Links in the social network VK. How to copy, cut, disguise

Links in the social network VK. How to copy, cut, disguise
Как скопировать ссылку на профиль ВК

VKontakte is constantly acquiring new functions and updated visually: among the latest innovations is access to live broadcasts, a redesigned player and a redrawn design of sections with messages and communities. Due to frequent changes on the pages of the social network, not all VK visitors are even familiar with basic things. The same work with links (design, shortening, transfer) still raises questions and makes me look at every detail on the site in long thought.

How to copy a link to a profile or community on a social network

The browser version of VKontakte is hardly capable of shocking those who have come across sites or social networks at least a couple of times: URLs are copied in the usual way – through the address bar located at the top of the interface (the actions are similar for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox , Microsoft Edge or Opera). It is enough to hover the cursor, select the entire link, and then right-click to open the context menu and select the “Copy” button.

Как скопировать ссылку на профиль ВК Alternatively, you can use CTRL + C to copy and CTRL + V to add to chat, text editor, and other tools that support importing data from the clipboard. Community URL and personal URL are copied the same way – no additional steps are required.

iOS and Android

The mechanism for interacting with links on mobile operating systems is hardly similar to the algorithms used in computer browsers. The same address bar cannot be found in the VK version adapted for iOS and Android. We have to act differently. Here is an example of how to copy a link to VK on your phone:

  • How to copy Profile URL. The link to the page in “VK” on mobile operating systems is not displayed and is not copied through the dialog. First, you have to call the context menu at the top, and then go to the profile. Как скопировать URL-адрес профиля VK The displayed account contains a number of buttons and sections for interaction. But most important of all is the ellipsis on the top right. как скопировать URL-адрес паблика ВкAfter pressing VK, it will immediately display a context menu with buttons “Copy link” and “Share” (in case you want to transfer information about your profile through private messages).

Ссылки вк

  • Community link. As in the case of a separate page in the mobile version of VK, you cannot immediately copy the URL of the public: a suitable function is simply not provided on the “Community” page. Ссылка на сообщество ВК You have to act in the same way as described above: first you need to go to the public, then call the context menu, and after that, click on the “Copy link” button.

Ссылка на сообщество ВК The above methods of copying URLs, although they look confusing, actually consist of repetitive actions: just go to the community page or a specific account, and then call the context menu through the ellipsis in the upper right part of the interface. If desired, iOS and Android provide an option with a Share button: linking to other people’s profiles, messages or publications is much faster and easier than on computers through a browser.

VK link shortening

Until recently, it was necessary to make short VK links with the help of third-party services presented on the network (half of the problems were solved by the now disappeared Google Shorts). But after a series of updates, the VKontakte developers launched a new tool – The release, although it did not come as a surprise (such useful functionality has long been begged for by the owners of publics, community administrators, advertisers), but presented a lot of surprises.

Сокращение ссылок в VKFirstly, the official service for shortening links in VK does not require prior registration and is available even without authorization (including in the “Incognito” mode in the browser).

официальный сервис для сокращения ссылок в VKSecondly, the interaction with the platform is extremely predictable: just add the URL to an empty text field, and then click on the “Shrink” button. The result will appear in the same window with the Copy button next to it.

как сократить ссылку на ВкThirdly, the system automatically generates a collection of related information, maintains conversion statistics (accurate to each click), and at the same time allows you to save the prepared QR code or view the date of the address abbreviation. The information given out is attached to the profile (without authorization, following the link will not work) and is not erased even many months later, and therefore it becomes possible to dynamically observe the result, the speed of progress and other details.

How to style or mask an internal link on VKontakte

The social network offers several scenarios for interacting with URLs that link to information posted within communities, walls, and even private messages on VK. The design result for each of the methods is similar – instead of the standard text and a link added next to it, stylized information with clickable content will appear. Implementation methods vary greatly and are based on special rules and syntax.

Как скопировать ссылку на профиль ВК0 Links are masked in VK as follows:

  • Using the @ symbol. The most common format for information on a social network. It’s all the fault of tooltips that guide newbies in the right direction (the downside is that the @ symbol does not allow you to link to documents, dialogues, or wiki-style pages). Как скопировать ссылку на профиль ВК1 Prepare a link like this: first add @, after – link or account ID, link to the community. Almost instantly VK will display a hint in the form of a list. It is enough to choose the appropriate option and integrate it into the post.
  • Text handling in square brackets. A rare way to design links, although it is no less convenient and fast. The format is as follows: a link to a specific post (message, publication, photo) is inserted between the square brackets [], and after that, the text is entered through the separating character |. Как скопировать ссылку на профиль ВК2 Separating the added information with spaces is optional – the social network will automatically recognize the syntax and adapt to the text. Как скопировать ссылку на профиль ВК3 The result is predictable – revised text with the ability to click on the message and go to the added address.

Important! The above link masking methods are relevant exclusively for internal information found on VKontakte pages. The above methods will not work in situations when a URL is added to the catalog of an online store or pages of a found site on the network. Outside VK, the only relevant option is with abbreviated addresses through the service.

Preparing a money transfer link

The VK Pay service allows you to pay for joint purchases, send and collect up to 75,000 rubles per month without a commission, and exchange finances upon request. The concept is not new, but on the scale of the VKontakte social network it functions flawlessly and greatly facilitates the routine associated with paying a bill in a cafe or restaurant – just prepare a link for the transfer and send it to friends, acquaintances or relatives.

Как скопировать ссылку на профиль ВК4 Configures the money request in the Personal Account Balance section. After clicking on the link, you need to go down to the “Money transfers” item, and then click on the “Request” button.

Как скопировать ссылку на профиль ВК5 The link to the translation is issued in three ways – in the form of an anonymous message (the final profile of the initiator of the fees will not be displayed after clicking on the provided URL), in the format of a public message and in the image of a QR code read from a computer screen by mobile equipment or even downloaded to your hard drive.

Как скопировать ссылку на профиль ВК6 Which of the options to choose depends directly on the specific situation. But public and anonymous addresses are more profitable – there will be a chance to shorten the link, place it in the text on VK, disguise it or make it presentable.

Links in VK are masked, styled and shortened: this is how the developers of the social network make life easier for bloggers, community administrators and even site owners who dream of visually presenting information, linking to various sources and organically entering data into each post.

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