projects you have carried out. Remember that your LinkedIn profile is also your CV ( click and read how to create a good CV ).

It is better to have fewer well-written positions than more without description. Therefore, do not boast of work in a cafe or two days of work as an animator in a promotion in a hypermarket on LinkedIn. Leave this experience that is in line with your chosen career path.

It is very important to demonstrate and describe the specific projects you have worked on. Of course, these must be projects in which you have participated significantly. This can be a huge advantage for you as very few people add it to their CV or LinkedIn profile.


Recommendations are the best way not only to sell, but also to find a job. In fact, when looking for it, we sell ourselves.

How do I get recommendations? Go to the profile of a given person, click the “more” button on their profile and select the “ask for recommendation” option from the drop-down menu. However, before you do that, you need to consider some important points.

First, are you on good terms with the person that you can count on a positive, interesting recommendation from them.

Second, will the recommendation from this person be worth anything? Recruiters take into account mainly recommendations from people in higher, minimum managerial positions.

Third, before sending a request for recommendation, the label requires that you first write a request to this person in a private message (or call) and ask if they would like to give such a recommendation.

Why is it worth taking care of your profile on LinkedIn?

In the era of broad access to social media, we are somewhat doomed to a business presence also in this communication channel – comments Kamil Mirowski from Research shows that more than 77 percent of B2B buyers do not speak to the seller until they do their own “research” (Executive Board). That is – until he “checks” the seller on the Internet. When going to a business meeting or an interview – we check online who the person we meet is. So does the other side. So let’s make sure that the person who searches for us on the web finds things that will help us at the meeting, and not harm us. Our social profiles should present us from the best side.

You can learn more about Social Selling elements from the article on


I hope that the completed and interesting profile on LinkedIn will help you develop your career! Good luck.

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